The mysterious 'Fiji mermaid' examined by NKU students

The Fiji Mermaid, a mysterious creature housed in an Ohio museum for over a century, recently underwent examination by radiology students from Northern Kentucky University. 

The creature, a 3 feet long mummified, black-looking diminutive specimen was discovered with it's mouth open, its tail turned over, and its arms thrown up, giving it the appearance of having died in great agony, reportedly donated to Ohio's Clark County Historical Society in 1906 by a Navy sailor who obtained it in Japan, intrigued the students. 

The peculiar creature, featuring a human-like head and a fish's body, prompted the university's radiology department to employ CT scans and X-rays to unravel its construction. 

Contrary to initial expectations of a combination of a monkey and a fish, the scans revealed additional amphibious features, especially towards the hands. The university plans to share the scan results with experts at the Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium to identify the specific animals involved in creating this enigmatic creature.