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UFO on the surface of Mars? – Mar 31, 2014

A bizarre object, which looks like a spacecraft, was photographed by Mars Rover Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

At first glance, the strange object looks like a small hill, but the object seems to be separated from the ground (line around the bottom).

In addition there seems to be a kind of hole or slot on top of it.

Curiosity photographed an ancient space craft?

Image link:
SOL 582
Navcam: Left B 2014-03-27 06:39:19 UTC

Uruguay's UFO Files and Investigations (Video) - Mar 31, 2014

In this episode we will explore Uruguay's UFO investigations.

Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and witnesses have reported phenomenon in Uruguay since 1947.

It is one of the countries where the military seems to be more open-minded towards the UFO phenomenon.

In 1979 the President of Uruguay established the 'Commission for Receiving and Investigating Complaints of Unidentified Flying Objects' or CRIDOVNI as an official department of the Uruguayan Air Force.

The commission receives, researches and investigates UFO sightings as part of their routine activity and they openly explore the possibility of extraterrestrial origins.

Search for Planet X continues - Astronomers discover possible new monster planet - Mar 29, 2014

A surprise monster may be lurking in our solar system.

A newly discovered dwarf planet has grabbed the crown as the most distant known object in our solar system – and its orbit hints at a giant, unseen rocky world, orbiting far beyond Pluto.

They also found a strange alignment when they looked at the orbits of 2012 VP113, Sedna and 10 other objects that lie closer to the sun. One explanation for the alignment could be the tug of a rocky planet that is 10 times the mass of Earth that orbits the sun at 250 AU.

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) scoured this region of space in 2010 and 2011 searching for the so-called Planet X and came up empty.

Despite the hunt for "Planet X" has been fruitless so far, but that doesn't mean astronomers are calling it off.

Image left: New view of the outer solar system and the possible new monster planet.

A new analysis of data collected by NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft revealed no sign …

Photograph of a UFO twice the size of a soccer stadium captured in Chile – Mar 28, 2014

The photograph of a UFO twice the size of a soccer stadium was taken by a Venezuelan couple living in Chile. They were in the El Yeso reservoir and were taking pictures of clouds when they realized that they were seeing something inexplicable.

According to a report by Inexplicata (IHU) the image was investigated by the country’s Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anomalos (CEFAA) through its director general, Gen. Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.)and they confirmed its authenticity according to Ricardo Francino Saldivia. The photograph came to CEFAA from CIFAE, a citizen’s research group, through Erick Martinez Ricardo Bermúdez,

“After years of research we came to some conclusions that are the same as made in USA and those are that: This photograph is true, it is no trick, and second, that the incidence of light seen in the clouds is the same as being given off by the object and third, is that it has its own light, and therefore a kind observed windows and under existing clouds in place at …

The Ancient Inca Temple Of Cusco: Sonic And Energy Fields

The Coricancha in Cusco is believed by many archaeologists to be the first building that the Inca ever made.

The problem with that theory is that it is also the FINEST they ever made.

According to Brien Foerster, this building predates the Inca by thousands of years, made by a mysterious people called the Piuhuas or Viracochans.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Spots Mars-Bound Comet Siding Spring Sprout Multiple Jets

A comet C/2013 A1, also known as Siding Spring, is heading for Mars, and there is a chance that it might hit the Red Planet on October, 2014.

On that date, comet 2013 A1 Siding Spring will buzz Mars about 10 times closer than any identified comet has ever flown past Earth.

NASA released Thursday an image of the comet that, on Oct. 19, will pass within 84,000 miles of Mars -- less than half the distance between Earth and our moon.

The image on the left, captured March 11 by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, shows comet Siding Spring, at a distance of 353 million miles from Earth. Hubble can't see Siding Spring's icy nucleus because of its diminutive size. The nucleus is surrounded by a glowing dust cloud, or COMA, that measures roughly 12,000 miles across.

The right image shows the comet after image processing techniques were applied to remove the hazy glow of the coma revealing what appear to be two jets of dust coming off the location of the nucleus in opposite directions.


Surprise Discovery: Asteroid with Two Rings – Mar 26, 2014

This ESOcast shows how observations at many sites in South America, including ESO's La Silla Observatory, have made the surprise discovery that the remote asteroid Chariklo is surrounded by two dense and narrow rings.

This is the smallest object by far found to have rings and only the fifth body in the Solar System — after the much larger planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — to have this feature.

