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Lost Ancient Continent Gondwana Found Under The Indian Ocean

Scientists have confirmed the existence of a “lost continent” under the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius that was left-over by the break-up of the supercontinent, Gondwana, which started about 200 million years ago.

The piece of crust, which was subsequently covered by young lava during volcanic eruptions on the island, seems to be a tiny piece of ancient continent, which broke off from the island of Madagascar, when Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica split up and formed the Indian Ocean.

According to researchers from Wits University's School of Geosciences, the the German Research Centre for Geosciences and the University of Oslo, new results show that this break-up did not involve a simple splitting of the ancient super-continent of Gondwana, but rather, a complex splintering took place with fragments of continental crust of variable sizes left adrift within the evolving Indian Ocean basin.

Gondwanaland is a super-continent that existed more than 200 million years ago and c…

Antarctica Disclosure Coming!

In the past Antarctica was a far more dynamic place than anyone could have imagined.

It's really hard to imagine that there are mountains under the ice sheet, but what to think of the Gamburtsev Mountains a range of steep peaks that rise to 9,000 feet (3,000 meters) and stretch 750 miles (1,200 km) across the interior of the continent yet the enormous liquid lakes hidden below the ice sheet.

Another Entrance? Coordinates: 66° 6'13.62"S 100°36'36.09"E 
The layers of ice in Antarctica still hide a great number of mysteries, but explored land masses continue to be revealed but what already is emerging from the research into the ancient history of Antarctica reveals important details which will lead to the coming disclosure concerning Antarctica.

In the following video Steve Quayle discusses the coming disclosure of Antarctica.

Burning UFO Streaks Across The Sky Over Melbourne

A strange, apparently burning object was spotted in the sky over Melbourne on January 11, 2017.

The bright unidentified flying object headed out east towards New Zealand until it was heading into the clouds according to Stev Forster who captured the event.

Not sure if this is space debris, a meteor or something else but it looked great from here and it was big, said Forster.

The Rock we all live on called Earth is Cracking Up!

We are talking about the rock we all live on called Earth and it seems to be well cracking up in more ways than one also seems what is up with the Sinkholes?

Almost like something or someone been doing a little underground digging, what was that story about a race of beings who inhibit under the Earth, maybe they are expecting something.

But serious, cracks as big as states showing up all over the world, which proves that the tectonic plates are shifting and they are moving faster now than at any point in the last 2 billion years, according to the latest study of plate movements.

Something is tugging on our planet and we are seeing the effect like the last reported huge crack which appeared between Kuruman and Danielskuil in South Africa on January 12, 2017. No matter what something is going on!

Weird Bright Light leaves Mexican Volcano

An awesome bright light was caught on the Live Stream of Webcams de Mexico on January 24, 2017.

It is unclear whether it is a helicopter leaving the side of the volcano flying towards the camera or a UFO that leaves the volcano.

The following live cam recording apparent shows the object that suddenly emits a bright light, then it flies upwards until it disappears.

AKHENATEN Discovery Changes History Forever!

In this earth-shattering episode full of historic changing revelations, Daniel Liszt and Pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter talk about the shocking discovery of a secret site unearthed in Turkey of an Ancient Egyptian chamber that bears a strong resemblance to King Tut’s tomb and that contains a wealth of Egyptian treasure and lifelike statues of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten along with exotic antiquities of the Amarna period.

Exclusive photographic evidence provided in this episode to substantiate the claim makes this the most important Dark Journalist episode to date and represents an earthquake for our understanding of the ancient past, Changing History Forever!

Amazing Akhenaten Discovery Dates Egypt Back to 10,000 BC

This amazing discovery would be incredible and historic enough just by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey and suggesting that Queen Nefertiti fled with a small band of followers and escaped her husband’s fate at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood.

Partially uncloaked UFO flies past windmills above Indiana

A UFO has been photographed as it flies past windmills in Indiana and although the object is partially uncloaked the outline of the craft is clearly visible.

Witness report: We were on our way to Chicago to see a concert. We didn't actually see the object.

My girlfriend was taking pictures of the windmills at the time and didn't notice the object until a couple of months later when she was looking through the pictures and noticed a light in one of them.

There were no airplanes, helicopters, weather balloons or any other objects in the air at the time of the pictures taken on 2016-030-03. Mufon nr. 81728.

