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The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery

Is there an ancient "code" that connects the days of Nimrod and the enigmatic "Tower of Babel" to our time?

Is a final world empire under design now amidst the world's elites?

The so-called "Illuminati"?

Nations are drowning in unparalleled levels of debt. Fears of a cataclysmic economic collapse are growing. And global leaders such as Pope Francis are warning of World War III.

Meanwhile, many sense “something is coming” as the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, “Newton’s Riddle” and other potentially prophetic events converge this fall and throughout 2016.

These and other troubling events in today’s world reveal time is running out on God’s prophetic clock. Are we now witnessing the creation of a global stage that the Bible predicts will be overtaken by the Antichrist in the end times?

Unlocking a great biblical mystery that has puzzled scholars for nearly 2,000 years, and what famed evangelist Billy Graham calls a convergence in en…

Massive Space Craft in High Detail near the Sun

UFO hunter Streetcap1 claims another huge alien space craft near the sun. 
Streetcap1 who discovered the anomaly in the latest SOHO images released by NASA on November 30, 2015 says: “The amazing detail on this object tells me that it's not a CME or a Star. It may well be malformed pixels that have formed into something resembling a space craft. Happens all the time – NOT.”

Residents Cape Town, South Africa witnessed weird green light in the sky

On Saturday night, November 28, 2015, a weird green light could be seen in the sky over Cape Town, Africa.

Many people believe the strange light could be an Unidentified Flying Object while others say it is an interdimensional portal or wormhole.

According to News24, the Twitteratti world was abuzz on Saturday night after witnesses of the green light posted photos of the phenomenon on Twitter.

Sindelo tweeted: “First it was those clouds and now green orbs are seen floating around Cape Town. The aliens have come with white supremacy! ‘UFOSA’

SABC3’s Expresso show presenter KatlegoMaboe tweeted: “UFO seen in Cape Town; green lights and all. Is this real? Who else saw it? ‘UFOSA’

And FoodBlogJHB tweeted: “Wait, what!? Did anyone see this weird thing in the sky? Or was it just me? ‘losingmymind UFOSA’

Ancient Rock Carving of a Mastadon Found at the Underwater Stonehenge of Lake Michigan

Another incredible discovery has been made as researchers have found a rock carving of a Mastodon at the underwater Stonehenge of Lake Michigan.

In 2007, at a depth of twelve meters, researchers found a peculiar set of aligned stones that are believed to be over 10,000 years old.

While searching for shipwrecks, archaeologists from the Northwestern Michigan College came across something interesting at the bottom of lake Michigan. They found mysteriously aligned rocks placed there by ancient man before the area was covered with water. When the discovery was made, researchers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It’s America’s Stonehenge.

As if the mysterious rock formation wasn’t enough, after a diving expedition was put together to look at the stones, underwater photographer Chris Doyle found a mysterious stone with an incredible depiction: A Mastodon. This means that the carving must have been made way before the Mastodons were extinct.

Artificially made Mars Dome photographed by Opportunity Mars Rover

Two panoramic images taken by Mars Rover Opportunity on July 10, 2015 show what appears to be a dome.

The isolated spherical structure sits on top of a hill and it looks quite different than the surrounding rocks and soil.

A glow or light in the middle of the dome suggests it may be metallic and reflecting sunlight. Or it could be a window emitting internal light. To the right of the dome you can see a smaller construction.

If this dome is not natural and it is indeed a building-like structure, could it be an outpost, a storage facility or a living quarter?

We may wonder who made it!

SOL 4073 Link original images:

Are Aliens Hiding Under The Sea?

The discovery of a mysterious underwater structure in Malibu in 2014, and the strong radio signal it has been omitting, has led some theorists to ask the question whether alien life forms could already be living on earth.

1963 – Unknown object travelling underwater at a speed of over 150 knots.
1967 – Shining 30-meter cigar-shaped object which had a powerful blue and white glow in the sea.
1982 – UFO sightings in Lake Baikal.