The origin of these rings, named Oiapogue and Chui for rivers in Brasil, remains a mystery, but they may be the result of a collision that created a disc of debris.

Mysterious 'suspicious' object found on beach Maldives, Baarah – Mar 25, 2014

An object which looks like an explosive had on Monday washed up on the beach of Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll.

According to Haveera Newspaper, a police media official said that the islanders had found the object, washed up on the beach sometime early in the evening.

He also reported that police had responded immediately by arriving at the scene and in turn reporting to Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF).

The official informed that they do not known what it was, and that MNDF would determine its origins and whereabouts.

"MNDF is now at the island and preparing its extraction", the official said.

While some of the islanders speculate this unknown object to be a sea mine, others imagine it as another form of an explosive.

Farah Ahmed of Haveeru newspaper originally reported the islanders’ accounts of seeing the odd, low-flying plane with Malaysia Airlines’ stripe emblem and colors.

Mysterious object. (Enlarged)

Several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo in the Maldives told Haveeru new…

Two Bright Lights hovering over Southern Alberta, Canada - Mar 21 2014

Sam Martine says she and her daughter were watching TV when they saw two bright lights hovering over a field less than a kilometer away from their home.

Martine says when they went out on the porch for a closer look the lights quickly flew towards them, spooking their cattle.

"Then the light just started coming straight at us and it went straight over our house and headed to the northwest behind us," said Martine. "I've never seen anything like that before."

Martine's 14-year-old daughter Baylie tried to take a picture of the objects with her cellphone, but said the camera was acting weird. "The picture went completely green and later on that night it ended up deleting itself."

Sam Martine was able to get her DSLR camera working, but only got a few photos. They are still not sure what they saw.

While experts aren't convinced this is a UFO, they say UFO sightings in Alberta are quite common.

Can Dreams predict Future? Missing Plane and Two Leaders Head to Head!

A group of scientists at Boston’s Harvard Medical School say they’ve made the stunning discovery that dreams are not, as once thought, a series of abstract sensations, images and sounds that occur during sleep, but rather demonstrably real events that take place in an alternate universe that can only be accessed during certain stages of unconsciousness.

That dreams are real events is an amazing discovery, but there is much ignorance going about pertaining to dreams and their predictive ability. The real fact is that at least 10% of all dreams predict some future event. The only question is whether you will perceive the dream as a physical event in future or as an emotionally experienced one.

On June 16, 2013, 9Nania uploaded a video talking about some strange dreams she was having about an airplane and about two leaders facing off both accompanied by huge armies.

Today, March 24, 2014: The missing flight MH 370, power play between Putin and Obama and it is confirmed that Israel closes…

Florida Boynton Beach UFO stops mid air and disappears at high speed - Mar 21, 2014

Witness report: “Believe it or not, but I spotted this earlier today (3/21/14) in Boynton Beach, FL area."

"Went out to relax by the water, looked up, noticed it slowly moving, took out my phone and hit record.”

The UFO stops mid air, then it makes a left angle turn, stops again and disappears at high speed.

Ancient Aliens On Mars: Discovery Of Large Driveway - Mar 22, 2014

The latest images from Mars Rover Curiosity show a possible ancient driveway.

The shape of the rectangular stones are probably processed with advanced technology and shows many similarities with stones found at archaeological sites on Earth.

Here is an overview of an alignment of stones, shaped tiles.

Hangar 1 The UFO Files Presidential Encounters

From Truman to Obama, our modern day Presidents have all had rich and controversial histories with UFOs and extraterrestrials.

What do our presidents really know about the existence of UFOs?

Huge Ocean discovered inside Earth – Mar 20, 2014

Scientists scanning the deep interior of Earth have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean.

The discovery marks the first time such a large body of water has found in the planet's deep mantle.

Seismologists at Washington University in St. Louis noticed a region beneath Asia where seismic waves appeared to dampen, or "attenuate," and also slow down slightly. Lots of damping and a little slowing match the predictions for water very well.

They dubbed the new underground feature the "Beijing anomaly," because seismic wave attenuation was found to be highest beneath the Chinese capital city. China is under greater seismic risk than just about any country in the world. Read more

If there are oceans inside Earth, how realistic is the Hollow Earth Theory.

Alien signal discovered from habitable star 100 light years away

On Aug. 15, 1977, as part of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, Ohio State University's Big Ear radio observatory detected a strong 72-second radio signal from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation.

