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The Bentwaters UFO Incident: Eyewitness Reports (Video) - Nov 1. 2013

1. Larry Warren was a security officer at Bentwaters Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. He was present during an event in 1980 when an extraterrestrial vehicle landed, hovered, and interacted with Air Force personnel on the base.

Afterwards, the many personnel who had witnessed the events were intimidated, debriefed and forced to sign documents telling a false version of the story. Warren's testimony is corroborated by multiple other military witnesses who have been identified.

2. Captain Lori Rehfeldt was stationed at the 81st Security Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters in England during the UFO events that occurred in December 1980.

She and a colleague were on duty late that night, when they saw in the distance an object they thought was a plane landing on the runway -- coming in from the direction of the North Sea. They also saw it silently explode, split into three parts, and speed across the runway; then it went straight up and disappeared.

3. Lord Hill-Norton is a five-st…

Army Colonel Reveals Amazing Skinwalker Ranch Stories

Retired Army Colonel John Alexander was part of a group researchers and scientists who investigated reports of cattle mutilations and other strange occurrence at Skinwalker Ranch.

The ranch is located southeast of Ballard, Utah, and was previously known as the Sherman Ranch.

For years stories of cattle mutilations, sightings of UFOs, orbs and bigfoot, among other paranormal events, have been reported on the ranch.

Alien Craft or Living Being 'Archon' on Gemini 11 Photo - Oct 30, 2013

A strange object is visible on a photo taken by the Gemini 11 crew.

The object is very similar to the objects observed during the famous NASA STS-75 Tether incident.

Advanced extraterrestrial craft or a living being in space?

Link photo:

Another amazing photo taken by a crew member of Apollo 9 mission while in flight shows three large cigar-shaped objects in front of the Moon.

 Link photo:

Green Orb being "refueled" by a smaller saucer-like craft below it? - Oct 26, 2013

A strange UFO video has been posted to YouTube showing what looks like an orb being "refueled" by a smaller craft below it. What is it?

Witness comment:

"I went out side of my work to smoke a cigarette.I was standing there when a bright greenish light caught my attention. After watching it for a moment I noticed it seemed to be getting a transfer of light from below it..I took out my cell phone and started recording what I was seeing."

A green orb is hovering over a smaller, more saucer-like craft. Several bolts of light appear to emanate from the smaller disc directly into the larger orb, apparently being absorbed. Read more..

The location is not given, but it looks like this object is similar to the mysterious lights that are seen worldwide.

Similar Mysterious Glowing Light photographed in Garston, England - Oct 26, 2013

In our previous article Mysterious Glowing Light.. we wrote about this strange light visible in the western sky of Florida.

Now, a similar glowing light appeared over the Hertfordshire town of Garston in England on the morning of Wednesday, October 23.

At approximately 5:20 a.m., witness Clare Norton stepped outside to smoke while she waited for her baby’s bottle to cool. It was then that she observed the strange bright object in the sky.

She explained to the Watford Observer: "I thought it was just a plane at first but it just stayed there and kept glowing for around 10 to 15 minutes. It was right in front of me and I thought ‘what the hell is that?’, it stayed right in front of me – I couldn’t believe it."

Norton ran inside to get her camera, and when she returned, she managed to photograph the UFO. After feeding her baby, she looked again, but saw that the object was gone. She explained, “I was shocked as I don’t believe in things like that but I have changed my mind as I…

Giant UFO Coming Out Of The Sun - Oct 24, 2013

Giant UFO coming out of the Sun. The picture was released by NASA’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory on October 21, 2013. SOHO Lasco C3. 

Dr. Joe Gurman, NASA Stereo Project scientist states the giant solar UFOs are compression artifacts or due to a malfunction of the ’central data recorder’ at DSN, that stores all the playback data from all the missions.