1997 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hydrophones detected and captured by deep sea microphones the loudest sound ever, named “The Bloop”. What created this strange sound in Earth's Pacific Ocean?

Although Bloops are some of the loudest sounds of any type ever recorded in Earth's oceans, their origin remains unknown. The Bloop sound was placed as occurring several times off the southern coast of South America and was audible 5,000 kilometers away.

Although the sound has similarities to those vocalized by living organisms, not even a blue wh…

Odd Cloud appears in the sky seen over six US States

The signs in the Heavens just get stranger and more frequent. A very odd sight was seen over a large portion of the United States early this morning as Astronomers were out looking for Comet c/2014 US10 Catalina and Venus.

Image: Credit Glen Wurden, Los Alamos.
The Official story is a Japanese rocket carrying a communications satellite.

Japanese rocket surprises sky watchers: Unbeknownst to most people in North America this morning, Japan launched an H-2A rocket carrying the Telstar 12 Vantage communications satellite.

The resulting display surprised sky watchers in at least half a dozen states. "I was observing Comet Catalina before sunrise, when I noticed this thing halfway up towards Venus," reports Glen Wurden of Los Alamos, New Mexico to Spaceweather.

Possible secret man-made UFO captured by a Skywatcher in Huntington, Indiana

Witness report: Using my telescope to view the moon. (Type of scope everything is upside down and backwards). Object enters field of view on telescope. Scope is 400 mm focal length with 3.6 mm lens = 111x magnification on November 14, 2015.

Object moved very quickly less than 1 second out of scope view. Could be a satellite? But it left a trail that lasted very shortly black to white to nothing.

I checked my astronomy software, no comets or asteroids in vicinity. Last satellite to pass would have been 9 to 10 minutes prior to observation.

Would just like to know what I captured on video. Mufon case 72688.

Unusual disc in desert Nevada throwing lights and object into the air

I was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, Ca to Houston, TX on Oct 30, 2015 when I noticed a blinding bright light in the desert near Luning and Gabbs, NV.

I watched the object as the plane advanced. I saw a large silver disc that appeared to be in the middle of the desert.

This disc was shooting orb like lights into the air. The disc itself had multiple lights that were blinding to the eyes.

I pulled out my phone and took pictures until my phone died. I had a full battery but was only able to get 6 pictures before my phone was depleted.

The captain never said a word and the plane advanced until the object was behind the mountain range. No other passengers seem to notice the disc or comment on it.

Detailed image of the Unusual Disc - UFO? - (Colors Enhanced).
Upon my return home; I asked multiple Air Force employees if they have ever seen anything like this and all replied never.
Initially I thought it was a satellite, but now leave it up to your interpretation. What did I w…

UFO ‘light ship’ comes out of the water and seems to 'Cloak'' over the Pacific Ocean

The following unusual footage is captured by the Canada France Hawaii Telescope on November 17, 2015 and shows an unknown light structure appearing then disappearing over the Pacific Ocean.

It looks like a UFO comes out of the water as the water splashes out reflects the light of the UFO.

MrMBB333 from YouTube who discovered the strange event, says: “This is very unusual and I am not sure even how to describe this. Appeared in the loop of Nov 17th, only that loop, no others. I've seen a few thousand of these loops over the years and not anything even remotely close like this.”

The area is over the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the United States, where the US Navy implemented a 'no fly zone' because of some kind of 'training' out in this area recently.

Impressive UFO Alien Spacecraft Next to the Sun

Last Sunday Astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the ISS posted his stunning photo showing a large and constructed unidentified flying object with two lights (UFO)on his Twitter account.

Now, the latest image captured by NASA’s stereo/EUV-A-304 satellite on November 17, 2015 shows an alien space craft near the sun similar to the UFO on Scott Kelly’s photo.

Although UFO images like the UFO on Scott Kelly’s photo or images of UFOs near the sun can seem quite intriguing, still there are people suggesting they are nothing but pixelation, light reflection, camera glitch, etc., however if you look at this object near the sun you clearly can see this space craft has almost the same construction and lights like the UFO near the ISS… coincidence?

