Strange Mars anomalies point to ancient and current life on the planet

Much has been discussed about the strange objects discovered on Mars. Often dismissed as merely oddly shaped rocks or mere pareidolia, there is substantial evidence suggesting that Mars was once inhabited by intelligent life as well as a variety of animal and insect species. This raises the intriguing question of whether life still exists on the planet today. 

Upon examining the objects captured in the following images by the Perseverance rover, one may wonder whether these are simply rocks, tricks of perception, or indications that the planet was indeed once inhabited, or perhaps still hosts humanoid figures and various animal species. 

Image above: A petrified human-like figure concealed beneath a rock. It seems as if it wanted to protect itself from a horrific event. 

Image above: Close-up images of the figure still reveal visible features such as an open mouth and eyes. 

Image above: A curious object: It appears as though a possible creature has been ejected from a craft and remains seated in an ejection-like position. What's even stranger is that this creature apparently holding three bottles in its hands for some reason. 

Image above: This image depicts what appears to be two peculiar animals. Figure 1 resembles a large ant, while Figure 2 resembles a cat-like creature. 

Image above: Enlarged images of the ant and cat reveal more details. 

Image above: A humanoid figure standing in front of a rock, cleverly camouflaged with clothes and hoodie matching the color of the rock.

Image above: Yet the humanoid appears to have an apron wrapped around its body, as well as its legs and arms are clearly visible, showing off its humanoid form. 

Image above: Additionally, the figure appears to be holding a creature that resembles an animal, see also the hindlegs of the animal. 
Adding to the intrigue is that there is another humanoid figure sitting nearby. 

Discover the anomalies and much more at the following panorama images uploaded by Neville Thompson on his Gigapan page: