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Fireball? UFO? Meteor-like object spotted over Siberia (Dash-cam video)

An alleged meteor blazed across the sky on Saturday evening in the Kemerovo region of Russia.

Eyewitnesses in the cities of Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Osinniki said the alleged meteor fell silently at a high speed and became extinct shortly afterwards.

Although it is said the object could be a meteor, I not see the burning- or dust trail behind the object. Thus.. UFO?

Wheels and Axle caught by Mars Rover Curiosity – Sep 30, 2014

Here is a new image from the surface of Mars taken by Curiosity which appears to show wheels and Axle.

Not everything on Mars can be a ‘rock’ all the time, yet another evidence that once Mars was inhabited by ancient intelligent life forms.

Of course NASA won’t be able to supply us with an explanation regarding these artificial objects.

UFO takes off at enormous speed in Kernersville, North Carolina –Sep 27, 2014

2 silver objects- one moving downward and one moving up and then something shoots out of a cloud.

Witness statement: "I was driving to work and noticed this extremely bright light in the sky. It was weird how bright it was and how it stayed in the same place, no matter where I turned."

"I did not notice anything at the time because I was just holding my phone and not watching it. I found the action at home later that night when I looked through the video closely."

"At first, all I noticed was the "shooting star" type thing that happens right after I go under the bridge, but on closer examination, I noticed 2 silver objects moving from the clouds before going under the bridge. One silver objects comes out of the top cloud and makes a strange directional change and moves diagonally from right to left very quickly. The other silver object comes up from a lower cloud and I can't really tell where it goes."

The Aliens Alphabet - A Hidden History

A possible extraterrestrial Web page found on the anonymous ‘Deep Web’ generates interesting questions with possible alphabet and writing.

Deep Web is World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines. You will find some interesting stuff on the Deep Web that you never will find on the public World Wide Web.  

It is impossible to measure or put estimates onto the size of the deep web because the majority of the information is hidden or locked inside databases.

Early estimates suggested that the deep web is 4,000 to 5,000 times larger than the surface web. Read more on 'Ultimate Guide to the Deep Web'

The global society seems to be governed, directed and induced to carry out a “road map” established by an elite that not share the esoteric knowledge, established the world of science and culture a mediocre range of exoteric knowledge they allow human believe they have freedom of speech and knowledge of official channels estab…

Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh?

One of the most mysterious people in Egyptian history is Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti, and presumed, by some, to be the father of Tutankhamen.

Akhenaten - meaning "living spirit of Aten" - known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV (sometimes given its Greek form, Amenophis IV, and meaning Amun is Satisfied), was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC.

In this video expert Stephen Mehler presents a logical reasoning as to who Akhenaten was.

Georgia Guide Stone ‘2014’ stone removal 9/25/14 shows markings from all 6 sides

Update on our article 'Mysterious Georgia Guidestones get strange '2014' update'

The public destruction of the coded block on September 25, 2014 has allowed all 6 sides of the granite block, to be observed and noted.

The markings from all 6 sides are as follows: MM, JAM, 8-14-16-20

The block was not difficult to remove but the workman continuing to chip away at the monument after casting the block to the ground,

For the workman to continue chipping away at an area vacated by a block that did not need to be forcible removed, got Mr. Cati asking, what is he doing, if the block came out so easy?

All that chipping effort after throwing the block down to the ground, was in Mr. Cati’s opinion needed (while everyone was fixated on the cube on the ground) to remove the covered hole, that was on the bio symbols side that Mr. Cati showed in his video 'The Georgia Guide Stones and the 2014 Block of Time'

That bio symbol is where Mr. Cati suspect a hole was drilled into th…

Ring shaped UFO Lights over Shanghai and Hong Kong (photo/video)

Many people in Shanghai and in Hong Kong witnessed a UFO similar to the Houstan Texas Lights. The UFO appeared on the same day (September 27, 2014) over Shanghai and over Hong Kong.