Here is the video with detailed images of the alien craft near the sun.

UFO comes through portal in the sky above Weaverville, North Carolina

A strange event occurred in the sky above Weaverville, North Carolina. On November 18, 2015 witness noticed two objects in sky from which one object quickly departed and disappeared. He was able to take a photo of the event.

On the photo you see on the left the first object. It almost appears to be some sort of opening or portal from which the UFO has exited. Note: The portal has an amazing resemblance to a face.

The unidentified flying object of possible alien or extraterrestrial origin, top right, clearly has a solid body and the manner in which the UFO has appeared, close the first object, we may assume that it came through this portal or wormhole.

It is believed such portals/wormholes are doorways to galactic/intergalactic highways that allow UFOs for faster than light travel over the vast distances of the universe. This remarkable sighting is reported to Mufon, case 72593.

UFO Triangle captured above Golf Marina Tucson

Have UFOs suddenly taken an interest in golf? On June 7, 2015 a triangular UFO has been photographed above the Golf Club at Dove Mountain in Marana, Ariz.

Witness report: On vacation (Tucson AZ) playing golf, watched and heard F18's flying around courses a lot that day, took picture of friend and saw craft in photo it made no sound unlike F18's, it was so far off I didn't think it was a craft, (maybe a bird) plus made no sound so I went back to playing golf.

Later that evening was looking at image with friend and we decided it had to be a craft of some kind. I worked for General Dynamics for few years and watched a lot of military aircraft flying and this looked nothing like any I have observed. It appeared to be ascending in a straight line at about a 20 degree angle. The sighting is reported to Mufon.

Spirit Orb Recorded On Wildlife Camera

A wild life camera recorded an ‘outside of this reality’ phenomenon in the driveway of a resident of Wincopin trail, Maryland on November 17, 2015.

This short video shows a small Orb which suddenly appears, floats around and then disappears into the night sky.

Besides it does seem that there is a conscious mind behind the orbs, it’s also known that some orbs can form figures or faces of the spirit inside the orb.

Till today the ‘Orb’ phenomena cannot be explained.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets Photo Of UFO From ISS

Last night, November 16, 2015, aboard the International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this photo.

The photo was taken while the International Space Station was over India.

In the upper right of the photo you can clearly see a UFO which appears to be very large and constructed.

Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. #GoodNight from @space_station! — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) November 15, 2015

Rock Tool and Hieroglyphs carved into rock found at ‘Garden City’ on Mars

The component images of the mosaic view below were taken by the left-eye camera of Mastcam on March 27, 2015, during the 938th Martian day of Curiosity's work on Mars.

According to NASA, this view from the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows a site with a network of prominent mineral veins below a cap rock ridge on lower Mount Sharp.

Researchers used the rover in March 2015 to examine the structure and composition of the crisscrossing veins at the "Garden City" site in the center of this scene.

Mineral veins such as these form where fluids move through fractured rocks, depositing minerals in the fractures and affecting chemistry of the surrounding rock.

In our article ‘Unnatural objects and identical rocks on Mars at Garden City Mount Sharp’, posted on April 28, 2015, we have talked about the possibility that in ancient times this area maybe was used for irrigation, mineral exploration and mining.

Now with the last mosaic image we have a comple…

Massive Triangle UFO appears then vanishes over Melbourne, Australia

Skywatcher UFOLou recorded on November 13, 2015 a massive triangular object in the night sky over Melbourne, Australia.

UFOLou: “Never seen anything like this before. Object seems static. Simply appears, lasts a few minutes, then vanishes. Massive in size. Using a 50 mm lens. Orions belt in frame for scale.”

Underground Ancient River System Found in Sahara Desert

It may be hard to imagine but the sandy Western Sahara was once home to a vast river network and lush vegetation.

Scientists used satellite images to confirm the existence of the vast network, approximately 323 miles in length, and believe it existed at periods during the last 245,000 years.