In a quantum physics solution to the mystery of the giant solar UFOs, physicist Nassim Haramein states that Earth-sized UFOs are in fact giant extraterrestrial or interdimensional spacecraft, which are accessing our solar system, using the Sun as a black-hole singularity, or star gate. Mr. Haramein contends that NASA Stereo data of giant solar UFOs prove that extraterrestrial civilizations access our solar system via a star gate on the Sun when using large (Earth-size) vehicle spacecraft.

Compression artifact, malfunction or proof that alien spacecraft using …

UFOs invade England - Oct 2013

In this episode we discuss multiple recent UFO sightings in England. We also discuss the recent 40-year anniversary of the Pascagoula incident.

Stories discussed in this episode:

1. UFO videoed using telescope and iPhone over Cumbria in the UK
2. UFO photographed by motorist in West Yorkshire 
3. Green UFO photographed by witnesses in England
4. Russia's 'space troops' not capable of defending against an alien attack

Whistleblower Exposes Government Shutdown And UFO Coverup - Oct 20, 2013

An interesting phone interview with a major government player, revealing the truth about the recent government shutdown of all space related projects, and the military buildup led by FEMA.

The whistleblower, Dr. Norton worked for NSA and NASA. (I think the actual person involved probably wouldn't be reading or speaking, because they could easily have vocal recognition technology.)

Mr. Norton was called to the observatory, because they see some objects that appear L shaped unidentified objects moving in a straight line towards earth.

Mr. Norton, after initially working at beginning late 2012 early 2013 determined with NASA assistance, they are of some carbon type metal.

Also they appear to have a generated gravitational force field which he compared to Earth’s protective atmosphere as well as he said they saw the "objects" deflecting small particles.

Whether it is a hoax, a disinformation campaign to distract the real issue, a set up, to prepare the people for a fake al…

Strike Zone 2: Yellowstone Supervolcano 44 N 111 W

Did you know that three mass shootings have occurred on dates associated with the Batman movie, and that all three of these shootings occurred on a Friday, and a day of a crescent moon?

7/20/2012: Aurora, CO movie shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.
12/14/2012: Sandy Hook shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.
6/7/2013: Santa Monica shootings; a Friday, and day of a crescent moon.

(Note: If you are not familiar with the Santa Monica shootings here is a link to a news report about the incident.  )

These shootings also occurred at “esoterically important” time intervals past the Batman movie release day/Aurora shooting. They occurred at 147 and 322 days respectively. Without going into too much detail, 147 is a number associated with the antichrist, and 322 is the skull and bones satanic death number.

7/20/2012 (Aurora) to 12/14/2012 (Sa…

Second Sea Serpent 'Oarfish' washed up on Southern California beach - Oct 20, 2013

For the second time in less than a week, a rare sea serpent oarfish washed up on a beach in Southern California. This oarfish measured nearly 14 feet long. Oarfish can grow to more than 50 feet.

This time the rare, snakelike oarfish washed up Friday afternoon in Oceanside.

While it's unusual to find the deep-water fish near shore, last Sunday a snorkeler off Catalina Island found an 18-foot-long oarfish.

In our previous article 18-foot-long Sea Serpent 'Oarfish' discovered off California Coast is sign of an impending Earthquake - Oct 19, 2013 we wrote that in ancient times Japanese people believed that fish warned on coming earthquakes.

Coincidentally, or not, much of California has been undergoing an earthquake swarm as shown in the two images below.

Image 1 shows 87 earthquakes in map area - Time 2013-10-20 so far...

Image 2 shows 897 earthquakes in map area - 7 Days and updated to 2013-10-20 so far...

And the picture below shows the last detected Longwave Data from Haa…

Secret Recovery of Alien Technology - The Aztec 1948 UFO Crash

On March 25, 1948 a UFO spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in a place called Aztec, New Mexico. Sixteen alien bodies were discovered dead inside. The alien bodies and all evidence of their spacecraft were soon transported by government officials to Wright Patterson Air force Base where all traces of this event disappeared in secrecy.

