Strange being observes the Perseverance Mars rover

Over the years, the discovery of numerous unnatural objects on the planet Mars has been well-documented, suggesting that these objects may have once belonged to ancient intelligent civilizations that inhabited the planet before a major catastrophe made the planet uninhabitable.

A recent image captured by the NASA Perseverance rover and shared by Neville Thompson on his Gigapan page reveals intriguing objects that fuel speculation about Mars' enigmatic past. 

A strange being, concealed behind a sizable boulder, appears to observe the Mars rover with its creepy ant-like head and large diamond-shaped eyes. 

Within the same image, attention is drawn to a hollow object, possibly remnants of a crashed craft, with discernible components of an artificial structure are clearly visible. 

Notably, the next two images show a substantial boulder exhibits signs of precision cutting, reminiscent of an advanced stone-cutting machine. A zigzag opening, resembling a mouth with teeth, is evident on the severed portion. Next to the boulder lies a conspicuous flat metallic disk, suggesting potential involvement in the cutting process. 

Furthermore, a stone head. The stone head and the rock plate 'with zigzag opening' prompting speculation that these could be parts of incomplete statues. 

Do these artifacts provide additional evidence that not only an ancient, technologically advanced society once inhabited Mars but that there is still life on Mars given the  being behind the boulder?