When astronomer Jerry Ehman noticed the unusual spike, consisting of six letters and numbers on the computer printout, he wrote the word "Wow!" in the margin of the sheet.

Scientists tried to find this Wow signal again but it never reappeared.

SETI has discovered a new type of alien signal coming from space.

Unlike the original 1977 "WOW!" signal captured by SETI researchers at Ohio State, this new signal captured in 2010. This incident is mentioned on page 12 of the following paper on a new theoretical type of alien beacon (See link below) and again in 2012, comes from an actual star some 100 light years away.


Dr. Roger Leir - Physical Evidence of Alien Implants

Doctor Roger Leir passed away on March 14th, 2014. Leir was a pioneer one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena.

He, and his surgical team, performed 17 surgeries on alleged abductees, resulting in the removal of thirteen separate and distinct objects suspected of being "implants". These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world including Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, and the University of California at San Diego. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to Meteorite Samples. In addition, some of the tests show isotopic ratios not of this world.

Dr. Leir has also been involved in investigations of other areas involving physical evidence. He has traveled to Brazil and performed exhaustive research into the Varginha, Brazil case. In 2003, Dr. Leir, the National Institute for Discovery Sci…

Spectacular Discovery: Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse - Mar 19, 2014

The first direct evidence of cosmic inflation — a period of rapid expansion that occurred a fraction of a second after the Big Bang — also supports the idea that our universe is just one of many out there, some researchers say.

Image: History of the universe. Click on image to enlarge.

On Monday (March 17), scientists announced new findings that mark the first-ever direct evidence of primordial gravitational waves — ripples in space-time created just after the universe began.

If the results are confirmed, they would provide smoking-gun evidence that space-time expanded at many times the speed of light just after the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Read more

In the following video, assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory.

The discovery, made by Kuo and his colleagues at the BICEP2 experiment, represents the first images of gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time.

‘Woman in Black’ on Mars, photographed by Curiosity – Mar 19, 2014

Recently released photos of the surface of Mars taken by Mars Rover Curiosity showing some remarkable human-like figures and shadows.

But what is it?

Just rocks and the images are the result of human interpretation.

First image is an amazing shade what looks like a female figure with a pony tail.

Second image is a tiny figure what looks like a human figure and probably a few million years of Martian winds sculpted it into an odd shape unless of course the little Martian men can hold the same pose for weeks or longer at a time.

It remains a strange phenomenon, the figure does not fit into the surrounding landscape.

The tiny figure is similar to another remarkable image on Mars, taken by the Spirit in 2007 what looks like a female figure.

Link NASA Image 1 Link NASA Image 2

UFO falls out of the skies over South West England

Sarah-Jane Stanley was walking with her daughter outside when they spotted the mysterious object.

Image: Credit Sarah-Jane Stanley. (click on image to enlarge).
She took her camera and managed to capture 15 photographs of the weird sighting.

She told the Gloucester Citizen the object seems spinning and it seems there is something glowing at the tip of it and it looks like a claw.

Image: Credit Sarah-Jane Stanley (click on image to enlarge).
Stanley says she sent the pictures to Met Office and they told her that whatever it was, it was not weather related.

The meteorologists at the Met Office suggested it could something from space entering the atmosphere and they told her to contact the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Photograph of Islands of Mars 'Trees' - Mar 17, 2014

Martian Sand Dunes in Spring and.. 'Trees'?

'Trees' on Mars? 

This is the explanation of NASA:

Mars’ northern-most sand dunes are beginning to emerge from their winter
cover of seasonal carbon dioxide (dry) ice. Dark, bare south-facing slopes are soaking up the warmth of the sun.

At first glance this hilly desert landscape appears to show islands of trees casting shadows on reddened soil.But the trees are actually dark material to streak down the slopes.

The steep lee sides of the dunes are also ice-free along the crest, allowing sand to slide down the dune. Dark splotches are places where ice cracked earlier in spring, releasing sand. Soon the dunes will be completely bare and all signs of spring activity will be gone.

But Author Arthur C. Clarke has a different opinion and noted that these forms appear to change with the seasons, growing with the warmth and increased sunlight of Mars's spring season, just as vegetation would. The photo above, reveals much larger …

UFO in Space - Close Encounter in Ellicott City Maryland - Mar 16, 2014

March 12, 2014 - Remarkable UFO Sighting over Ellicott City Maryland

Witness report: I was awakened at 2:38 a.m on 3/12/14 by a sound like my cellphone ring but it was only five notes. I opened my eyes and there was an image, about 2′x3′ on the wall in front of me. It was obviously bamboo trunks and leaves. The image faded to black in about 3 seconds.

