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NASA Silent On Historic Artefacts On Mars

Nasa will announce soon an important discovery on Mars, and no doubt the sheeple and braindead nasa-noids will be creaming themselves in anticipation of this "historic" announcement, (Watch exclusive video in which mission scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory, Dr. John Grotzinger, talks about how the instrumentation on the rover made the find that he calls "One for the history books". Watch Video ) but probably it will be nothing more than organic molecules, that would be just enough to get NASA the huge funding it needs to keep financing its secret space program (The one we pretend doesn't exist) time will tell in any event.

Here is just a small compilation of Historic discoveries that NASA already made... some well known, and not so well known discoveries on Mars.

The ones they don't want to talk about...

And the last discovery what looks like a block brick from an ancient pyramid.

This image was taken by Mastcam: Right (MAST_RIGHT) onboard NASA'…

Pipeline on the Moon in Tycho crater's floor?

A strange object what looks like a pipeline appears on an image data of the Tycho Crater's floor.

The Tycho crater location:
Center Longitude: -43.19°
Center Latitude: 348.91°

Link high resolution image:


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