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Unusual Insect Shaped UFO spotted near ISS - July 27, 2012

Witness report: "This UFO was filmed on my camcorder on the 27\07\2012 from the life feed from NASA, what it is i do not know".

"I watch the live feed all the time and have never seen this craft before ,may be NASA know what it is"?

The object shows an unusual shape which doesn’t resemble any kind of launched spacecraft.

On July 30, again, a strange object seen in the vicinity of the ISS. It seems that this object has almost the same unusual shape.

It is possible that it is the same object?

The Mysterious Crystal Sphere of Atlantis

Theories about Atlantis mention the extensive use of crystals by Atlanteans. Crystals varied in slight, color, and harmonic frequencies. Crystals follow harmonic frequencies and could be used with an instrument that looks like a tuning fork.

Atlantis Seed Crystal

Atlanteans allegedly harnessed the energies of the pyramids, using harmonics linked to crystals to that end. As we have the Great Pyramid at the center of the planet linked to the grid matrix that creates our reality, so, too, did the Atlanteans. Their pyramid allegedly sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean which is a metaphor about returning to the collective unconsciousness or source of creation.

Atlantean crystals received power from a variety of sources, including the Sun, the Earth’s energy field grid system or from each other. Grids point are often marked by pyramids. The Atlanteans used this energy, combined with crystals, to transmit energy from one pyramid to another or, as aliens, to enter and leave the planet.