Giant skull discovered in Antarctica

Ancient texts and archaeological findings offer compelling evidence of giants once roaming the earth, while some argue that there were no Nephilim or giants in Antarctica due to a lack of research.

It's not only conceivable that giants inhabited Antarctica before the continent separated from ancient Gondwana and shifted to its current polar position, rendering it inhospitable but that evidence by discoveries, such as giant bones and skulls, may have already been made but kept secret. 

By using Google Earth going back to satellite imagery from 2004 it shows a remarkable image what appears to be a giant skull. Moreover, the presence of what looks like a person photographing the skull and surrounding tracks and equipment hints at an exciting discovery. 

Despite the fact that it is said that giants never inhabited Antarctica at the time, the imagery of the alleged giant skull seem to prove the opposite in such a way that it warrants further investigation and challenges established beliefs about the history of the continent. 

Google Earth coordinates: 66°37'31.61"S 110°15'8.42"E