In addition, it is always the question of whether the disc-like object is man-made or an alien craft.

Huge Mystery Blue Beam Type Object Appears Above Israel

Daboo77 states: "The guy who caught the object does not have a history of putting out anything fake or crazy like this. He was filming a friend reading scriptures when they noticed the object out the window."

"I have passed this along to several UFO Experts and No one has yet to find anything as far footage manipulation. Which then raises the question as to what could it be??"

"I'm sure there will be tons of ideas and theories. But before I write this off as fake or CGI, I want to see the proof showing that."

"If this is a Blue Beam type of tech, it will be hard to prove that! This could also be secret tech being used by the Mossad or Israeli Military. Or it could be something else."

Daboo77: “If you look into the history of this man you can see he does not post anything like on a regular basis and his words to me in the email was that it looked like someone riding a horse or a snake! Then he asked, "Is this Apollo?"

Regardless, th…

Apocalyptic Bird Migration in Houston, Texas (Video)

1000's of "SPOOKED" birds descend on interstate highway packed with cars.

A massive flock of disoriented birds land on a busy interstate during rush hour traffic in Houston, Texas on January 20, 2017.

Countless birds landed on the roadside risking the cars opposed to what had them spooked that was in the sky.

Birds were even hitting cars windshields as you will see in the videos.

Original video below.

Silver Reflective Disc Hovering Over Sutherland Springs Texas

This initial report, case nr. 81691, is being submitted by a MUFON field investigator and star member (ID.18377) whom witness has worked with in the past. The witness provided four photos he secured with his Iphone.

Photos 1 and 3.
The witness was loading PVC pipe into the back of his pick-up parked at the diesel pump at the VP gas station / convenience store on Hwy 87 in Sutherland Springs, Texas on January 21, 2017 and was facing southeast when he first saw the object to the southeast.

It's silver reflective color caught his attention (mid day, bright sunlight). It was hovering approximately 450 feet southeast of witness's position, about 300-400 off the ground, to the right / SE of Hwy 87 but the witness had no idea what it could be so he continued to watch it. He describes the object as a silver disc about 8 - 10 feet in diameter.

He did not see any other markings or shapes (ie dome, lights, etc). From it's hovering position it made an "erratic" sudden move t…

Alien Craft Spotted at Antarctica

Once again a UFO has been found at Antarctica. The UFO with a diameter of 20 meters is located on the Burger Hills a very isolated spot at Antarctica.

The place is remarkable given that the location of the UFO is not too far away from an unnatural looking entrance, from which it is said that it leads to an underground base.

UFO - Coordinates: 66°16'23.73"S 100°59'3.25"E
Entrance - Coordinates: 66°36'13.70"S 99°43'11.93"E 
On March 19, 1992 exobiologist Dale Andersen, a veteran of several Antarctic research expeditions under the sponsorship of NASA and the National Science Foundation made an expedition to the Bunger Hills when a simple data-gathering exercise turned life-threatening in the blink of an eye. Due to an unexpected blizzard, he spent the night behind a rock for cover. Read Dale Anderson’s storyHere.

It is remarkable that the area of the unexpected blizzard and thus Anderson’s location is exactly between the locations of the entrance and t…

Mysterious Lake Cheko is the impact crater of the Tunguska Meteorite?

A decade ago, a research team from Italy's University of Bologna led by Luca Gasperini pointed to a small bowl-shaped 500-metre diameter Lake Cheko as the impact crater of the Tunguska meteorite.

They have also argued that flattened trees show that 'two bodies entered the atmosphere. One exploded about five miles (8km) above ground, while the other hit the Earth where Lake Cheko is now.

The Tunguska event was a mega explosion, caused by an asteroid or comet, which occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, on June 20, 1908.

It is classified as an impact event even though it exploded in the sky rather than hit the surface with as a result that about 2,000 square km of forest was flattened. The explosion could be heard 1,200 kilometers away even atmospheric pressure was detected in Britain.

Now, Russian scientists deny the theory of the respected Italian team by 'proving' that the remote blue lake is not young enough to be a cr…

UFOs appear moments before Volcano Colima erupts

Webcam de Mexico that broadcast real-time feed has captured UFO activity in the sky near Volcano Colima in Mexico on January 23, 2017.

The footage uploaded by Streetcap1 showing at first several white UFOs followed by a dark UFO close to the volcano, then 20 seconds later Colima erupts.

