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Alleged Alien Spacecraft shot down in Iran – The kickoff of the September 2015 Events?

A disturbing new report being circulated in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that “significant elements” of the newly created Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) and the 22nd Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Brigade are currently being deployed throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran and are working in conjunction with the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) to “inspect and identify” items within the massive debris field that resulted from the 31 July shoot down of an alien spacecraft.

Image of the alleged shoot down of an alien spacecraft in Iran.
According to this report, the near catastrophic meteor impact occurring in Iran on 31 July which set off a 5.2 magnitude trembler was, in fact, a coordinated Federation-Iranian “successful intersection” of an “identified” alien spacecraft whose extraterrestrial entities are known to be working with certain elements of the United States military against both Russia and Israel.

The identification of this alien …

Stunning carved Martian Stone Head stands at the entrance to a Cave

A recent image photographed by the Curiosity Mars Rover shows what looks very much like an ancient carved Martian stone head that appears to depict a face and it stands at the entrance to a cave.

Considering the shadow under the head, it looks like it is lifted and held by a rock that resembles a hand/arm, but that's just how I see it.

Suppose the carved stone head with its characteristic face is real and for example it is a tribute to an ancient civilization once inhabited planet Mars, then NASA really should take a look inside the cave. Ron.

Link image:

UFO Caught Stalking Child For Possible Abduction

The following video was recorded in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia at around 3pm on August 22, 2015 and it shows a shift shaping unidentified flying object.

It seems according to a 9-year-old boy that a UFO had been following him for weeks. The boy told the strange story to his parents but they were skeptical.

On August 22 the craft appears again and the boy managed to record the object with a phone of his parents.

After showing the video to his parents, they believe a UFO is stalking their 9-year-old son and they contacted the local police who've been unable to locate anything thus far.

Although many have speculated that the UFO is a drone and not extraterrestrial in origin, a self-described “expert” commented on the video that the UFO was alien and stalking the child to abduct him, the Mirror reported.

Weird Manta-Ray Shaped Object in the sky over Ciudad Colon in Costa Rica

The witness was on a soccer field when he saw a dark manta-shaped object in the sky hovering to the East then it descended a few meters and flew slowly towards North.

At first he thought it was a drone then he grabbed the camera and started capturing the object as he was not sure what it was, because as the witness said, he could not see propellers, like the ones on a drone.

The winged object had a manta-ray shape and it did not reflect too much sunlight despite it was a bright morning. The object ended up near a hill where the witness lost sight. Mufon case 69884. March 22, 2015.

Could it be just a drone or the witness has made photos of something extraordinary like a flying humanoid or winged creature?

UFO shoots beam towards sun-diving comet

On August 28, 2015 the SOHO camera captured remarkable images which show a sun-diving comet when suddenly a UFO appears between the sun and the comet. Then the UFO shoots a beam towards the comet.

Norwegian Couple captures close encounter with UFOs in Åfjord, Norway – Aug 25, 2015

Witness: Like always I was traveling with my husband in the car, and I always bring the camera with me, you never know when something is in front of me and I would like to take a picture of it.

This was the case this time, far from the car I saw beautiful clouds, with weird shapes and the lights were extremely nice, so I started to take several pictures from different angles.

Later on, when I was downloading the pictures in the computer I realized that in the edge of the mountains, there were several big UFOs, but because of the distance I didn`t see them at the time I took the pictures. Mufon case 69842.

Note: Please check out the images below, the several UFOs are clearly visible.

Link Images:

Off-planet inorganic Artificial Intelligence mobilizes in 2015 for planetary takeover

In a segment characterized by “unprecedented technical interference” on EverBeyond Radio and Wolf Spirit Radio with host Jay Pee, futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that the date of 2045, publicly promoted as the “Singularity” where Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are equivalent, is actually an intentional deception by an off-planet sentient inorganic Artificial Intelligence (“AIx”) that is now attempting to renew its own extinguished biology by taking over Earth and individual humans.