The unidentified flying object was photographed by chance, around the International Financial Center in Shanghai ( Shanghai IFC Mall), located in its namesake city in eastern China.

The same UFO was seen over Hong Kong and captured on film.

Witness statement: "Spotted whilst at the Peak around 6:30pm - dusk just as we were heading down on the tram; initially thought it was a plane coming in to land then realised it was really not as it didn't move. The video is bad quality as its on iPhone 5 using full zoom - to our eyes it was much clearer and there was actually at least 6 visible lights static in total - these were other more vague lights in between the main triangle formation, just not as visible, but these kept flickering in and out of view; red white bright lights like watching a star a nigh…

Strange colorful bright object caught on Telescope in Vilcabamba Loja, Ecuador

The past few days a strange bright object is seen in the sky over Vilcabamba Loja in Ecuador.

This phenomenon sparked the interest of the locals who used to see anomalies around.

One resident acquired a telescope and filmed the object what looks like an interdimensional entity or light being.

The Light Beings in the Afterlife environment - Near Death Experience

Aired on Coast to Coast AM. During open lines, several callers recounted their own near-death experiences.

A caller, named Tim from Ohio talks about his Near-Death experience after his heart shut down due to a heart condition.

Many people, who have experienced a NDE talk about light beings in the afterlife environment and like Tim, they don't want to come back here on earth.

Giant Solar Flare erupting from Sun Surface at a speed of 666 Km/S

Behind the south eastern limb of the solar corona a powerful eruption took place at the same time of a long duration C8.6 Solar Flare this morning at 4.08 UTC.

A very large Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) has followed this eruption aimed towards Mercury, this active region will be rotating back onto the earth-facing side of the disk and will be visible in 36-48 hours.

Speed of a flame of Sun.

Behind Limb Eruption and CME.

Look at this Ghost walking across the parking lot of a Espanola Police Station in New Mexico (CCTV)

Surveillance video recently taken at the Espanola police station is a bit freaky.
On Saturday Officer Karl Romero was keeping an eye on surveillance cameras around the station when he spotted something in the sally port. A sally port is a controlled gate or passage in a fortified place.

Romero said what he saw looked like a ghost, a "human-shaped" blob walking across the lot, right through cages and a gate.

He reported it to his supervisors.

Detectives said there is no way in or out of the secured area without the gates opening and an alarm sounding. Police said they hear strange noises and see unexplained images in the lobby of the building, too.

Action 7 News asked Detective Solomon Romero if he thought the image was a ghost.

“I do believe in ghosts -- I don’t know (what exactly was on the video), but we’ve had some unsolved murders in the area,” Romero said.

Police said as far as they know the building is not on a burial ground and no inmates have ever died at the police…

Aliens: Good and Evil - Intel Sources reveal startling UFO Contacts!

In this exciting episode Dark Journalist interviews the legendary UFO investigator and best-selling author Timothy Good. His deep research on ET contact has led him to the startling conclusion that there are both benevolent and sinister alien beings battling for influence and control of planet earth!

In his newly revealed investigation Timothy has discovered an ongoing worldwide contactee group known as "Amicizia" or "Friendship" that spans over five decades of alien contact. These helpful ET visitors, who are known simply as the "W56," closely resemble human beings and want to help humanity grow spiritually.

However, Timothy also reveals that contacts deep inside military intelligence have informed him of a technologically super-advanced negative ET group. These malevolent aliens are attempting to genetically engineer a hybrid race comprised of human DNA spliced with alien genes from the species traditionally known as the "Greys."

Highly scien…

Unknown massive objects near the Sun caught on NASA’s Satellites

The footage shows unknown objects caught on NASA’s satellite SOHO on September 24, 2014 and Helioviewer AIA 171 on August 30, 2014.

From the 1.00 minute mark, this massive black object probably is a Moon or Earth transit, but I’m not sure about it.

The other objects are more mysterious and could be cloaked extraterrestrial craft or maybe some sort of plasma-based life forms which occasionally visits the Sun to recharge its energy stores.

Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange '2014' Update

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which some see as an elite manifesto for neo-eugenics and population reduction have received a strange 2014 update.

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones is a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A message clearly conveying a set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The stated purpose of the stones is to be “Guidestones to an Age of Reason,” but many believe they are actually a guide to Illuminati genocide.

The ten “commandments” on the stone appear to sketch out a framework for reconstructing society after a nuclear holocaust or similar apocalypse.

Now, this illuminati monument got a new stone added. Somebody has officially updated it with an engraved cube marking the year 2014 inserted into the English/Spanish slab of the &#…

Government Disclosure and an end to UFO/ET secrecy is Top Priority!

Former government and military officials, academics, professionals and ufologists seeking government disclosure and an end to UFO/ET secrecy.

1. Missouri University Professor calls for unfettered study of the UFO phenomenon.

Toronto (ZNN Press Room) University of Missouri-Columbia adjunct professor in Peace Studies Bill Wickersham has made a call for an unfettered study of the UFO phenomenon. Professor Wickersham joins the growing list of professionals, academics and former government and military officials seeking government disclosure and an end to UFO/ET secrecy.

In the Columbia Daily Tribune article published on September 8, 2014, Professor Wickersham points out several appropriate reasons why the UFO/ET issue requires serious study.

Wickersham reveals a stunning yet little known fact that philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller – a member of the internationally renowned Rockefeller family – tasked and funded UFO investigator C. B. “Scott” Jones Ph.D. to travel to Europe, China, Rus…

Nvidia is trying to debunk conspiracy theories moon landing 1969

According to Nvidia the Apollo 11 moon landing wasn’t a hoax. And they can prove it.

Nvidia: By using Maxwell, our new GPU architecture, to digitally rebuild one of the landing’s iconic photographs – Neil Armstrong’s shot of Buzz Aldrin clambering down the lunar module’s ladder.

The photo, taken 45 years ago, shows Aldrin lit against the dark shape of the lunar module behind him. It’s a good shot. Too good, conspiracy theorists claim.

Their argument: because the sun is behind the lunar module, and Aldrin is in its shadow, Aldrin must have been lit by something other than the sun. Some auxiliary light source. Maybe in a back-lot studio. Perhaps somewhere in L.A.

Here is NASA’s… Oops ...Nvidia’s Moon Landing Video:

Nvidia is convinced that their team debunked the debunkers.

But not everyone is convinced and still many people believe that they never went to the Moon.

Ken Pfeiffer from said “I have been researching this subject for a few years now and have come to the co…

Perfect Sphere, manufactured railing/decoration found in Curiosity latest images

Several anomalies found in Curiosity SOL 746 and SOL 753.

In the first image two anomalies, a perfect sphere and an unnatural object what probably is petrified.

Link original image SOL 746
In the next image two anomalies, the left object looks like a manufactured railing or decoration on a fence or maybe on top of a building, the second object to the right looks like a very small body/head.
Link original image SOL 753

Rotating UFO captured with Skywatch Cam over Newburgh, New York

Videographer Statement - Every night I have 4 Cameras set up outside for skywatching. All data is analyzed the following day after all the footage of the cameras are recorded using a Security DVR.

On the evening of September 16th at approx. 9:08 PM EST, a round, circular object was seen on camera 4 moving from the East To West directly overhead.

This lasted approximately 11 seconds. The object was near or at cloud level, left no visible trail and had no navigation lights.

The object was quite large and when it passed through or close to clouds, it created a round, tight ring around it.

It seemed to be rotating due to the tight ring of clouds that surrounded it.

It also seemed to be emitting some type of energy or particles as it traveled to the west. It made no sound and camera lost object after it moved out of view. This case is reported to Mufon by videographer BillNy Skywatcher.

Huge anomaly in the solar space linked to Comet Lovejoy?

Two space watchers noticed a strange anomaly in the solar space.

Muynhauzen74 “when viewing the various satellite images I saw a huge anomaly in the lens of the satellite HI1.” He wonders what this anomaly might be.

