Huge object passing the Sun at tremendous speed

A huge rectangular anomaly has been spotted in an image captured by NASA's SOHO Lasco C2 camera on December 9, 2023. The object passing the sun at tremendous speed and is only visible in one frame. 

It’s known that high energy particles hitting the camera all the time and sometimes it turns out that an unidentified object is just a camera reflection but in recent years enough evidence has been gathered to know that many objects near or passing the sun are not always reflections or high energy particles but huge spacecraft under intelligent control. 

The astounding velocity at which this particular object traverses the sun raises intriguing questions. Could it possibly be a extraterrestrial spacecraft equipped with a warp drive? 

Such a propulsion system could theoretically enable travel at speeds exceeding that of light by several orders of magnitude. The consideration of these possibilities adds an extra layer of mystery to the ongoing exploration of anomalies near the sun.