That off-planet Artificial Intelligence AIx is, by the evidence, mobilizing now in 2015 (not 2045) for planetary and human takeover and end-game closer in coordination with a series of on-planet technological AIs (such as the AI known as the “Red Queen”) that have been secretly transferred to Matrix Elites by Draco reptilians for managing human economic and other systems.

Huge Beam of Light appears above Earth captured during ISS Live Stream

Witness: I was on the NASA ISS live feed, about 5 minutes after watching a sort of portal, wormhole or beam of light like object appeared above the earth and in seconds yet from one side of the earth to the other.

I managed to capture one screenshot before NASA cut the live feed. I continued to wait for the feed to come back hoping for another chance to see the object, but it was gone when the feed came back up.

However, about 10 minutes after the feed was up again, another swirling object appeared but then the feed changed again.

Portal, Beam of Light, Cloaked UFO??
I have questioned NASA and everyone that I could in regard, to the object with no response. I feel these objects are very significant and need to be shared. Mufon case 69795, Date: 2015-08-26. 

Update: August 30, 2015.
Streetcap1 managed to record the strange beam of light.

The Effect of Ancient Catastrophe on Humankind

It is the hypothesis of many members of the Electric Universe community that within human memory, perhaps a mere four or five thousand years ago, the Earth’s sky and the inner solar system underwent profound changes.

An epoch of planetary instability produced extraordinary electromagnetic events and global catastrophes that were recorded in myths and legends around the world.

Today, we shift our focus to perhaps the most important question one can explore when considering this thesis - what were the effects of these events on humankind, and to what extent did they shape our world and our species to this day?

Unusual 'Object' enters Atmosphere captured by NASA’s SkyCam

On August 24, 2015, NASA All Skycam captures something out of what I would consider ordinary on a 'fireball' video of 'something' entering the atmosphere of earth in the sky over W Pennsylvania or possibly E Ohio.

Compared to the regular fireballs, the strange object lacks brightness and it has no tail, therefore it is unlikely that it was just a meteorite entering the atmosphere.

Have you ever wondered why NASA and many other Space agencies use the ‘Vector’ imagery in their logos?

Also, in this video a man and his family observe a bright star-like object moving slowly next to the moon.

The man just happened to be holding a high resolution camera in anticipation of an upcoming rocket launch from Cape Canaveral and snapped a picture of the strange looking light.

New impact crater on Mars caused by a mysterious ‘Impactor’ (Video)

A bizarre looking new impact crater in Elysium Planitia that was first discovered by the Mars Context Camera (CTX, also onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) which formed between February 2012 and June 2014.

According to NASA, it appeared as a dark streak with multiple secondary craters, which was not seen in the previous CTX image. The image shows a very distinct crater rim and ejecta that is much darker than the surrounding dust-covered terrain. The distribution of the rayed ejecta suggests that the impactor struck from the west.

It is not clear what kind of object has been crashed on the Martian surface since NASA only speaks about 'An Impactor'.

Could it be a crashed UFO?

Link image:

Petroglyph of an Ancient Astronaut found on Mars Pyramid?

The latest images from the right mast cam clearly show structures on Mars. 

Despite NASA has blurred out the landscape in the background, you can see a pyramid-like structure.

On this pyramid is a petroglyph engraved what looks like an ancient alien, symbolizing an astronaut?

A petroglyph, similar to ancient artwork found on cave and mountain walls in many parts of the world, symbolizes ancient astronauts.

This petroglyph is evidence that ancient aliens may have lived on planet Mars before they came to planet Earth?

Link images:

Bright Triangle UFO Appears Out of Nowhere Over Indianapolis, US

A strange event took place in the skies above Indianapolis on August 8, 2015.

Witness: On August 8, 2015, I was walking out the house to a friend’s house and as I'm walking around the corner I look up and see a bright light shaped like a triangle hovering maybe no more than 1000ft off the ground.

I didn't really have to think much about what it was cause there was nothing else in the sky so I stopped for a couple minutes and just watched it hovering slowly moving farther away.

I've seen videos of UFOs disappear in a second so I quickly took out my phone and took some pictures of it, by that time I was already at my friend’s house the triangle object was gone. Mufon case 69633.