This has happened before with other images, like forest scenes. These wake-up calls are usually accompanied by craft being sited outside my window.

Image: Unidentified Object in Space.
Telephoto long exposure shot. (Click on image to enlarge).

This time my blinds were open. I rolled over and there was a very large star-like object (as big or larger than Venus or Jupiter.)

Every amateur astronomer with even a 70 power scope knows how fast the moon and stars are moving up there. You have to keep adjusting your telescope constantly or the object drifts right out of our field of view in a few seconds. Knowing this, I positioned my view so that…

Very Bright Fireball over Northwest Italy - Mar 16, 2014

Many have witnessed the passage of the "super shooting star", from Genoa to Milan, Turin and up to Parma.

The sighting occurred around 10 pm local time and captured by Mario Garberi, Associazione Astrofili.

Scientists have reassured that this is not a rare phenomenon.

Malaysia Flight 370 was featured in ‘Lost’ TV show 10 years ago

Lost is a primarily character development based drama series containing elements of science fiction and the supernatural that follows the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet.

A fake plane in the TV show went down in Bali in the Sunda trench.
This trench runs around the bottom edge of Indonesia/Malaysia.
The Vatican square keyhole points directly to Bali (TV missing plane) and passes through the Malacca trench in Malaysia where the real plane went missing.

Both 777-200ER Airplanes.
(Lost TV plane does not have the ER but it would have to have been to make the transpacific flight from Sydney to LA. ER means extended range)

324 passengers in episode plane is 9
227 passengers in Malaysia flight is 11

Episode plane: 48 survivors
Malaysia flight:MH370 also marketed as China South Airlines Flight 748 (CZ748/CSN748).

Episode plane crashed by: Explosive decompression caused by Electromagnetic Pulse.

All this is going on now with Malaysia flight 370. Coincidence?

In the follo…

UFO-Circle of Light in the clouds over Virginia - Mar 12, 2014

CBS 6 was contacted via email and Twitter about a photo snapped Thursday at Southpark Mall, that allegedly captured a UFO in the clouds.

Erica Skiddle said was with her mother and sister tonight at the Southpark Mall. They were leaving a department store and exited around 6:30 p.m. to a "weird and ominous" sky.

"My mom and I took several pictures of the sky and while we began looking through our pictures, I noticed in one of mine that there was something," Skiddle wrote via email. "I had no flash in, nor a filter." "And my mom looked through hers and also saw she had whatever it was in one of hers," she added.

Erica described what she and her mom saw in the pictures as looking " there are six little lights, in like a hexagon, I don't know, it just looks weird."

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, for as long as they have been keeping records, 1,490 UFOs have been reported in the grand state of Old Virginny.

UFO Sightings in Canada Continue to Increase - Mar 14, 2014

Reports of UFO sightings across Canada have steadily increased in recent years.

There were 1,180 UFO sightings reported in 2013, or about three each day, according to the Canadian UFO Survey, an annual survey released Tuesday by Winnipeg-based UFOlogy Research of Manitoba.

It is the second-highest number recorded in Canada in the past 25 years. The peak year was 2012, when almost 2,000 reports were recorded. Read more

Flight MH 370 – The four mysterious anomalies on FlightRadar before plane vanished

Four mysterious anomalies on FlightRadar before Malaysian Flight MH 370 vanished from screen.

After checking the playback FlightRadar I have the idea the radar shows four anomalies.

In the image below I have marked the four anomalies ('Dot' -- takes the form of a plane. They vanish one by one, together with MH 370). Click on image to enlarge.

The last days I have checked the real time FlightRadar to see if the anomalies were only a glitch of the software, but so far, no anomalies visible on the FlightRadar again, like on the day the plane vanished from the screen. Could it be that those anomalies are craft used to jam the signal like drones?

Electronic Warfare.

In my opinion the plane is electronic hijacked with high advanced new technology.

New electronic weapons (EW) allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter-Measure (ECM) strategies used in …

UFO activity over The Paso de Cortés in Mexico - Live recording with Jaime Maussan - Mar 13, 2014

Jaime Maussan's team recorded in February and March 2014 UFO activity over The Paso de Cortés, the mountain pass between the Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhuatl volcanoes in central México.

The recordings were broadcast live on TV in Mexico.


