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Flying Saucer filmed over Lake Tahoe, Nevada

On October 20, 2018 a family went to Lake Tahoe for vacation. They got a tour on a boat on the lake.

A family member filmed the lake before the tour begins. After they got home he checked the video and noticed that an object flew with tremendous speed over the lake.

He said that he did not see the object while filming the lake. The video has submitted to Mufon for further investigation.

The UFO appears at 00.07 seconds in the video.

I can't believe I actually SAW it and They are VERY real

On October 27, 2018 MrMB333 witnessed something in the night sky that can best be described as a black boomerang UFO which was bigger than a football field and it made NO sound.

He states that it was simply amazing, just astonishing to know that something like that exists.

Coincidentally his camera has recorded the object, though since it has been recorded in the dark, the images of the object were not clear but MrMB333 has tried to get a clearer picture of the object by adding various filters.

Also, the ISS had a strange light approach it as it flew over New Mexico, which he got on video too.

In the video below, MrMB333 gives a detailed explanation of the event he has observed and filmed.

Our Solar System may have had Two Suns Astronomers Say!

According to experts, there is evidence which suggests that all stars in the universe are born in pairs. 

For decades, scientists have speculated that our sun has an ‘evil’ twin referred to as NEMESIS
a dwarf star responsible for hurling objects from the outer solar system towards our planet.

In fact, NEMESIS may even have been responsible for mass extinctions that have rocked Earth for millions of years.

Astronomers use the term binary system to refer to two stars that are so close together that they orbit around a common center of mass.

This is something quite frequent in the Universe, which has motivated some researchers to question if our Sun could ever be part of one of these systems.

Now a team of researchers from the Universities of Harvard and Berkeley has conducted a study whose results suggest that all stars are born forming binary systems and that ours would not be an exception.

HUGE UFO passing the MOON

A huge UFO has been filmed when passing the moon at a high rate of speed.

The videographer living in Perth, Australia was at his home and decided to film the Moon as it was so bright on October 24, 2018.

He noticed the UFO on his mobile as he was filming.

Videographer: The UFO was very fast and almost length wise to the moon. It shot straight past it on the right side and then again this time width ways going right over the top of the moon.

The video has been submitted to Mufon and can be viewed here.

Mysterious Green Anomaly spotted on Jupiter

A NASA image of Jupiter shows a massive unidentified green anomaly just above or on the surface of Jupiter.

The green color probably is the effect of ionizing radiation.

It is said that Jupiter puts out a massive amount of ionizing radiation so any probe or UFO in its vicinity is going to be subject to that radiation.

Link NASA image:
I don’t think it is an imaging sensor anomaly caused by a high energy particle hitting the sensor since sunlight reflects on the green anomaly.

Is it just a cosmic phenomenon or could it be something in between biological and technological or something else so out of this world that humans have yet to even fathom it?

Cigar Shaped UFO appears over Mississippi and Ohio on the same day

A massive cigar-shaped UFO has been spotted by a witness while carrying out some construction work. He noticed the UFO hovering above the ocean and managed to catch it on video from Beach Front House, Pass Christian, Mississippi.

On the same day, October 22, 2018 at 3.40 PM another witness saw the same UFO on the way home in Ohio and he too was able to film the cigar-shaped UFO.

Weird Square Iceberg in Antarctica ‘Something hidden in plain sight?’

NASA’s project Operation Icebridge, studying climate conditions in Antarctica, captured a weird square iceberg during a flyover of Antarctica.

According to NASA twitter: From yesterday's IceBridge flight: A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The iceberg's sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf.

Yes NASA that is indeed very weird; it just split from the edges of ice shelves and there it is… a perfect square iceberg.

It looks almost as if the iceberg was sliced with a laser. This square iceberg with its perfect 90 degrees corners just does not fit in the surrounding area if you compare it with other icebergs.

It is known that there are secret bases and underwater bases in Antarctica. Could it be that this weird iceberg is more than just an iceberg, something hidden in plain sight?

