The Search for the Hidden City Agartha in the Center of the Earth

Cultures around the world have myths that speak of a mysterious underground kingdom that exists deep within the earth, hidden away from the primitive and violent surface-dwellers: which is us. 

Picture a society untouched by time, unscathed by war, and unaffected by natural disasters. A culture much advanced than we are thriving in the vast open spaces inside the Earth. 

Throughout history, many have looked for physical evidence of its existence, tempted by stories of a peaceful but powerful subterranean civilization with advanced technology and ancient knowledge long forgotten by modern man. 

The existence of the underground Kingdom of Agartha may be true, but it has been hushed up for decades and governments go to great lengths to keep it a secret. 

Remember Admiral Richard Byrd who said that there is something strange about the shape of the Earth in both polar areas and explaining that there is a secret land mass the size of the United States that has never been seen by anyone. 

Yet the John Kerry 11-7-2016 departure trip to Antarctica by discussing the new agreed upon Nation State Treaty, banning private ships from traveling to Antarctica without advanced authorized permission to do so, for another period of 35 years to cover-up the secrets from the past and what to think of the polar orbit satellites, they don't cross some significant areas. 

And it seems that there is also a Secret Antarctic Map that reveals the coordinates how to get to the Hollow Earth 

This is the story of the underground Kingdom of Agartha and the explorers who’ve said that - not only is it a real place - but they know where it is.