This program documents the shocking facts around this disturbing mystery and includes interviews with leading UFO researchers, a walking tour of the crash site, a tour of the secret US radar station that tracked the UFO crash and the story of an intensive government investigation into alien biology and space technology.

18-foot-long Sea Serpent 'Oarfish' discovered off California Coast is sign of an impending Earthquake - Oct 19, 2013

The discovery of an 18-foot oarfish off Catalina Island thrilled the staff at Catalina Island Marine Institute.

Jeff Chace, program director of the institute, said it took about 15 people on Sunday (Oct 16, 2013) to lug the serpent-like "leviathan" onto shore after it was discovered dead in about 20 feet of water.

Oarfish normally live at depths of 1,000 metres or more and they are rarely seen, dead or alive.

An instructor snorkeling in the waters of Toyon Bay on Sunday stumbled upon the carcass. Chace said. The instructor was in 15 to 20 feet of water at the time, he added. Chace said there were no marks on the oarfish, and it was unclear how it died.

And another rare 15-foot, 2,000-pound dead creature, a saber-toothed whale turned up in the waters of Venice Beach in Los Angles, California on Wednesday, just days after the discovery of the oarfish.

Why are we seeing such rare sea monsters along the California coast now? Could it be tectonic plate movement in the Pacific?


UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #06 - Oct 18, 2013



I felt a disturbance in my side. I began to think about alien related topics, such as telepathic communication with beings, possible abductions/contact in the past, etc. Against my control, I walked to a chair (one I usually don't sit in) in my living room and gazed out the back door. I noticed a bright glowing gold craft appear in the sky, shortly followed by another beside it. I ran outside to stare at them. They displayed movement and light in which I've never thought possible of any aircraft. I noticed they shut their lights off, and I turned around and noticed my parents inside my house. I went back inside to tell them the great news, but they dismissed it.

My mom then left and my step-dad went to bed. I kept staring out the back door, and I saw them again. I ran to my room to grab the dislocated scope of a gun to get a better look at them. When I went back outside, t…

Mysterious luminous object falls in Russian forest and catches fire on Oct 15, 2013

Luminous object falls in Russian forest and catches fire on October 15, 2013

According to Zazoom Social News, Russian newspaper Pro Town claims there were many witnesses on October 15 to a luminous object falling in the forest near Privetnoye in the Omsk region of Russia before the fire occurred.

A witness saw the object fall and stopped his car near the fire. He says the object was “very dazzling". They tried to put out the fire, but say that even foam could not quell the intense flames.

According to the emergency situations Ministry said that it is rubbish and the local police finally concluded it was just a pile of garbage.

The witness does not seem convinced, and mentions discovering white crystals at the site.

Video below: Witness discusses the discovery of white crystals at the site. (Someone can translate the discussion into English?) More videos here and here . Zazoom asks, whether the object was a UFO, meteorite or a piece of an experimental rocket or just a hoax. Via z…

600 kg. Chunk of Chelyabinsk Meteor Pulled from Russian Lake - Oct 16, 2013 (Video)

Eight months after a meteorite exploded over central Russia, divers have hauled a large chunk of space rock out of a lake, giving people a look at the extraterrestrial object that caused damage throughout the region. On Feb. 15, a 17-m-wide, 10,000-ton meteorite exploded over central Russia. When the rock hit the atmosphere, it caused a bright flash, and some residents said their first thought was that they had seen the start of a nuclear war. Thousands of small fragments fell throughout the region of Chelyabinsk, breaking windows and injuring about 1,500 people.

One of the largest pieces of the meteor fell into Lake Chebarkul, tearing a massive hole in the ice. On Oct. 16, divers finally hauled the half-ton piece of space rock from 20 m of water. Once outside the lake, the chunk broke into three large pieces when it was lifted off the ground with rope, making it harder to determine the precise weight, but an unnamed scientist told the website that the meteorite weighed 5…

Mysterious Glowing Light In Evening Western Sky - Oct 16, 2013

For the past week or longer, there has been a strange, glowing light in the horizon of the western sky and according to SkEye, there are no stars or planets in that area.

