Secret underground alien base hold the answers to the vanishing of 20,000 people in the Alaska Triangle?

The Alaska Triangle, a remote and sparsely populated area, located between Juneau, Anchorage, and Barrow, is known for its disproportionately high number of unsolved missing person cases, surpassing any other place on Earth. Over the past half-century, more than 20,000 individuals have mysteriously vanished without a trace leaving a haunting question mark hanging over the Alaskan wilderness. 

Adding to the intrigue are the reports of mysterious UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters and other paranormal activity making the Alaska Triangle a hotspot of unexplained phenomena. 

Some theorists believe that the Alaska Triangle conceals a electromagnetic anomaly, such as a vortex, which may have an affect on the physical realm. This magnetic mystery has given rise to speculation linking these phenomena to the vanishing acts of so many people. 

The discovery of three secret extraterrestrial underground bases by a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst years ago could possibly be an answer to the many reports of unidentified objects flying through the skies without making any noise. 

One such a base is purportedly located beneath Alaska's Mount Hayes, the highest peak in the state's eastern range. Its remote and inaccessible location raises questions about whether such an extraterrestrial underground base might be connected to the many UFO sightings and other strange occurrences including the inexplicable vanishing of so many people that have persisted in the area for decades. 

Among the most haunting mysteries is the loss of 44 military personnel aboard a Douglas C-54 Skymaster en route from Alaska to Montana. Despite one of the most extensive joint search and rescue missions ever conducted by Canadian and American authorities, not a trace of the aircraft has ever been recovered. 

Yet, another mystery is the disappearance of Congressman Hale Boggs in 1972. His aircraft inexplicably vanished from radar while traversing the Triangle's airspace. Despite extensive search and rescue efforts, neither wreckage nor survivors were ever found. 

Photographer caught disk-shaped UFO outside Anchorage, Alaska.

With all the unexplained events and strange sightings happened over the years, it raises a tantalizing question: Could there be a connection to extraterrestrials entities harboring a secret underground base beneath Alaska's Mount Hayes and could these entities hold the answers to the disappearances of over 20,000 individuals, who have vanished without a trace, along with the two aircraft and their passengers and crew?