Incoming Meteorite Destroys House in Ragala, Sri Lanka - Feb 18, 2014

An unknown stone fell on a house at Ragala Estate in Walapane in Sri Lanka on February 18, 2014.

The owner of the house on which the strange stone fell described that particles of the stone have scattered within an area of 26 square feet.

A group of scientists led by the Head of the Geological Survey Unit of Peradeniya University Dr. Jagath Gunasekera visited the area and began inspecting the stone fragments.

According to the findings of the University research group, Professor Senarathna confirmed that the stone was a meteor.

Research Scientist Dr. Saraj Gunasekera said that his institute is ready to send the alien stone to India for further inspection and verification.

It seems to me that also this space rock is a fragment of asteroid 2000 EM26. This asteroid passed the Earth on February 17, 2014. heronews

On the same day a huge meteor exploded over Santa Fe in Argentina.