If you are looking at the western sky in the early evening, you will see Arcturus glowing as well as Venus. You will also see a light to the left of Arcturus that is not defined by the skymap, SkEye

From New York City, "I noticed a star of unusual brightness. It seemed to be flickering from red, to blue to green to white."

From England: "Finally I find someone else who can see it. I see it also and when I looked in my telescope it made me feel ill. Its weird looks like a cell or germ it flickers red and blue. It changes shape and when I look at it I get this creepy feeling like it knows I'm watching. I'm in northeast England and it becomes visible just after sunset."

From Spain, "we were traveling north on the Alicante-Valencia highway, close to Denia. It was after sunset and we were…

Comet ISON and Mercury's Electrical Phenomenon 2013

Geologists estimate that Mercury's iron core occupies about 42% of its volume and it has a large magnetic field, for Earth this iron core proportion is 17%. Earth however is denser overall.

 Mercury's core has a higher iron content than that of any other major planet in the Solar System. Mercury's core makes it the most iron-rich planet in the solar system, with iron accounting for 65-70% of the planet's mass. This should allow us from Earth to see unprecedented Magnetic Field interactions between Comet ISON, Mercury and our Sun (November 12-18, 2013.)


The shutdown of the U.S government, and the unprecedented lockdown of national sites, many of them privately owned, free and not even related to the Federal government coupled with the fact that you see both political parties in Washington D.C. stalemating the issue it is starting to show what is happening if you will look closer.

If the dollar folds there will chaos, and people will be more worried about losing…

Huge Underwater Obelisks and entrance Hollow Earth exact opposite side from the Great Pyramid - Oct 14, 2013

What is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Great Pyramid?

Huge Obelisks and a Megalith located in the pacific ocean!

At the base of the obelisks (towers) is a structure and a big hole, what looks like an entrance that goes down deep into the earth.

Image 1 - Location of huge underwater obelisks and structure.
32°30'07.74" S 149°52'46.51" W

It is possible that this entrance leads to a hollow place beneath the obelisks? There are several entrances around the world. Maybe this big hole is one of the entrances to the 'hollow earth'?

Are these obelisks laid out on earth's energy grid? (The Great Pyramid is linked to the grid matrix).

Image 2 - Location of huge underwater megalith and structure.

It is said that some ancient pyramids, megaliths, obelisks are still active due to crystals in the structures.

Crystals received power from a variety of sources, including the Sun, the earth’s energy field grid system or to transmit energy from one structu…

Strange UFO cloud in space captured by Astronaut Mike Hopkins on Oct 10, 2013

Astronaut Mike Hopkins saw something launch into space on October 10, 2013.

Sources online say that the strange UFO cloud might have been a Russian rocket.

But Hopkins is not entirely convinced that it would have been a Russian rocket. Hopkins: "Not sure what it was but the cloud it left behind was pretty amazing.

Here is a link to the original photo on Hopkins Twitter account:

Ancient Stone Art on Mars (Mars Rover Curiosity) Oct 13, 2013

A series of remarkable stone structures on Mars.
Rocks or ancient stone art work?
Optical illusion 'pareidolia' or creative stone art made by ancient civilizations?

Mars Rover Curiosity
SOL 416
SOL 417
Link Images:

 Please, decide for yourself..

Astronaut Scott Carpenter Dies - Witnessed Alien Craft On The Moon - Oct 10, 2013

NASA pioneer astronaut Scott Carpenter died Thursday at the age of 88 due to medical complications from a recent stroke.

Malcolm Scott Carpenter (May 1, 1925 – October 10, 2013) was an American test pilot, astronaut and aquanaut. He was one of the original seven astronauts selected for NASA's Project Mercury in April 1959. Carpenter was the second American to orbit the Earth and the fourth American in space, following Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom and John Glenn.