We may wonder why so many UFOs always appear around volcanoes just before or during an eruption?

Steve Quayle: “Something is happening and the Antarctic is Critical”

Author Steve Quayle contends, “Black physics is beyond the PhD level, and we are seeing this with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research).

What is so critical for people to understand is, as more activity takes place at CERN, the occult rituals associated with it are so in your face you can’t dismiss this stuff anymore as being the ranting's of this fringe or that fringe.

??? - Coordinates: 69°19'57.71"S 158°52'28.99"E
Quayle says, “Most people don’t understand that something is happening and the Antarctic is critical.”

It is, because of the advanced technology of the Third Reich . . . that they went under the ice, so to speak, and came into contact with beings, sentient beings that Wernher von Braun and others have made reference to many times before they passed away.

So, all this is a matter of record. When you put all the records together, it points to this: There is some entity or group of entities that are thinking and have advanced technology, buried in…

Tsunami Alert after massive M8.0 Earthquake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea

JAN. 21, 2017: A Massive earthquake has struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea and a tsunami alert has been issued. It is too early for damage reports, just happened.

Tsunami Threat Message

Magnitude 8.0
Origin Time 0430 UTC Jan 22, 2017
Depth 168km / 104 miles

Hazardous Tsunami waves are forecast for some coasts

Tsunami waves reaching 0.30 to 1 meters above the tide level are possible for some coasts of Solomon Islands and Papue New Guinea

Locations: Amun – Papaua New Guinea and Falamae – Solomon Islands

The next message will be issued in one hour… or sooner if the situation warrants.

Invisible Portals and Two Rotating Orb Displays Examined

In this upload there are examples of invisible portals and two rotating orbs and dark rotating shadows with unique shapes observed in association with a main illumination.

Rotating Orbs:

The speed the dark shadows are observed moving over the surface is amazing. The shadows also seem like a support for the bright sphere as they move around it and block light.

There are similarities discovered and a better understanding of the bio-mechanical properties and how light plays an important role in communication.


Portals are observed too by whotookmymojo and there is another brief display.

It appears the area observed is part of a larger cloaked craft and hypothesize the openings would completely cover the bio-mechanical craft.

There seems to be another close light source that shines briefly on the transparent surface and area of portal illumination.

History of the event helps to know they are aware of showing the camera and audience presentations of an otherworldly nature.

Explosive UFO Footage caught on Camera through a Telescope

We take a look at several mysterious unexplained explosions caught on camera from all over the world.

From a reported unknown sky explosion from Russia to an incredible real mystery explosive UFO footage caught on camera through a telescope.

Antarctica Mysteries Revealed

In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe published "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" describing an adventure to Antarctica where the adventures found ancient ruins, labyrinths and Egyptian hieroglyphs on the walls.

Image 1: Close up of a fascinating wall and landmasses in the frozen realm of Antarctica. Coordinates: 69°17'50.07"S 157°35'57.49"E 

In 1936, Howard P. Lovecraft published an article about a scientific expedition to Antarctica titled “At the Mountains of Madness” in Astounding Stories magazine. The expedition went far beyond uncharted mountain ranges higher than the Himalayas. Members of the expedition found ancient ruins, labyrinths and walls covered with strange hieroglyphs.

Although both stories are fictional we know that fiction is often closer to the truth.

Therefore, it is possible that remnants of a highly advanced civilization still remain in underground caverns in Antarctica and is it possible that ancient remnants become visible due to changes to An…

Dangerous Super Volcano on Brink of Eruption Scientists Warn

At this moment there are 23 volcanoes erupting around the world and there is one super volcano on the brink of eruption.

Scientists warn that the deadly North Korean 9,000 feet super volcano, Mount Paektu, located on the border between North Korea and China is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe, the likes of which would not have been seen for a thousand years.

Another reason for concern, the super volcano is not far from a North Korean nuclear test facility where the government is conducting nuclear bomb tests.

Mount Paektu is responsible for one of the most violent eruptions in human history (alongside the Hatepe eruption of Lake Taupo at around 180 AD and the 1815 eruption of Tambora).

In the year of A.D. 946, "thunders from the heaven drum" (likely the explosions from the Mount Paektu eruption) were heard in the City of Kaesong, then the capital of ancient Korea about 450 km south of the Paektusan volcano, which terrified the emperor so much that the convicts wer…

Is this a UFO coming out of the ocean in El Salvador?

