Non-Human Intelligence is interacting with Humanity claims former leader of UAP Task Force

There have always been whistleblowers on the UFO/UAP/Alien phenomenon. These UFO whistleblowers assert that they can lift the veil of secrecy, revealing what is truly happening. The next whistleblower is Colonel Karl Nell, former leader of the UAP Task Force, who shares his insights on non-human intelligence (NHI) and UAPs. 

With a distinguished 30-year military career in aerospace and intelligence, Nell provides authoritative perspectives on these phenomena. 

He discusses his roles at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Bell Labs, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, and asserts with zero doubt that NHI exists and interacts with humanity. 

Nell also outlines six reasons for the government's reluctance to disclose UAP information and argues for the moral imperative of transparency. 

Below a compelling interview with Colonel Karl Nell, recorded on May 21, 2024.