Fossilized 'non-human' alien bodies displayed at Mexico's Congress

On September 12, 2023, Mexican journalist and prominent figure in the field of ufology, Jaime Maussan while speaking under oath, addressed members of the Mexican government and representatives from the United States the groundbreaking discovery he had made, and that he was allowed to present two fossilized "non-human" alien corpses that were unearthed in a diatom (algae) mine of Cusco, Peru. 

The two small "non-human" bodies with three-fingered hands and feet and elongated skulls were displayed in transparent containers for all to witness are believed to be one thousand-years old and are not part of our planet's evolutionary history. 

Mr. Maussan assured his audience that the specimen had undergone rigorous examination at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). Here, dedicated scientists conducted meticulous DNA analysis using radiocarbon dating techniques. Astonishingly, the results unveiled a profound mystery, as more than 30 percent of the DNA extracted from these entities remained unidentified, defying classification within known genetic databases. 

In addition to the genetic enigma, X-ray images of the preserved beings were exhibited, revealing an even deeper layer of intrigue. Inside one of the entities, researchers identified what appeared to be "eggs," hinting at a biological complexity beyond earthly comprehension. Furthermore, the X-rays unveiled the presence of rare metal implants, sparking further questions regarding the origins and purposes of these enigmatic beings. 

Whether they are aliens or not, I think more scientific research needs to be done to determine if these bodies are indeed of extraterrestrial origin or that Maussan's claim is false.