Supernatural being 'Shapeshifter' caught on security camera in Mexico

A weird incident captured on a security camera in Mexico has raised eyebrows, depicting a mysterious transformation from an animal to a human-like figure. The peculiar event supposedly took place in a Nava residence's garage and was shared on TikTok

In the video, a man is seen cleaning chairs while his dog roams around. Suddenly, the dog becomes fixated on the garage door, where a dark, four-legged shaped entity seemingly materializes. Upon investigating, the form appears to shrink and morph into an entirely different entity. 

Despite the unclear nature of the sighting, the man appears visibly disturbed and hurries inside through a side door. During his absence, the creature undergoes a transformation into what resembles a person, who then departs. 

Upon the man's return with his wife, the mysterious entity has vanished. 

The paranormal event has sparked speculation, with some suggesting the being might be a shapeshifter called a nahual. 

While tales of shapeshifters, beings who have the ability to physically transform themselves through unnatural means, are commonly disregarded as myths, one might ponder the thin line between myth and potential firsthand encounters with supernatural entities.