NASA Shuts Down SOHO Site - Update Ison - Cascades Seismograph Stations Down - Dec 7, 2013

NASA has shut down the SOHO movie website on Friday December 6, 2013.

What are they doing and what is the reason of the shutdown? They trying to hide something and they need some time to edit the images or is it just a technical glitch?

Remember the remarkable images of an unknown massive Satellite / UFO crossing the sun.Is it possible that this object became visible in the SOHO images or is it because Ison?

Quote from NASA’s article What happened to Comet Ison published on December 4, 2013:

Cameras onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory followed the comet Ison all the way down to perihelion and saw … nothing.

“We weren’t sure what was happening.”

The researchers were surprised again when a fan-shaped cloud emerged from the sun’s atmosphere.

No one knows for sure what was inside. Possibilities include a remnant nucleus, too small for SDO to detect, or a "rubble pile" of furiously vaporizing fragments. By the end of the day, Comet ISON was nothing but a cloud of dust.

A cloud of dust…

Link website SOHO Movie-Theater:

But it is not just SOHO. According to ATS/Puterman:"It seems that several of the Cascades seismograph stations have been very intermittent of late and current VALT - possibly the most important one on Mt St Helens - is still down after about 6 days."

It just seems odd that these things are all down at the same time.


  1. Interesting.....because starting this afternoon I am unable to get access to my Yahoo email account. When I went to Yahoo Mail Facebook it turns out that according to Yahoo "a small number of people are having trouble and they are working to fix the problem". That comment was dated December 3 and now 3 days later I have the same problem as others have already posted.

  2. Ison is far smaller than it was and is NOT turning toward Earth. It is following the trajectory originally predicted and heading out of the solar system. We won't be able to see it from Earth as it heads out. But, feel free to continue spreading falsehoods.

    What you should be more interested in is the increased chatter about the ability to identify life on distant planets, and the discoveries of skeletons of early ancestors dating back 300,000 years. These are the signs that there may be an announcement of consequence coming soon...

    1. No, just no. Take your shill and dis-information elsewhere! Thank you.

    2. How is what was stated shilling?

      Fear mongering, like the information in this post, does nothing constructive. It devalues legitimate information that is sometimes posted here by creating valuable fodder for skeptics to point at and shout "CRACKPOTS".

      Ison survived. A portion of it. That much is true. It has stopped out-gassing which likely means that the nucleus was affected during perihelion... but it lives and that is fascinating! It is not some intelligently piloted object or physics defying rock that has suddenly doubled back toward the Earth.

      Sorry to disappoint, but those are facts.

    3. thank you man ..first reasonnable explaination

  3. Question: What is the 'Secret Launch' into space yesterday all about, inquiring minds & tax payers want to know!

    1. This was a spy satellite launched from Vandenberg Thursday night. They talked about it on C2C on Wednesday. It is supposed to make it possible to intercept more cellphone conversations worldwide.

  4. borys49
    funny this object is a mirror a UFO or a planet !


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