The horrors of Plum Island: Hybrids, human experiments, killer insects

In July 2008, the carcass of an animal washed up on the beach at Montauk Point Long Island. Local beachcombers are used to seeing dead animals. Seagulls, fish, crabs, even the occasional whale. But they had never seen anything like this. 

Animal experts were brought in to identify it. They were stumped. It looked like part dog, part reptile and part rodent - with the beak of a bird. This animal, whatever it was, became known as the Montauk Monster. 

But then another animal washed up on the beach. Again, it couldn't be identified. And then another animal. And then two more. 

In January 2010 a human body was found on Plum Island by a local security guard. It was described as a six foot tall black male with no obvious signs of trauma but there were a few strange details about this man. One is that his fingers were described as abnormally large, some news agencies reported that his hands seemed mutated but the scariest detail off all, his skull had five holes drilled into it, indicating invasive brain surgery or experimentation. 

But where did all these creatures come from? 

There could be only one answer. Plum Island. 

Plum Island is just a few miles from where these creatures were found. 

Less than two miles off the coast of Long Island and about 85 miles from New York City is a small island owned by the US Government and unidentified on most Maps and it's only accessible by ferry or helicopter, boats that wander too close are quickly chased away by armed military personnel 

The island is home to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center a federal research facility that officially studies livestock related diseases specifically foot mouth disease and African swine fever. 

This center is the only lab in the U.S. authorized to work with live fmd samples and if these samples escape the island it could devastate the country's food supply in a matter of weeks. 

For years rumors and stories circulated that the Animal Disease Center at Plum Island was a top-secret government facility that created bioweapons, engineered animal hybrids and conducting genetic experiments on animals and possibly on people. 

After the bodies of strange creatures began washing up on beaches around the Long Island, it could mean only one thing, the rumors about Plum Island were true. 

But the Island's true history is much darker, check out the video of The Why Files below....