Something is happening above the moon (Raw footage)

A professional photographer using his Nicon camera with a 3000mm lens recorded on October 18, 2018 the moon as well as unusual activity above and near the moon.

The video shows a UFO next to the moon. then a second circular UFO becomes visible.

Next a third UFO approaches and flies upwards until it disappears behind the moon.

In the meantime till the end of the video the first UFO remains in the same position.

The footage below is the raw version of the moon event and submitted to Mufon.

UFO appears on live broadcast C5N News, Argentina

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018 during the live broadcast C5N News, the weather forecast host Mariela Fernández, managed to capture a "UFO".

She quickly points to the metallic object that crosses from end to end of the screen.

Totally surprised...”it’s not a plane" said Mariela Fernández in front of the giant screen....

Another high-speed Fastwalker reveals itself above Syktyfkar, Russia

“Fastwalkers” it is such an interesting phenomenon because we simply do not know what it is, apart from the fact that it is almost impossible to film these mysterious objects.

Therefore it is remarkable that within one week a second Fastwalker has been filmed by a drone.

This week a drone owner captured a Fastwalker above Clymer, New York, see our article “High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone” and now a drone owner using a Phantom 4pro 4K captured an extremely high-speed flying object above Syktyfkar, Russia.

Normally due to its enormous speed we only see a streak of light but this time the video gives a clear picture of the possible energy source of the Fastwalker too, see above image.

Something is kept hidden in the Nevada Desert

A person from Battle Mountain, Nevada was scanning earth for artifacts after reading about an old crash story when he saw an unnatural looking triangle in the Nevada desert.

Below his statement which he has submitted to Mufon case 95617.

I believed it to be cattle ranch but on further looks believed it may be tourist fake.

After realizing after a month of research it can’t be, I became scared.

The only American I reached was Kristen Desilva ( He probably refers to Desilva who works as a content producer at Fox5-Vegas). She then suggested George Knapp. He never responded and next day Desilva had blocked me.

The object shows water drainage proving it is proud of the landscape. Water drains around it and across it. Soil looks to have come from lakebed. Explaining lack of vegetation due to salt content.

Three phase power line to site is way too much power for a mini ranch not to mention expensive to install.

Object is visible in the very first Google map from us geological survey sight pr…

Enormous V-shaped UFO hovers overhead Key Largo, Florida

The photographer, who works at a sailing resort and take care of the property from 2 a.m. until 7 a.m. monitors, by using the app. Plane finder, to watch what flies overhead.

On October 11, 2018 at a certain moment the photographer noticed an enormous V-shaped craft that moved very slowly until overhead but amazingly it was not on the radar.

The photographer took a photo of the craft which did not make any sound at all and each wing was the length of a football field.

Then it accelerated at an amazing speed to the North West and disappeared, Mufon case 95585.

High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

The drone owner was filming with his GoPro Karma Drone at his former home in Clymer, New York, approx. 25 miles East of Lake Erie when he recorded a UFO (Fastwalker).

The UFO is flying toward the drone with an enormous speed.

The drone owner had to slow down the speed to 10% otherwise you cannot see the UFO due to its speed.

It is another proof that these mysterious objects flying through our skies without we seeing them.

What’s going on? NASA’s Chandra and Hubble Space Telescopes went into Safe Mode

Remember: At first Sunspot Solar Observatory went down, followed up with the temporarily shut down of the live cams of 6 more observatories.

The Soyuz mission launch failure this week, next the Hubble Telescope goes offline and now the Candra x-ray telescope goes offline.

Besides NASA already has lost contact with the Opportunity Mars Rover and they have a big issue with a data transmission with the Curiosity Mars Rover mainly due to a massive sandstorm on the planet Mars.

According to a news report NASA said that the Hubble Space Telescope has entered safe mode after a gyroscope failure, the agency's Chandra X-ray Observatory has now gone into a similar protective state.