Space Object WT1190F Breaks Up Over Sri Lanka

The infamous space object WT1190F entered the atmosphere south of Sri Lanka around local time 1:19 a.m. ET on November 13, 2015 during the brightest part of the day.

Due to cloudy skies the reentry was not visible from the ground but the object was captured by a team of veteran U.S. and German observers of spacecraft re-entries aboard a plane sponsored by The International Astronomical Center (IAC) and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency.

Before the unknown object, thought to be a discarded rocket body, burned up in the atmosphere, residents on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka heard a loud noise like an explosion.

If you look at the object then it does not really look like a discarded rocket body but more like a solid triangular object before it suddenly falls apart into two big pieces. Was it just space junk?

Ghostly glowing green figure walking on water in Marble Falls, Texas

A ghostly apparition is photographed and it seems to walk over water of a lake in Marble Falls in Texas.

Witness report: We were on private property taking pictures of this area surrounded by hills and when we looked back at the pictures later this day, we saw this glowing green object on the surface of the water.

I had taken other pictures in concession and none of the others showed this object.

I cannot explain what this glowing object is and hoping you could help identify.

Could it be something, or is it a reflection from the sun? I can see a shadow on the water around the object.

Mufon case 72432. The image was taken last year on July 29, 2014.
Link original image:

ET Origins - Tribal Elders speak out on secrets of the Star People

Native American Tribal Leaders speak out for the first time about their secret knowledge of The Star People, knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years.

It was revealed in a dream among Tribal Elders that now was the time for the Tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of The Star People: the visitors from other worlds.

In this fascinating documentary you will meet people with first-hand experience with ETs, and hear amazing stories of the unknown, and witness for yourself, a mysterious event which occurred in the skies: for some, a visible sign from the Star People that we are not alone.

Breathing Earth – Forest ground moves in Nova Scotia, Canada

And suddenly the Earth started breathing in Nova Scotia.

What did happen in this forest along Apple River in Nova Scotia, Canada?

Look at the ground... It's moving, it goes up and it goes down, it's beating as if the earth just began to breath.

This weird phenomenon was captured by Brian Nuttall on October 31, 2015. So far no one has yet found an explanation for the phenomenon.

Mysterious Object in Giza Pyramid Found By New Thermal Scan

Two weeks of new thermal scanning in Egypt's Giza pyramids have identified anomalies in the 4,500 year-old burial structures, including a major one in the largest pyramid, the Antiquities Ministry announced Monday

The scanning showed "a particularly impressive anomaly located on the Eastern side of the Khufu pyramid at ground level," the ministry said in a statement.

While inspecting the area, they found something like a small passage in the ground, leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area that shows three particular stones with higher temperatures.

What will be behind it?

Three UFOs firing energy beam towards the Sun

UFOs are not only in orbit around the sun. Some seem to do things.

The latest images from NASA’s SOHO satellite taken on November 8 and 9, 2015 seems to show three interesting UFOs, different in shape and size, emitting a kind of beam.

Could it be they looking for a portal or perhaps to harvest something from the sun?

Interdimensional Entity Caught On Surveillance Camera?

Video shows two mysterious home security camera UFO sightings.

The first sighting captured on March 31, 2015 shows a bright Orb which appears from behind the trees.

The second part of this video features surveillance camera motion detection activated photos.

The camera photographs captured on August 18, 2015 are of an unusual light orb. Some speculate this may be an interdimensional entity, ghost or spiritual being.

'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot – The Alderney UFO Sighting

One of the largest UFOs ever seen has been observed by the crew and passengers of an airliner over the Channel Islands, UK. on April 23, 2007 - the Alderney UFO case.

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, flying close to Alderney first spotted the object, described as "a cigar-shaped brilliant white light". As the plane got closer the captain viewed it through binoculars and said: "It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area.

"It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realised it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a Boeing 737.

"But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide."

Continuing his approach to Guernsey, Bowyer then spied a "second identical object further to the west".

He said: "It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to G…

Analysis of the two South American Crop Circles (Brazil-Argentina) Oct 31-Nov 1, 2015

Two new crop circles are discovered and this time in two South American countries.