According to Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher “Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans.”

So UFOs tend to stick to the oceans and flying in and out of the water?

Now look at this satellite image of the Gulf of Fonseca near the Island of Meanguera in El Salvador, it shows a very strange unknown object in the sea that generates strange patterns on the water.

According to researchers it is a natural maritime phenomenon but I don’t buy it. What kind of a natural phenomenon can create such strange patterns and ripples in a further perfectly calm ocean?

There is much discussion as whether it is a natural phenomenon or a UFO coming out of the water or going into the water.

Any idea what it could be? Check it out yourself:

Google Earth coordinates: 13° 9'38.34"N 87°42'26.38"W
Google Maps:,-87.7082928,760m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en&authuser=0

UFO Rises up, Comes toward ISS then Departs

A new astonishing footage, which was broadcast live by NASA and recorded by Streetcap1 on January 17, 2017, shows what appears to be a UFO which rises up, flying towards the International Space Station and departs.

Although now almost daily UFOs are seen on the ISS camera, NASA is unwilling to comment on these sightings.

Moreover, they often go to the blue screen just at the moment a UFO comes into the picture, therefore it is really amazing that they didn’t cut this live-feed.

Melting Arctic Ice Reveals UFO Underwater Base

Planet Earth is undergoing major changes including Antarctica.

The sudden interest in Antarctica by the powers that be is because the Arctic ice is melting and it is going to reveal all kinds of ancient artifacts and other things that they would rather remain hidden.

Now, using Google Earth I found an area of open water surrounded by sea ice in which you can see a perfect circular structure below the Arctic water.

This amazing structure is not something natural but an underwater base created by an alien race or a secret society who use the base for their secret “UFO” operations.

Even if they are trying to hide the secrets of the past or secret operations below the ice sheet, they will not have success because a natural process cannot be stopped

This artificial made structure under water is proof of it!

Here are the Google Earth coordinates: 74°35'39.74"S 164°54'44.56"E

Three Bright Objects Falling From the Sky Over Florida (Video)

There recently seems to have been a very active night of unknown objects that descended upon the great state of Florida during peak hours and no one noticed?

These objects might have been meteors or space debris but there is something strange going on with these objects.

At first, look at the sharp ends of the objects in the still images. That is not natural.

Then, especially the first object is following an obvious path, you can plainly see it in the video at 1.42 and in all the replays. The Unidentified Flying Object is either guided by that path, or fueled by it or something, but the object definitely is on a predetermined path.

3 different events just hours apart from each other and not one single report of any of these events were found, even NASA keeping very quiet!

Secret Underground Bases designed to test UFO Technology obtained by crash retrieval teams

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Underground Bases Expert Dr. Richard Sauder about his decade long research on the subject of secret deep underground bases and military experiments and UFO technology.

Sauder details his research effort to sift through declassified documents and speak with former inside government whistleblowers about their knowledge of these hidden installations.

What he discovered in his cutting-edge research will blow your mind with the reality that there is an extensive world that's been built underground of a massive, experimental scientific and military infrastructure designed for deep covert operations.

With no public oversight, no budget limits and zero media exposure, these massive facilities exist as an entirely secret world operated by the most covert operators in the Deep State.

The development of deep underground bases goes far back into human history, but more recently got an amazing boost from the advent of two World Wars and the decades of th…

UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #15 – Jan 15, 2017

Case 1: Flying Saucer over Rangiora, NZ – Mufon case nr. 81538.

2017-01-13 - Witness: I was trying to make my dog jump into the air to get an action shot of her, I do this often and end up with a lot of dud photos.

I was about to delete this off my camera when I noticed what looks like a large rock in the sky with a blue glow. I did not see this with my naked eye but wish I had so I could have zoomed in on it!

Case 2: airplane passenger captured two UFOs over Hawaii islands HI, US - Mufon case nr. 81529.

2017-01-12 - Witness: “This was just seemed on a picture I took out the airplane window and noticed while I was looking at pictures. I never saw this other than in my photos.”

Case 3: Large Orb with five small Orbs inside captured over Illinois – Mufon case nr. 81037.

2016-12-18 – Witness: “Thought it was a star or planet, but then it started flashing and then started moving more to my right, thought it was a satellite, but thought it was too large to be one.”

