Genetic Mutation –Mega Meltdown of the Human Race

Former atheistic evolutionist Dr John Sanford provides remarkable insights into new discoveries in genetics that powerfully support a recent creation of humans and no evolution.

There is rapidly growing evidence that the principles of information run parallel to the laws of thermodynamics. The first law of thermodynamics essentially says that matter and energy cannot just arise from nothing. This is also true of information - it does not arise spontaneously from matter, it only arise through the operation of intelligence.

Apart from intelligent intervention, information always degenerates. All this strongly indicates that the biological information networks within cells and organisms must have been intelligently designed but should now be decaying. This growing new consensus provides astounding affirmation of the Biblical view of reality - that is a recent and miraculous creation, a fallen and dying world, and a profound need for a Saviour. Dr John Sanford, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin) 

The Human Race Is Dying 

DNA degeneration would eventually lead to the total extinction of humanity.

It certainly won’t happen this year or even this decade, but the steady degeneration of human DNA would eventually lead to the total extinction of humanity given enough time. The reason that we are heading toward extinction is the increasing number of mutations that are being passed down from generation to generation.

According to Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University, every one of us already carries tens of thousands of harmful mutations, and each of us will pass on approximately 100 new mutations to future generations. Humanity is degenerating at an accelerating pace, and at some point the number of mutations will become so great that we will no longer be able to produce viable offspring.

This is not going to happen in the immediate future, but already signs of DNA degeneration are all around us. Despite all of our advanced technology, genetically-related diseases are absolutely exploding. Our bodies are weak and frail, and with each passing generation it is getting even worse.

We are not going to “evolve” into bigger and better creatures. Instead, the human race is steadily breaking down, each generation is successively becoming more “mutant” and our time is running out.

In essence, the blueprint of human life is being systematically destroyed, and there is not a thing we can do to even significantly slow it down.

The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is "Off-world" in origin

A group of researchers worked for 13 years at the Human Genome Project (Project completed in 2003) indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.

Professor Chang further stipulates that "Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them.

"Soon or later", Professor Chang says "we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin and that evolution is not what we think it is."

Scientists from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an extraterrestrial signal by an ancient alien civilization and the mathematical code in human DNA cannot be explained by evolution.

Their research has led the scientists to conclude that we were invented "outside the solar system, already several billion years ago". The Aliens could have experimented and changed their genes some million years back and produced the Human Race.

Besides the aliens who are among us and keep tracking us, as the mastermind, you don’t come to Earth, but also you like to keep track of the evolution on the planet. That is especially true when you have created a race (humanity) that show form of intelligence and have developed speech. And any evolving cognizance go through certain steps in their evolution, and at what point in their development is the human race.

Like Dr. John Sanford who noticed that the Human race is dying, this mega meltdown of the human race will also be known to the mastermind and his ancient alien civilizations and it is quite obvious that the aliens are still experimenting with the human race because of all the abduction an alien implant reports, to rewrite the genetic code in their attempt to create the perfect human species.

The follow-up human species with a rewritten genetic code are possible the so-called Star children, Crystal or Indigo children.



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