Beyond Nazca: The Enigmatic Palpa Lines Of Peru (Including 360° HD Aerial Panorama)

Though not as famous as the Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs, those at nearby Palpa are perhaps equally intriguing. Made by the Paracas culture possibly as much as 1000 years prior to the Nazca Lines, there are more than 1600 Palpa Lines and Geoglyphs.

No one knows exactly what Nazca lines are. The only indisputable fact is that they are located in South America, at the Nazca Desert plateau in the southern part of Peru.

Scattered around the plateau, the lines are gigantic geoglyphs representing geometrical and nature objects. They are carved about 135 cm wide and 40-50 cm deep in the ground.

In the following video Brian Foester takes you to the Palpa Lines, but even more exciting is to see the Geoglyphs in Palpa Valley, South America, Peru in 360° Aerial Panorama.

The 360° Aerial High Resolution Panorama (virtual tour) can be opened Here


Orb caught on camera firing objects into Chemtrail - Mar 12, 2014

The Orb approaches the Chemtrail and stops mid air.

It looks like the Orb is under intelligent control.

Are these Orbs man-made and are they shooting out objects or probes to analyse the chemicals?


The largest blocks of stone ever discovered - The Megalithic Ruins In Russia - Mar 11, 2014

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.

On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones. Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.

Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before. The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons. So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?

According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.

Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?

The compasses of the geologists …

Project Blue Beam? Moon Hologram, Energy Pulse and Giant 75 miles wide UFO – Mar 11, 2014

The Moon : Holographic Reality?

According to ccrow777: “The following footage of the Moon is a filmed event and not a camera malfunction and it lends evidence to my belief that the moon is physically there but hidden behind a hologram”.

“In the clip I discovered an energy pulse during the beginning of the first hologram wave. Additionally, I think there is a giant UFO shadow in front of the hologram wave that I thought was a bird - until now.

The next clip examines the moon hologram with some surprising results and takes a very close look at the UFO shadow.

The UFO is roughly 75 miles wide and it appears 4 seconds after the hologram wave begins.

If it is a hologram is it just there to mask what’s really going on?

An Interview with David Icke recorded on February 13, 2012 on the Isle of Wight.

Mr. Icke talks about the Moon: ‘A holographic reality?’ and The Truman Show. 

In the film The Truman Show the sky/moon is purely a projection and Jim Carrey is the average guy going about his …

Donut Shaped Dimensional Entity filmed over Melbourne, Australia - Mar 10, 2014

A strange, donut-shaped dimensional entity suddenly appeared over Melbourne, Australia.

The unusual flying transparent objects seem to be presenting themselves more frequently.

The Tether incident, filmed by NASA was the first notable film showing donut-shaped entities. It appears that these UFOs are using some sort of portal as they seem to vanish into and appear out of nowhere.

UFO Filmed At The Moon For Over 1 Minute - Mar 9, 2014

This UFO is unusual as it is in frame for over a minute.

The object seems to move in very slight up and down waves rather than a perfectly straight line.

Jump to 3.56 to see the UFO.

'Deep Space' Triangle Formation - Mar 9, 2014

UFO Lou: "The 'things' you capture by accident. Occurred during camera adjustment. This triangle object is way out there."

Lou used a 50-210 zoom lens on a p8079hp night vision tube. Taken on February 26, 2014.

I hope you can see it.

Aliens keep a watchful eye on the Ukraine/Crimea situation and the Crimean Pyramid!

Yesterday a huge cigar-shaped UFO appeared over Ukraine. Are they keeping a watchful eye on the Ukraine/Crimea situation?

Ukraine/Crimea has a history of unexplained events, hidden secrets and visits of extraterrestrial races.

Some remarkable events:

It is said, one race visited Ukraine/Crimea. The ‘Vinnitvary’. Ref.: /DownloadPDF

They come from constellation Pavo. They have been coming to Earth since 1,000 AD. It seems they are a peaceful race with mystical powers. The last sighting was near Odessa, Ukraine in July of 1995.

The 1924 Case: Ref.: /downloadPDF

In 1924, near Yekaterinoslav, (now Dnipropetrovsk) in Ukraine 3 daughters of Captain Andriychuk vanished.

A farmer that lived near Captain’s Andriychuk’s house said that he saw the Captain’s daughters walking towards the woods maybe 2 hours before sunrise. He followed them at a distance. After walking for 30 minutes he described seeing ‘purple and red lights and a mist’ through the trees.

Image: Cap…