NASA announced the issue Friday, though it happened on Wednesday. When Chandra enters safe mode, it swaps over to hardware backup units, orients its solar panels to gather maximum sunlight and points its mirrors away from the sun.

Instruments go into safe mode to protect themselves during hardware or software fai…

Weird UFO emitting bright light filmed by Beijing Residents

A mysterious UFO emitting a white light was captured on film by stunned onlookers across China on Thursday evening, in what appears to be the result of some unknown high-altitude craft activity over Beijing.

Similar sightings were reported in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and northwestern Shaanxi Province.

According to RT some speculated that it may have been the failed Soyuz mission carrying Roscosmos and NASA astronauts to the ISS, but that took place at 4:40pm China Standard Time Thursday, and the UFO sightings weren't reported until around 7pm local time.

One expert said it resulted from exhaust gas released by a man-made aircraft flying at an altitude high enough to reflect sunbeams while others suggest it was missile test launched from Taiyuan.

Below a video of the captivating spiral effect left in the wake of the unknown craft.

Astronauts escape Soyuz Rocket after major launch failure on way to ISS

On August 30 a small leak was spotted in a Russian-made capsule on the International Space Station (ISS) and the astronauts were instructed to search for the air leak. They found it, a 2mm-wide breach and while till now it remains a mystery it is said that the hole has been deliberately drilled in a section of the Soyuz capsule.

Today, October 11, 2018 another and more serious incident has happened with a Soyuz rocket.

According to Russianspaceweb the launch of the Soyuz MS-10 at 4:40 a.m. EDT this morning run into a "booster problem" near the time of the first-stage separation around two minutes after liftoff.

The spacecraft entered a "ballistic reentry mode" according to NASA. Rescue helicopters lifted off from Baikonur in the direction of the projected emergency landing site.

Around 5:20 a.m. EDT The crew, the American Nick Hague and the Russian Alexei Ovchinin were forced to make an emergency landing.

The spacecraft landed about 20-25 kilometers from Zhezkazgan…

Strange cloud releases bright orbs above Albuquerque, New Mexico

While taking her girls to school the mother noticed several balls of lights in the sky, so she started to record the strange event happened above Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The footage shows a huge cloud in a clear sky when suddenly several bright orbs appear, like they are coming out of the huge cloud, then another cloud being formed by these bright orbs which you can see on the right hand side of the huge cloud.

The following video from Secureteam shows the remarkable event in details (zoomed in) - The original video can be viewed here.

Mysterious Humming Sound in the Sky recorded in Sweden

A puzzling piece for footage from Sweden features a mysterious humming sound that was said to have reverberated through the air for an astounding 45 minutes. The eerie scene was filmed back in December.

According to the witness, he noticed the odd sound while in northern Sweden at what looks to be a snow-covered mountaintop. He says that the humming noise was constant and seemed to almost vibrate the air.

Although he expressed certainty that the hum was coming from the sky, the witness conceded that he couldn't quite determine from which direction it was emanating as it appeared to be coming from every direction.

He also noted that he has visited the location before and that it is "usually a very quiet place," what made the odd hum all the more mystifying. Eventually, after nearly an hour, he says, the noise dissipated as if it had "moved somewhere else."

The sound heard by the witness in Sweden may be connected to the larger mystery hum phenomenon which has be…

Odd-shaped UFO appears during opening 2018 Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games commonly known as Buenos Aires 2018, is an international sports, cultural, and educational event being hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 6 and 18 October 2018.

During the opening of the 2018 Youth Olympics thousands of people witnessed an unidentified flying object just above the Obelisco de Buenos Aires (Obelisk of Buenos Aires) a national historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires.

Despite the shaky video, the strange craft is clearly visible.

Black doughnut-shaped UFO flying above the Moon’s Surface caught by Skywatcher

Skywatcher Jason Callum from Bracknell, Berkshire, England pointed his telescope at the moon’s surface when a black doughnut shaped UFO came into view, flying past the moon.

The unknown object has led to much discussion about its origin. Besides the possibility that the object is an alien craft, some people say the UFO could be a craft of the secret space fleet, while others suggest it is the black knight.