“I saw a big orb with …

Nephilim Giant caught on satellite imagery of the Patagonian Mountains

Have you ever given any thought as to why there are so many stories and myths about giants on the Earth?

Could it be that this "Society of Giant People" dwells in cities within the Earth but have above ground access to secluded areas like in the Patagonian Mountains located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile?

The existence of these unknown beings, known as the Patagones or Patagonian giants, were brought to light for the first time in the 1520s when Ferdinand Magellan and his crew saw them while exploring the coastline of South America en route to their circumnavigation.

It could well be that Magellan and his crew saw the Tehuelche. These people were indeed very tall. But as he wrote explicitly about Patagonian giants, who were supposed to have exceeded at least double normal human height, some accounts giving heights of 12 to 15 feet, we may assume that they really saw Patagonian giants instead of the Tehuelche.

Further evidence of the exis…

Video Shows Strange Matrix-like Display of Clouds in the Sky

British philosopher Nick Bostrom says we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by Aliens.

Philosophers have long been concerned about how we can know that our world isn’t just a very believable simulation of a real one.

More and more people are convinced that they live within an artificial world powered by Artificial Intelligence and highly-powered computers, like in The Matrix.

Even Elon Musk has said that there is only a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation.

I have been hearing people say they have seen weird things happen in the skies.

Now, if you see the following video captured by KatMartin on January 12, 2017 it shows, besides the Sun which is flashing and pulsing strangely, a very weird display of clouds in the sky (Starts at the 1.06 mark in the video) and you might wonder whether what we see is not real, but indeed a simulated reality.

Steve Quayle: The connection between Hollow Earth and Humanity's journey on planet Earth

As science and science fiction merge, we unravel the ancient mysteries of the human experience. If indeed entities exist beneath the surface of the planet, they would not live in molten rock but in space ships.

And as the tectonic plates are breaking - it is either by their doing, a knowing that the consciousness hologram that creates this reality is ending so they no longer have to monitor from below, or they emerge as the plates naturally break apart.

Hollow Earth Theories always propose a central sun, aliens, and mythical subterranean cities and civilizations that some believe could link science and pseudoscience if physically discovered.

Glaciers at both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are melting down at an accelerated rate, which will reveal the truth behind this mystery and its metaphoric connections to other creation myths in the story of humanity's journey on planet Earth.

In the following 8-minute video, which is one of Steve Quayle's exclusive deleted scenes from t…

500,000 lives at risk as dangerous Campi Flegrei Supervolcano is Waking Up

A supervolcano that last erupted nearly 500 years ago and spewed ash across Europe for eight consecutive days is showing signs of reawakening.

The Campi Flegrei supervolcano which is 8 miles wide lies beneath the Bay of Naples in southern Italy and contains 24 craters along with numerous geysers and vents.

There has been a recent decrease in gas pressure at the supervolcano, which combined with an increase in temperature of the hydrothermal reservoir means the magma may be approaching critical degassing pressure, scientists wrote in the journal Nature on Dec 20, 2016.

The supervolcano is Italian for “Burning Fields” and has notable eruptions that occurred 39,000 and 12,000 years ago. The first eruption caused heinous weather changes, toxic levels of sulfur in the air which caused dark red sunsets for a year, and tons acid rain.

As the volcano sits directly under more than half a million people which means that at the moment the volcano will erupt, it would put the lives of all these p…

Identical Flying Saucers discovered in the Antarctic Ocean and on the surface of Mars

By using Google Mars and Google Earth a possible crashed UFO has been found on the surface of Mars, but strangely enough, an unknown underwater object which is almost identical to the UFO on Mars, has been discovered in the Antarctic Ocean.

There is a logical explanation for these two identical UFO-like objects?

We know that Google Earth stitches the images together to form the illusion of Mars, Earth and the Moon.

So, it's just a coincidence and both objects are stitching errors, while the object in the Antarctic Ocean could also be a small island or the top of an iceberg or… the objects are identical flying saucers which have been crashed in the past?

Suppose, these objects are indeed flying saucers piloted by an intelligent alien race and with all the secrets hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica, we may wonder whether once there was a bridge “A UFO Highway” between Mars and Antarctica.

The flying saucer-like object on Mars was spotted at coordinates 10°48'5.75"N 129°59…

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