DarkSkyWatcher74 noticed the same anomaly. After analysis of the anomaly he said “It is odd that the comet Lovejoy from 2011 is still showing at 1AU if it is on a 600 year orbit. This comet was supposed to break up, but it didn’t and it shouldn’t be there. Verifying the orbit is what found the anomaly in front of the comet.”

Darkskywatcher 74 "I'm not really sure why it would show Lovejoy at 1 AU. The fact it did it on both comps even after updating list. I checked other comets that have passed already right down do ISON which is did fizzle out the program shows none of those to be stuck or looping after perihelion until their actual next perihelion. This could be nothing or it could be a door to something huge. Researching and verifying the orbit and dates l…

UFO’s similar to 'Phoenix Lights' lining up again along The Las Vegas Strip – Sep 19, 2014

Multiple UFO’s captured over a long section of the Las Vegas Strip on September 19, 2014.

It seems that Las Vegas has turned into a UFO hotspot.

According to Steven Barone from Las Vegas UFO Hunter “They have all come from my backyard which overlooks Las Vegas and much of the northern part of the valley.”

“There is no good explanation for the frequency of the sightings here in Las Vegas especially for the past five weeks.”

“I contacted a local TV station but they refused to walk outside and look up to see orbs all over the northern and northwestern sky. Even I contacted the Regional Director for MUFON about the frequency of the sightings, but he told me that this shouldn’t be happening because I’m not supposed to be having multiple UFO and Orb sightings within a four month period!"

Update September 22, 2014:

According to Tina Marie Caouette, the lights are just lights of commercial planes and helicopters, please read Tina's explanation in the comment sector below.

Regarding t…

UFO joins air show in Chisinau, Moldova - The danger of UFOs during air shows!

During an air show in Chisinau, Moldova on September 20, 2014, an onlooker photographed a strange object what looks like a disc-shaped UFO.

Image left: The object was hovering more closer then the low altitude plane.

It is not the first time a UFO is observed during an air show.

It has been found that when a UFO appears during an air show, in many cases this leads to an almost hit or a fatal crash of the stunt plane.

These objects are unknown and could be drones, remote controlled model airplanes or helicopters, birds or even extraterrestrial craft.

Image below: Unknown objects captured during two different air shows.

Two remarkable cases: 
1. UFO Fly-bys at Chilean Ceremony.

It was taken by an onlooker in November, 2010 during the changing of the Air Force Command at El Bosque Air Base in Santiago, Chile.

2. UFO at Madrid air show

During the Madrid air show in May, 2013, a jet fighter crashes, probably caused by a UFO.

Green 'alien eggs' have washed up on Sydney Beach - Extremely rare living algae

Thousands of green 'egg-shaped balls' have washed up on Sydney Beach and may be rare living algae.

Surfers and early morning walkers were stunned to find thousands of green 'egg-shaped balls' on Sydney beach, Dee Why; which had washed ashore overnight and may be rare living algae.

Rather than the green spheres being something from another planet, scientists explained they were a type of sponge-like seaweed that forms egg shapes possibly to protect themselves from predators.

Beach-goers said they'd never seen anything like it, describing the balls as 'alien eggs, 'alien hairballs', Japanese moss balls.

Scarlett de Villiers from nearby Davidson saw the weird balls on her regular morning beach walk.

"I picked one up and squeezed it and it was so squishy - but I wasn't sure if it was alive and was worried I might hurt anything inside!' she told the Daily Mail. 'It struck me how perfectly shaped they all were and how green and alive they loo…

UFO Sightings in England, Florida and California – Sep 19, 2014

Clear UFO spotted in the sky over Portsmouth, UK.

On September 14, 2014, people have spotted a strange flying object in the skies of Portsmouth, UK and believe it could be a UFO.

J. Blackwell, of Trevor Road, Southsea, told ‘The News’: “I don’t believe in UFOs, but when I saw this I didn’t know what it was. It was a grey, disc-like shape, which I know sounds like a stereotypical UFO, but that’s what it looked like and it was moving very fast.”

