Exposed: Four underground alien bases found by remote viewer

During the 1960s and 70s, the United States and the Soviet Union fought the Cold War on many fronts. In the 1970s, America and Russia engaged in a new type of warfare: psychic warfare. During this period, the CIA was actively recruiting and training people with a natural talent for remote viewing. Remote viewing is projecting your consciousness to anywhere on Earth and beyond.  

In 1973, prior to going to work for the CIA, remote viewer Pat Price, who was “discovered” by SRI International in the early days of Stargate, a US government sponsored remote viewing research and intelligence-collecting program, provided a lengthy unsolicited report regarding what he believed to be underground UFO bases. 

Pat Price, entirely by accident, found himself at Mount Hayes in Alaska. Mount Hayes is in the middle of nowhere. There's no civilization for miles. But something was calling him to the mountain. 

Then he looked inside the mountain. There was a base hidden inside Mount Hayes. Then he saw - this was not a base built by humans. 

Mount Hayes was one of four mountains that Pat Price said contained a secret alien UFO base. The others are Mount Puro in Spain, Mount Inyan Gani in Zimbabwe and Mount Zeal in Australia. 

Now, Project 8200 was a remote-viewing effort conducted in 1982 and 1983 that attempted to corroborate information provided by Pat Price a decade earlier. 

Several of the next generation Stargate remote viewers working for Project 8200 that time, saw or felt the presence of extraterrestrials and subsequently provided with information from other sources, project 8200 confirmed the bases are real and are intentionally hidden and working together. The bases are occupied but not always and they're used for observation and relaying information and energy to an object in deep space. 

Not only Pat Price provided the CIA with surprisingly accurate intelligence information until his (suspicious) reported death in 1975, but also the results of project 8200 were never officially reported to higher authorities. 

But some of the information has been available in public domain.