"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs." - Scott Carpenter

Buzz Aldrin is a brilliant man. Not simply remarkable for his intellect but a deeply spiritual man. Long since retired, Colonel Aldrin now orbits the innermost dimensions of his mind, a secretive universe as deep and mysterious as the far reaches of the moon.

As a young airman, my path took me into a close encounter with Colonel Aldrin, more than 30 years ago. As a chauffeur with a radio-opera…

Condition Zebra: UFOs Overhead!

Mr. McDow entered the Navy in 1978 and gained a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance with Zebra Stripes. He was assigned to the Atlantic Operational Support Facility, Atlantic Command, then under Admiral Trane.

Mr. McDow was present when a UFO was tracked by radar and seen by pilots visually moving at high speed up and down the Atlantic coast.

The Command Center was put on Zebra alert and Admiral Trane gave the order to force down the UFO.

Mr. McDow discusses the threats, intimidation and confiscation of logbooks that occurred after the event.

Winged Reptile Like Creature Filmed Over Bustamante Park, Santiago, Chile - Oct 9, 2013

Bat-like wings, a beak full of razor sharp teeth, tearing claws, a long tail with a flanged end, is this flying reptile a figment of the imagination? Or does it provide living proof that pre-historic creatures still exist today.

On 29 September around 21:00 hours near Bustamante Park in the downtown area, a strange flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another. Its size was estimated at around 2 meters tall and shaped like a manta ray.

Ignacio, a young man who was the privileged witness to this brief yet disconcerting flying being sighting, does not wish to disclose his identity but made his narrative available to journalist [Juan Andrés] Salfate on Canal La Red. His description is specific, remarking that the entity had wings from the upper part of its body down to its lower part. Read more Here

And not only Chile has its flying creature, Papua New Guinea also has a flying reptile, named the Ropen (Demon-flyer).

The Myth: The Ropen has terrified the people of Papua New Gu…

Chile's UFO Files-Your Need to Know - Oct 9, 2013

Chile is one of the few countries around the world that has a government-backed UFO research organization.

In Spanish UFOs are referred to as OVNIs. (Objecto Volador No Identificado). In 1997 the country publicly recognized it was experiencing UFO sightings and that the phenomenon was real.

Some incidents could not be explained by natural phenomena and could not be identified as any type of man-made object.

UFO over Hong Kong captured by former TV Reporter - Oct 5, 2013

The man who captured the UFO video was Wu Xiaodong Yi, a former cable TV reporter for TVB in Hong Kong.

Yi first spotted the UFO on the evening of October 5, but was only able to take a low quality cell phone photograph of it. In hopes that the UFO would return, the next night Yi was prepared with a video camera to record the object.

Luckily, Yi was right, and the object did return. He was able to get a few minutes of video before the object disappeared. Yi says the object could be seen for about 10 to 20 minutes before disappearing.

As is common with auto-focus, the focus goes in and out, and when out of focus the object appears to be diamond shaped. This is an effect of the aperture, and does not reflect the true shape of the object. via openmindstv , smileboyahk

Image 1: Diamond shaped - effect of the camera
Image 2: Object stabilized!

Astronomer Maria Mitchell's Google Doodle shows a hidden message?

August 1, 2013: Google Doodle honors the first professional woman astronomer, Maria Mitchell, who would be 195-years-old.

Google's doodle shows an illustration of Mitchell, perched on a rooftop, observing the stars and comets with a telescope. It's just the way she discovered "Miss Mitchell's Comet" in 1847.

Maria Mitchell's Google Doodle shows a hidden message?

An investigative Look into this August 1, 2013 Google Doodle.

Are these Alien Lightships? - Oct 6, 2013

Here are some remarkable photos taken during the Gemini flights.

The first photo shows two remarkable objects, what appears to be UFOs.

Are these alien lightships? Or is it just a a classic burn. (The film sticks to itself sometimes during the development process and causes the emulsion to "burn" at the point the two layers are touching.)