Another witness: “I don’t know much about military crafts, but this was very fast-moving and very odd to see.”

Laura Young, of the Met Office, said: "After looking at the images, I can say the object is nothing to do with the weather and it is not meteorological and is not a cloud.”

UFO photographed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida next to a double rainbow.

Witness at Fort Lauderdale:

“On September 15, 2014, I noticed a double rainbow in the sky and I got out my Smartphone to photograph the rainbow and took four pictures in succession.”

“On the …

UFO-Dimensional Portal captured over Chicago - Sep 18, 2014

A strange phenomenon appeared in the sky over Chicago.

The photographer took several photos of the Navy Pier in Chicago and noticed something unusual in a few shots.

In a series of three photos you can see a strange shape coming up close to the pier, then the shape tilts and continues its way.

Click images to enlarge.

A portal created by an arriving vehicle which came from a distant part of the galaxy? Mufon case 59902.

The video below shows more details of the shape including several other unknown objects near the shape.

UFOs appear near the Iapetus, Moon of Saturn

Iapetus (eye-AP-i-tus) is the seventeenth of Saturn's thirty three currently known moons, and the third largest. It was named after a Titan -- the son of Uranus and the father of Prometheus and Atlas (the latter said to be the “fathers of Mankind”). Thus, in Greek myth, Iapetus was also an ancestor… a progenitor… of “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”.

Iapetus is a strange Moon with a arrow-straight, 12-mile-high and 12 miles wide “wall” which precisely bisects the leading hemisphere over 800 miles in length. On the surface of Iapetus; the existence of thousands of square miles of clearly rectilinear ruins most now without roofs, but with ample surviving walls and an unnatural “tower-like structure,” rising more than a mile above the surrounding terrain... suggests that Iapetus could be a manufactured artifact.

Donald Goldsmith and Tobias Owen wrote of Iapetus in ‘The Search for Life in the Universe’ (1980):

This unusual moon is the only object in the Solar System which we might seriously r…

The mysterious bright lights: “The cylindrical UFOs”

We know very little about cylindrical UFOs, strange bright lights crossing the sky.

For decades photographs have been published of these odd lights, like the lights recorded on December 9, 2011, shown in the left image.

For example, similar cylindrical UFOs are photographed in Dexter, Michigan on March 24, 1967, Volcano Popocatépetl in Mexico on October 26, 2012 and on December 9 2013.

Even they appear above the planet Mars. Mars Curiosity Rover captured images of a cylindrical UFO travelling in the Martian sky on April 28, 2014.

I know, we have become more “sky conscious” and most know that just because a strange light cannot be identified it isn’t automatically evidence for extraterrestrial life, but if we look at the cylindrical objects, they act like intelligently controlled alien spacecraft.

Massive Fireball spotted over New Jersey and New York (Video CNN Report)

Although there are no major meteor showers active at this time, on Sunday night (September 14, 2014) a very bright meteor was seen streaking across the sky above parts of New Jersey including parts of Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Two days earlier a strange bright light appeared in the sky over California.

UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #10 – Sep 16, 2014

Case 1. Three UFO Craft over Canada.

On Sunday August 10, 2014, while at home in Oshawa, Ontario, I was outside on my driveway washing my car when suddenly I hear this humming sound and look to the north below HWY 2.

About a quarter mile north of my position and some thousands of feet up I see three bright red ruby lights maintaining in a triangle formation. Being in a state of awe watching them moving across from the east to west, maybe 30 seconds passed. I then ran into the house for my camera; being once again outside in about 20 seconds. Started to film this spectacle and watch the direction of these three lights at 9:20 pm.

I watched them pass over Whitby heading towards Ajax. The lights appeared to turn to the southwest heading to southern Ajax. I snapped one last picture at the greatest distance away. The picture reveals a structure between the three lights.

After a couple of days I noticed on the net of reports in Oshawa/Whitby /Ajax/Toronto /Burlington, Ontario. It would a…