Ruins of an ancient fortress wall found in Antarctica

On the top of a mountain ridge in Antarctica, the remains of what appears to be part of an ancient fortress wall can be observed. 

The first structure measures 32 meters in height, 26 meters in length, and 16 meters in width. A second similar structure is visible in the opposite direction. The two structures seem to have been part of an ancient fortress wall. 

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that below the first structure, a large cave is visible, possibly connected to the first structure. 

A strange large tube, measuring 10 meters in length and 5 meters in width, seemly hovering in the air before the cave, defying conventional explanations. 

These ancient structures, the cave (or portal), and the strange cylinder (resembling a UFO) in the air, as well as next to the first structure, you can see what looks like a large antenna, or crane, all contribute to the mysterious ambiance surrounding this location. 

At all, it raises questions about the activities that may have transpired in this remote Antarctic area. 

Coordinates Google Earth: 78°10'34.87"S 162° 2'27.51"E