Space Force budget (secret space programs are integrated) exceeds NASA

Dr Michael Salla discusses the following topics: 

US Congress cuts funding to NASA while corporations are funding more space missions. 

Detailed breakdown of UAP historical report cites glaring deficiencies. Article proclaims Pentagon is heading for disaster due to AARO UAP report – catastrophic disclosure more likely. 

AARO Report: Lies, flawed, unresponsive, clueless, and knavish analyzed by Robert Powell (A must read). 

Webinar Trailer released- Ancient Alien Experiments and Crypto Terrestrials.  

Space Force budget exceeds NASA but will surge as elements of secret space programs are integrated. 

UFO Disclosure Project Attorney Danny Sheehan recounts his encounter with secret Project Blue Book files in 1977 that contained photos of retrieved flying saucer craft. 

Could Romanian President entering race for NATO leadership be a reward for him suppressing news of the discovery of an ancient Hall of Records under Bucegi Mountains in 2003? 

President Eisenhower’s role in agreements reached with Aliens revealed by Great Granddaughter in New Book. 

New JP video highlights ETs monitoring humanity’s consciousness and the importance of the love ethic. 

The wise Reptilian entity depicted in Japanese art is similar to Naga beings in Vedic art and literature. 

Analysis of AARO historical report discussing July 1952 shootdown attempt against a flying saucer involved in Washington flyover. 

Four primary goals in AARO historical report point to a coming false flag UFO event.