Note: If we take a look at the three enlarged images of the object, it looks as if it changes shape before it hovering farther away.

Fifth Giant Gas Planet In Our Solar System?

The Kuiper Belt is a population of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. A particularly puzzling and up-to-now unexplained feature of the Kuiper Belt is the so-called "kernel".

The four gas giant planets in our solar system - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune -- may have a long-lost relative. According to a new study, our system was once home to a fifth gas giant that suddenly vanished some 4 billion years ago after a run-in with Neptune.

Indirect evidence for this lost world is seen in a strange cluster of icy objects -- called the "kernel" in the Kuiper Belt. That's the vast region of primordial debris that encircles the sun beyond the orbit of Neptune.

"The Kuiper Belt is a perfect clue to understanding how the solar system evolved since its formation," study author Dr. David Nesvorny, an astronomer at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., told New Scientist.

For the study, Nesvorny created computer simulations of Neptune and the…

Very Close Encounter near International Space Station (Video)

Streetcap1 recorded a strange object coming very close to the International Space Station (ISS) on August 19, 2015.

He has not a clue what this is. If it’s a Satellite, then surely it is a way off course and ISS Radar hasn’t seen it yet.

An object this close to the station would surely prompt a collision alert.

Could it be a new Japanese cargo ship which is on its way to the International Space Station?

Image left: HTV-5 cargo spacecraft.

On Wednesday August 19, 2015 the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched The fifth “Kounotori” H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-5) from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan.

Approximately 15 minutes after launch, the HTV-5 cargo spacecraft successfully separated from the rocket and began its five-day rendezvous with the International Space Station

Given the fact that at the time of launch, the International Space Station was flying 250 miles above the Atlantic Ocean east of Brazil, the HTV-5 cargo spacecraft arrives at the ISS over five…

Strange Beams of Lights are seen all around the World!

People all around the world take photos of strange beams of light. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them?

Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape and are identical to a vertical band of light, like the famous beam of light emanating from the peak of the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009, while on vacation in Mexico.

It seems unlikely that all these beams are just natural phenomena, camera malfunction or a digital cam glitch.

Could it be that the sun’s solar radiation interacts deep within the Earth’s magnetic field adhering to the planet’s magnetic lines and what we see as a beam of light are in fact the ionized particles charged from the sun’s solar wind or is there something going on?

The next image of the sunrise was taken during a flight from San Francisco to Phoenix on August 17, 2015.

At first glance a beautiful image of the sunrise, but there is someth…

Fire in the Sky "Storm discharges "Superbolts" reaching to Outer Space"

In this video you will see a phenomenon that most scientists know little of nothing about because they are so rare.

Basically, a tropical storm is seen by a skycam from the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope located near the summit of Mauna Kea mountain on Hawaii's Big Island at an altitude of 4,204 meters, discharging energy coined 'Gigantic Jets' that are reaching to the TOP of the ionosphere, the edge of outer space!

Unreal...almost as if the energy of planet earth 'feels' something electromagnetically charged in outer space and is reaching for or being pulled towards its energy in cases such as this, in this video.

Literally.."Out of this World."

Bible Prophecy “War in Space is Inevitable”

While many conspiracy theorists and researchers of revisionist and alternative histories have confirmed a Secret Space Program, little has been said in major media outlets about the topic.

That is, until this last week. Scientific American and Reuters both published articles that suggest not only a Secret Space Program, but also the realization that war in space is inevitable.

However, there are few have discussed this matter from the view of biblical prophecy.

Is The Government Still Running MK-ULTRA?

Project MK-ULTRA was a top secret and illegal mind control and torture program developed and practiced by the CIA from the 1950s.

It was exposed and officially shut down by President Nixon in the 1970s.

But evidence from the First Gulf War and Guantanamo Bay strongly suggests the illegal use of drugs and sensory deprivation methods is still going on.

And it is said MK ULTRA mind control rules in Hollywood. In an interview with RT, Roseanne Barr talked about the dark side of the entertainment industry and directly mentioned MK ULTRA as being a major force in Hollywood. Here is the interview.