It is worth mentioning that in the past similar doughnut shaped UFOs have also been observed in the vicinity of the sun.

The video shows the black UFO flying above the moon’s surface till the moment it disappears into the darkness of space.

Mysterious Object washed ashore on Seabrook Island, South Carolina

The organization Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, which is normally called upon to handle sea creatures in distress found a strange-looking and rather sizeable object that had washed ashore on Seabrook Island.

According to the group, who posted a picture of the object on their Facebook page the outside of the oddity appeared to be foam.

They removed the object away without answering any questions and its current whereabouts are unknown which of course has led to speculation what the object could be.

Some people have suggested that it some kind of construction material or a buoy, others suggest it could be space debris or a broken part of a man-made or alien spacecraft. What do you think it is?

Miracle or Mystery? Hikers saw a figure disappear on a mountain near Phoenix

Three young women went out hiking in the mountains of Arizona at the Dreamy Draw Mountain in Phoenix and enjoyed much more than the stunning scenery. They had a spiritual experience.

Allisa Miller, Kassi Sanchez and Jen Vickman took time off from college studies to take a relaxing break in the mountains but little did they know they would have a miraculous encounter during their hike.

The friends said that the day had not got off to the best start and they were unsure whether they should go out into the mountains hiking that day. However, something compelled them to make the climb, so they set out.

The women were making an ascent of Dreamy Draw Mountain when they came across a man at the summit that was dressed rather oddly. Miller explained by saying, "We just see a silhouette of this man, it looks like he has long hair and he's in a robe."

At first, the three young women joked that the figure looked like Jesus, but to their surprise just moments later the figure just v…

NO WAY! - What you are about to see was OBSERVED in the skies above Planet Earth

We are familiar with atmospheric phenomena like sundogs, light pillars, and other kinds of halos seen in the sky. They're actually caused by the sun, very high in the sky, shining through a particular type of ice cloud formation.

But lately other phenomena have been observed that are difficult to explain, strange cloud formations, square and rectangular clouds, mysterious glows in the night skies, roll clouds from horizon to horizon, rays of light, straight lines that seem to split the sky, etc.

It makes us wonder whether all these unnatural-looking sky phenomena are still natural or the result of geo-engineering, weather manipulation.

The following video shows some these strange unnatural-looking sky phenomena captured in the last few days.

NASA and Skywatcher caught same Huge Object near the Sun

NASA’s Satellite EI 284 captured on Sep 30, 2018 01.06 AM a huge bright object that seemly leaves the Sun's surface.

On the evening of September 29, skywatcher Stefano Farigu in Italy was witnessing the sunset phase and started to photograph the Sun with a Nikon D800 camera.

Only after viewing the images Stefano noticed the presence of a bright unknown object near the Sun.

Image left: NASA images of the object - Image right: Skywatcher images of the object.
Stefano talks about a celestial body, like the infamous planet X, Nibiru or planet Nine but since the images from NASA as well as from the skywatcher were taken within the same time frame we may assume that they have captured the same object (UFO?) near the sun.

Mystery deepens: Eerie Ring of Lights appears again in the sky over Minnesota

On September 14, a strange ring of lights like a flying saucer type has been spotted in the sky above Shakopee Archery Range, Jackson Township and above Stillwater in the state of Minnesota, see our article here.

The mysterious ring of light has appeared again and this time above Bloomington, Minnesota on September 30, 2018, see image above.

The flying saucer-like object has been photographed by a couple who were driving home from downtown Minneapolis and when they exited the highway in Bloomington, they saw a small-ish band of light in the sky.

As they continued on the road, the circular “orb-ish” object appeared to get larger, with about a dozen points of brighter light with a slightly dimmer ring connecting them. It just hovering in the sky, there was no movement and it was not the moon shining behind a cloud, according to the witnesses. Mufon case 95253.

A strange case, whether someone is joking with a drone equipped with lights or there is more going on with this ring of lights.

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