UFO caught over Oklahoma City but Pentagon says UFOs and Aliens don't exist

A mysterious object and event was seen in the metro sky Monday night. NewsNation affiliate KFOR has been trying to track down where it came from. It is still a mystery. “What is that?” a voice can be heard on the video. 

NewsNation special correspondent and investigative journalist Ross Coulthart joins "NewsNation Prime" with more about the Pentagon's highly anticipated UFO report that claims there is NO evidence of alien contact. 

The report specifically addresses U.S. government investigations into sightings since 1945 and documents from secret government archives. 

According to the Dailymail, the director of the Pentagon's UFO-hunting All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), told reporters that AARO has found no verifiable evidence that the US government or private industry has ever had access to extraterrestrial technology, read more... 

However, the report's limited distribution to a select audience prior to its public release has faced scrutiny from other journalists and UFO researchers for its perceived lack of transparency. 

In summary, despite the yet another Pentagon/AARO report, it's evident that the UFO/Alien cover-up persists.