Mysterious orbital reckon probes parked at restricted AFB in Australia

The RAAF Woomera Range Complex (WRC) is a major Australian military and civil aerospace facility and operation located in South Australia, approximately 450 km (280 mi) north-west of Adelaide.  

The WRC is comprised of both the Woomera Test Range (Air Force Test Ranges Squadron), RAAF Base Woomera (20SQN) and the Nurrungar Test Range The function of the Woomera Test Range (WTR) is to provide a specialised operations environment in support of directed whole-of-Defence activities for the testing of war materiel and, other directed activities in the wider National interest. 

Now, if we take a look at the Woomera airport, using Google Earth then we see what looks like three mysterious metallic orbs with a diameter of about 3,5 meters each, parked at a restricted area of the airport (Coordinates: 31°08'56"S 136°48'21"E). See image above.

Google Earth images show that these orbs were parked there not so long ago. 

As per information shared by our reader Eric, he suggests that the objects in question are orbital reckon probes. 

Typically, these kind of probes are launched from Earth equipped with a suite of scientific instruments and tools intended for the study of atmospheric conditions and the composition of space, including other planets, moons, or celestial bodies. 

Given the fact that these tic-tac-shaped objects are stationed in a restricted area where numerous tests are conducted, the question arises, assuming that these objects are orbital reckon probes, whether these advanced objects are deployed for sophisticated surveillance, potentially spying on military installations or warships. 

Remarkably, these objects bear a striking resemblance to an orb-like entity previously captured by a U.S. military drone in the Middle East, a video of which was presented during a Pentagon hearing on UFOs a few months ago prompts questions not only whether these orbs are part of the mysterious tic-tac UAPs program but also of who is behind it.

Image above: Orb-like entity captured in the Middle East.

Image above: Are these orbs part of a UAP program?