The first crop circle appeared in Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brazil on 31st October 2015 and the second crop circle appeared in Chicoana Salta province. Argentina on 1st November 2015.

Watch video of the crop circle in Ipuacu, Santa Catarina, Brazil Watch video of the crop circle in Chicoana Salta province. Argentina
This crop circle video report showing us a single date of 12-25 2015 in each of the two separate crop circles observed in Brazil and in Argentina and refers to a code contained in the 11-02-15 Google Doodle, celebrating, The Day of the Dead-2015.

Strange Organic UFO hovers over Tlaquepaque, Mexico - Nov 1, 2015.

An unidentified flying object filmed in the sky over Tlaquepaque in Mexico on November 1, 2015.

You really have to wonder if these craft are some kind of organic life, a living, bio-engineered UFO that could think, make intelligent decisions, and perform tasks on his own or under the control of an alien race.

The UFO as shown in the video could be best explained as a living creature, a free-floating organic being capable of intelligence.

Hidden Underground Bases and Tunnels in America

Dr. Richard Sauder adds to his incredible database of underground bases onshore. New, breakthrough material reveals the existence of additional clandestine underground facilities as well as the surprising location of one of the CIA’s own underground bases.

Plus, new information on tunneling and cutting-edge, high speed rail magnetic-levitation (MagLev) technology. 

There are many rumors of secret, underground tunnels with MagLev trains hurtling through them. Is there truth behind the rumors?

Underwater and Underground Bases carefully examines the evidence and comes to a thought provoking conclusion! Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?

Dr. Sauder lays out the amazing evidence and government paper trail for the construction of huge, manned bases offshore, in mid-ocean, and deep beneath the sea floor!

Bases big enough to secretly dock submarines! Official United States Navy documents, and other hard evidence, raise many questions about what really lies 2…

UFO portal and secret UFO underwater base off the southern coast of Sri Lanka?

UFO sightings have been reported from various parts of Sri Lanka over the years. Hundreds of people have seen UFOs over Sri Lanka according to professor Chandana Jayaratne of the University of Colombo who has investigated some UFO cases.

Some predict that Extraterrestrials could either be on the lookout for technology that was used to construct sacred buildings or may be an attempt to locate the "Vishva Yathura" (Key to the Universe)!

Portal - UFO Underwater base off the southern coast of Sri Lanka?
In 1990 a UFO flies out of the Ocean 210 miles south of Matara.

A saucer-shaped UFO stunned the crew of a tanker when it blasted out of the ocean and circled their ship for fifteen terrifying minutes before vanishing without a trace back into the sea!

According to Sri Lankan newspaper reports, the incident took place in broad daylight in late March, 210 miles south of Matara, Sri Lanka, in the Indian Ocean.

No one was injured, but the 175-ft tanker Kim Seng suffered severe structu…

Omen near the Sun? A prophetic sign that precedes an event?

The latest image from NASA’s SOHO satellite captured on November 2, 2015 shows a weird and mind-blowing cube-shaped UFO what looks like a blinking star.

Streetcap 1 said: “It is the first time I have seen anything like this on SOHO. If it's a pixelated star then it's very beautiful.”

Actually, we do not know what this is - is it a craft, an entity from another dimension, or a probe sent to the sun by a higher intelligence in another galaxy or is this “pixelated star” an omen, a prophetic sign that precedes an event.

People in the ancient times believed that omens lie with a divine message from their gods to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change.

Huge suspected fireball streaking across the sky in Bangkok – Nov 2, 2015 (Videos)

On September 7, 2015 a huge meteor exploded in the sky over Bangkok, yet again another strange and suspected fireball made a close approach and was seen streaking across the night sky in several parts of the country, including Bangkok on November 2, 2015 at around 20.38 pm local time.

Below two short videos of the latest fireball as it blazes across the sky in Bangkok on November 2, 2015 and a third video of the strange fireball in slow motion.

It's only a matter of time before one comes in and makes a direct impact.


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