In June 1965, Major James McDivitt saw, filmed, and photographed another similar object, which approached the Gemini IV (3rd June - 7th June 1965) capsule in which they were orbiting the Earth, passing over Hawaii.

He stated: "It had a very definite shape - a cylindrical object - it was white - it had a long arm that stuck out on the side." (Second photo)

When McDivitt got back to Earth he later asked to see what he had filmed and was shown a completely different piece of film with only whited out sun drenched footage. He said this was not what he had seen or filmed.

So... the objects are either asymmetrical metallic alien spacecr…

UFOs engaged by Iranian air force jets - Oct 4, 2013

Disclosetv discuss a recent military aviation magazine article that details Iranian air force jets being scrambled to intercept UFOs.

An article in the October 2013 issue of the military aviation magazine Combat Aircraft Monthly details the history of the Tomcat aircraft in the IRIAF. Near the end of the article, a section titled “UFO hunters” describes that F-14s have been used by the air force during the last twenty years to “intercept foreign and unknown aircraft.” The article details one of these encounters where equipment was affected by a UFO

Stories discussed in this episode:
1. Is southern India's 'alien rain' proof of extraterrestrial life?
2. The campaign to store a message to aliens on a NASA spacecraft
3. Curiosity rover discovers substantial water on Mars
4. Military magazine highlights Iranian air force encounters with UFOs

October 6th, Revelation 12, 188 Day Cycle, Comet ISON and Draconid Meteor Shower!

Revelation 12:1 -12:2 , If a big enough quake or number of quakes takes place. The Draconid meteor shower nails the 12:3-12:4 part in itself!

The Draconid shower is predicted to produce the greatest number of meteors on the night of October 7 and October 8.

BIGFOOT is REAL New Bigfoot Evidence Screened As Expert Claims Proof Of Existence - Oct 2, 2013

Bigfoot is real, and now at least one scientist claims there is proof.

A group of Sasquatch researchers who have been collecting over 100 pieces of evidence over the past five years screened "never before seen HD video" of the alleged creature at a news conference in Dallas on Tuesday.

The footage, which came from a similar effort dubbed The Erickson Project, led by Adrian Erickson, showed what the group said was a sasquatch moving through wooded areas in Kentucky.

Dr. Melba Ketchum, who has led the group of researchers called the Sasquatch Genome Project, has been working on a $500,000 analysis of DNA samples from an unknown hominin species. Ketchum calls the project "a serious study" that concludes the legendary Sasquatch exists in North America and is a human relative that arose approximately 13,000 years ago.

"They're a type of people, they're a human-hybrid, we believe. And all of the DNA evidence points to that. And they can elude us, so if you …

Mysterious Black Knight Satellite seen in Gemini 12 photo? - Oct 3, 2013

In February 1960 the US detected an unknown object in polar orbit, a feat that neither they or the USSR had been able to accomplish. As if that wasn't enough, it apparently was several sizes larger than anything either country would have been able to get off the ground.

And then, the oddness began. HAM operators began to receive strange coded messages. One person in particular said he managed to decode one of the transmissions, and it corresponded to a star chart. A star chart which would have been plotted from earth 13,000 years ago, and focused on the Epsilon Bostes star system.

Is it the mysterious Black Knight Satellite or the Black Knight legend is just a jumble of completely unrelated stories; reports of unusual science observations, authors promoting fringe ideas, classified spy satellites and people over-interpreting photos.

Image link:

More information about the Black Knight at: …

UFO Shoots Laser Beam Towards Dark Object Next To The Sun - Sept 28, 2013

UFO shoots laser beam towards dark object next to the sun.

Second UFO is positioned in the background.

SOHO LASCO C2 2013/09/28

Time: 13.25
UFO 1 shoots laser beam
UFO 2 is positioned in the background

Time: 15.48
UFO 1 is disappeared
UFO 2 has changed its position


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