So we ask, did MK-ULTRA ever really go away?

Alien Head found in front of a freshly dug grave on Mars!

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover has already photographed many ancient artifacts and other anomalies in the surrounding landscape.

And it is known that NASA pre-select the images before the images are released to the public, but I believe that in some images, they give hints to the planets past inhabitants.

Did NASA gives another hint that that Mars was once inhabited by ancient humanoid civilizations?

The latest NASA image photographed by Curiosity’s Mast Cam Left on August 13, 2015 clearly shows a freshly dug grave with an alien head in front of it.

I think the alien head is a carved rock that symbolizes the being who has recently been buried in a shallow grave on the planet Mars.

About the grave, the sand or ground is being leveled upon the grave and it looks freshly if you compare it with the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the ground around the grave is flattened as a marker.

If NASA wants to give us hints of past intelligent life on Mars is OK, but what if this grave and the symb…

Rare triangular fireball during the Perseid meteor shower over Hampshire, UK – Aug 13, 2015

Around the globe, people looked up to the night sky to catch what is considered to be the best meteor shower of the year.

The Perseid meteor shower hit its peak Wednesday night and stargazers captured the sparkling show, which was even more dazzling this time around due to the moon's new phase.

The light from the moon was less likely to get in the way of faint meteors, a plus for observers, and a phenomenon that hasn't happened since 2007.

Check out the video of a rare triangular Perseid fireball rushing across the screen from the UK Meteor Observation Network.

Is it really a fireball or it could be something else?

Giant Spherical Object passes the Sun on Aug 11, 2015

A giant spherical object passes the Sun before it finally disappears as an almost invisible dark spot into space.

What you are seeing here is a solid object, whether it is a planet, like Mercury or Venus, transiting the Sun or it is a ‘cloaked’ unidentified flying object.

Ever, a scientist at NASA, Mr. Joseph Guman explained that these spheres are ‘Compression artifacts, highly magnified’.

But if these spheres are compression artifacts then they would have been there since the first day NASA satellites, like SOHO, began sending photo's back to Earth!

U.S. meteorologist Scott Stevens has a different opinion about these spheres and other anomalies near the Sun.

In a 2006 article published by Mr. Stevens told that he has analyzed all photographs available in the SOHO archives. He claims to have found several perfectly identical objects on the photographs taken during a number of years.

Therefore, the researcher says, it would be only logical to point out that UFOs would hav…

Strange Polymorphic Anomaly in the sky over Miami, Fl

Everybody knows that we are constantly immersed in a soup of microorganisms, inside us and all around us, but we can't see them, because they are very tiny, microscopic.

The fact that we cannot see them do not implies that they do not exist.

We have an intrinsic limitation in our senses that blocked us from be aware of them until somebody invented the microscope, after that we were able to know that they are thousands of different types of microorganisms, with multiple and very varied shapes, configurations, some of these shapes change like tiny amoebas.

To be able to see some of them, virus for example, electronic microscopes are needed with very powerful magnification.

Only after the invention of the microscope we were fully aware of their existence and the overwhelming influence that these very tiny living beings have for our continual survival and in all earth biosphere.

The same can be said word by word of anomalies.

The sky produce a very strong scattering of visible light,…

Strange Red Shot passing the ISS on Aug 11, 2015

On August 10, 2015, NASA caught a strange red beam on its ISS live feed camera and it looks like a projectile passing the ISS.

It could be a laser to create an artificial guide star for use in astronomical adaptive optics imaging, but such a laser light does not move in the sky as astronomical sources do.

Could it be a secret launch into space or is it just a glitch in the camera?

It is not the first time Streetcap1 captured such a red beam near the ISS, but so far, there is no explanation for this phenomenon.

Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet?

Does the secret UFO report from the 1970's prove that NASA sent astronauts to another planet to meet with aliens?

Secret Project Serpo: 10 men and 2 women were going to travel to planet Serpo. Serpo is rumoured to be located in Zeta Reticuli, which is the famous solar system where a young couple were allegedly taken to after they were abducted in 1961.

