UFOs over Italy and Florida and they want you to believe it's alien

The first video shows an unknown cylindrical object with rings hovering in the sky over Lucca, Italy. 
The sighting captured on February 18 2024 raises many questions as to what the object might have been. 

The second video showcases yet another unidentified object in motion, captured during a flight from Florida to New York City on March 25, 2024. Resembling a classic flying saucer, this entity, akin to its counterpart over Lucca, Italy, lacks discernible propellers characteristic of drones or wings typical of aircraft, as well as visible propulsion systems. 

While the allure of extraterrestrial origins persists, it's almost certain that most of the UFO sightings we seen in the sky nowadays is not alien but actually ours, covert, highly advanced technologies concealed within classified projects. 

Organizations involved in these classified projects want to believe you that these objects are alien because allegations of an alien presence could provide cover for their clandestine operations employing advanced technologies. 

Consequently, should governments and mainstream media begin espousing narratives of an alien threat, it's prudent to maintain a critical perspective. Much of the alleged information may be fabricated or distorted to serve motives such as a false flag operation by using these highly advanced technologies. 

And if that happened they can blame it on the aliens.