Lockheed's secret UFO program exposed!

Does Lockheed Martin have its own Alien Recovery Team? Yes you heard me right... a team that gets a phone call and goes out and recovers downed UFO's? 

A whistleblower at Lockheed Martin has come forward with details about a Lockheed's secret alien recovery program and reverse engineering program. 

The whistleblower said that Lockheed Martin already created its own nonhuman intelligent craft in the 70s and that such a Lockheed reproduction alien craft crashed in Nevada in 2004. 

The whistleblower's claim fits well with the statement of Ben Rich the former second Director of Lockheed's Skunk Works who passed away in 1995. 

During a presentation Ben Rich gave at Wright Patterson airbase and also at the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni speech on March 23, 1993 he made several groundbreaking statements. 

One of his statements was that they already have the technology enabling interstellar travel, but these "alien" technologies are locked up in black projects. 

He was telling about a whole new level of craft, spacecraft, advanced propulsion systems, technologies that are already 50 years ahead, that anything you can imagine they already know how to do.  

Given the recent revelations by the whistleblower that Lockheed Martin already created its own nonhuman intelligent craft in the 70s and the three-decade span since Rich's disclosures, we can bet that today's advancements in Lockheed's secretive "alien technology" projects likely extend far beyond our current understanding. 

And don't hope they make this technology available for use in the private sector, more likely they use this technology, among other things, in a covert space program that none of us have a clue about. 

Ben Rich's statement during his presentation in 1993; "The U.S. Air Force has just given Lockheed a contract to take ET back home" says a lot!

In the video below Clayton Morris from Redacted interviews Lockheed's whistleblower.