Project Serpo was financed by the DIA, CIA, NASA and US Air Force and planned to data about extraterrestrial life.

What they found was a hot, almost inhospitable environment.

13 years later the mission was complete… but only 8 of the 12 astronauts returned to Earth.

UFO investigator Nogel Watson believes that 2 of the astronauts remained on planet Serpo, and 2 died during the mission. Shortly after their return to Earth, it’s reported that the final 8 succumbed to the same fate as their 2 friends – they all died from exposure to planet Serpo’s high radiation levels.

A botched mission, dangerous amounts of radiation brought to Earth…

Project Camelot: Incoming planetary body and it headed into our solar system

This is another amazing interview with Clark McClelland, NASA engineer and technical assistant on the Apollo missions.

He talks about an incoming planetary body, or STAR being towed along behind what he calls a DYSON SPHERE containing a race of beings... Possibly from Aldebaran and headed into our solar system.

He talks at length about Wernher von Braun, the fact that the beings from Aldebaran are here and have been here working in our space program and supplying advanced technology to the Germans during WWII...

He again refers to the nine foot tall humanoid being spotted on the space shuttle via close circuit camera giving our astronauts orders using hand motions... and he is backed up in his testimony, by at least 2 other NASA employees.

He also talks about inner Earth and what really happened to Hitler.

Here is Kerry Lynn Cassidy's interview with Clark McClelland.

NASA spacecraft captured UFO above the Martian surface?

The latest image from the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on board the Mars Odyssey spacecrafts shows a strange unknown object hovering above or standing on the Mars surface.

At first glance it looks like it is the shadow of the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, but then again, on each side of the object you can clearly see what looks like two antennas or maybe it’s a landing gear.

Image below shows the original Odyssey spacecraft in comparison with the unknown object.

Is it possible that THEMIS photographed the shadow of the Odyssey spacecraft or it accidently photographed a Unidentified ‘Flying’ Object?

Link image:
Site Mars Odyssey-Themis
Image credit NASA/JPL/ASU

Lightning strikes unknown bright objects in the sky over Delaware and over Moscow

A storm was above Moscow on the night of July 27, 2015 at approximately 11:15 pm local time dazzling local residents with an epic light show.

A possible UFO actually appears to dive into a bolt of lightning, then bounce back to its original location. Other than that brief moment it does not appear to move...very obvious.

And on Aug 1, 2015 at approx 10:29 a lightning hits an unknown object in the sky over Delaware.

Witness report: My boyfriend and I were outside his house taking videos of the lightning in a storm that was approaching. While we were taking the videos we did not see the ball of light it was observed the next day while I was reviewing the videos.

I took the videos while facing northwest at the back of the house. There is a farm field and woods there are no home or street lights or any other kind of lights there.

I contacted our local TV station to ask their weather staff whether they thought this could be ball lightning or something else they did not respond.

I am pursui…

Do Crops Circles Prove Aliens Exist?

Mysterious crop circles have been spotted in wheat fields across the world for decades.

With no witnesses to see them being made and reports of strange glowing lights hovering above them, could crop circles be the proof that aliens exist?

Ceres Gets Weirder – Take a look at the new Ceres close-up photos released by NASA!

Get up close with Ceres' weird 'Pyramid' and bright spots in new NASA photos. The closer we get to Ceres, the more perplexing the dwarf planet grows.

The intriguing brightest spots on Ceres lie in a crater named Occator, which is about 60 miles (90 kilometers) across and 2 miles (4 kilometers) deep.

Among the highest features seen on Ceres so far is a mountain about 4 miles (6 kilometers) high, which is roughly the elevation of Mount McKinley in Alaska's Denali National Park. It's unusual that it's not associated with a crater. Why is it sitting in the middle of nowhere?

Ceres is the largest object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Dawn will resume its observations of Ceres in mid-August from an altitude of 900 miles (less than 1,500 kilometers), or three times closer to Ceres than its previous orbit.

If you take a closer look at the crater Occator, it looks like the crater is closed with an artificial made natural looking roof structure.

It i…

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