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Mystery lights appear over river valley near ECETI Ranch - Aug 31, 2013

An exclusive new video uploaded to YouTube on August 31, 2013, shows how trees on the ECETI Ranch were backlit by a mysterious object travelling south over the floor of the White Salmon River valley near Mt. Adams, Washington.

The images were recorded with a Pulsar Recon X550-based digital night vision camera after a series of witness reports describing lights in the trees surfaced at the ranch earlier this week.

The appearance of mystery lights near ground level is nothing new for this Pacific Northwest UFO hotspot. Video recordings from both 2009 and 2010 reveal how these objects have previously appeared on the ECETI Ranch in the trees along the edge of the White Salmon River and flying below treetop level for cameras and witnesses.

Glowing Sphere Over the J.F.K. - Mr. James Kopf

Mr. Kopf joined the Navy in 1969 and worked in communications part of the time on the USS JFK which was carrying nuclear weapons.

In his testimony he tells how in the summer of 1979 all electronics and communications onboard the USS JFK stopped functioning when a huge glowing orange-yellow UFO hovered above.

He personally saw this pulsating UFO, as did a number of others.

When the ship finally returned to Norfolk, VA, men in suits arrived to interview various crewmembers.

UFO Meeting Point Near The Sun - Aug 30, 2013

UFO Meeting Point?

NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO LASCO C3) captured an image of huge UFOs that appear near the sun on August 30, 2013.

Strange Sounds in the sky of Terrace, BC Canada - Aug 29, 2013

Many Terrace residents awoke to a rather unearthly sound, which was heard in many parts of the city at around 7:30 this morning. The sound lasted for roughly 10 minutes.

Similar sounds have been reported all over the world in recent years.

What might be causing the sounds?

A physics professor at the University of Saskatchewan theorized that it's likely electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts. cftktv

Major Fireball Brighter Than The Moon Over Southeastern,USA - Aug 28, 2013 (Video)

A major fireball event occurred over the southeastern USA on August 28th. The explosion was brighter than the Moon and it might have scattered meteorites on the ground.

On August 28 all six NASA all-sky cameras in the southeast picked up a very bright fireball. "Its peak magnitude was approximately -11, or six times brighter than the Last Quarter Moon.

This may very well be the brightest event NASA's network has observed in 5 years of operation."

The cameras were completely saturated, necessitating a manual solution of the fireball's trajectory and orbit. Initial results indicate that the meteoroid massed 45 kg (roughly 0.3 to 0.4 meters in diameter) and hit the top of Earth's atmosphere traveling 23.7 km/s (53,000 mph). spaceweather

Flying Saucer above Teknopark in Gebze, Turkey in the news 2013

Location: Gebze Teknopark in Gebze, Turkey. Date: July 2013. Witness report security personnel: "At six o'clock I went to the outside because the dogs started barking. I looked up to the sky and saw a disk shaped object. I took a photograph of the UFO with my mobile phone. I wanted to take a second photo but the UFO was gone."

Researchers from the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center stated, after analyzing the photo, that the object / UFO was real.

Aerial View Tricopter FPV of the Crop Circle at Cooks Plantation, Beckhampton in Wiltshire - Aug 2013

An Aerial FPV (First Person View) video of the Crop Circle at Cooks Plantation, Beckhampton in Wiltshire.

Next image in 'negative' clearly shows the outline of the crop circle

Video created using a Tricopter based on the RCExplorer/Flite Test design.

Dennis Asberg: "Military Now Involved With UFO Baltic Sea Object!"

In a stunning online Q&A session last week, Dennis Asberg has confirmed that highest ranking authorities in the Swedish Navy are investigating the strange circular object in the Baltic Sea.

The object or anomaly is as large as a jumbo 747 jet.

This circular anomaly rests at a depth of 300 feet which makes it extremely hard to photograph with conventional equipment.

The ISON Debris Tail and FEMA 3 Region - Aug 26, 2013

These two videos takes a look at comet ISON, specifically when Earth passes through the debris field of ISON, later in January of 2014. After some observation and trial and error, Mr. Cati and BPEarthwatch were able to learn the geographic areas of the USA that will be aligned with the debris path from ISON which will be following behind it.

It is remarkable that these two people who do not know each other, came to the same findings and conclusions: Region 3 - USA is one of the areas that will be aligned with the debris path from ISON.

I would encourage anyone who is concerned with their area of the world and who wants to know what it looks like for where you are, I suggest you use the link to the ISON viewer and take some time with looking at different areas of the world as it relates to ISON dates and or its debris field. you can decide on your own what it means to you.

It is important that we begin learning from what direction and in what regions of the world and the USA will be mo…

UFO Ejecting Spheres over Esferas, Mexico - Aug 13, 2013

Interesting video of a UFO ejecting orbs / spheres over Esferas, Mexico on August 13, 2013.

Nephilim: Documentary of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls and Nephilim

Nephilim: Journey into the world of Fallen Angels, Satan, Shadow People, Aliens, Demons, Anunnaki, Archons, Ancient Giants, "Ancient Aliens" and Genetic Hybrids.

The Nephilim documentary is a full in-depth examination of Ancient Giants, Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels, Anunnaki / Nephilim, Ancient Elongated Skulls... and full details of Egyptian and Babylonian occult - sometimes called "Luciferian".

Unknown Object 'Alien Craft' Suddenly Appears Next To The sun - Aug 23, 2013

Unknown object suddenly appears next to the Sun. Then the object moves along a fixed pattern and gradually fades.

SOHO - LASCO C2  - Date: 08/23/2013. Slow moving object is visible from 14.00H to 23.48H

It seems impossible that it is a comet or star. On the same day a fast moving sun diving comet appears and is visible from 12.48H to 16.24H


Image Type: Lasco C2
Resolution: 512
Start en end Dates: 20130823 - 20130823

Below a close up video of the strange object. ( 'Alien' Craft?)

Comet ISON NAMED in 2007 Rugby Commercial 5 Years Before It Was Discovered!

The video below is just a commercial about Rugby and has nothing to do with planets, comets, disasters, geological upheavals or illuminati/NWO planning.

Although it is just an advertisement, there are a lot of allusions in this video that link to comet Ison or an impending disaster.

Enjoy the puzzle...

Some Findings:

01. Clock 9/11. It all points back to 9/11. Swiss Reinsurance, the insurer of the WTC center.

02.The phallic skyscraper in the London skyline that the camera zooms in to, is the Gherkin building which is the location for Swiss Re. The Swiss Reinsurance Company was the lead insurer of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks which led to an insurance dispute with the owner, Silverstein Properties. Remember, Silverstein increased the insurance policy just before the attacks and made out like a bandit.

03. All the triangles (7's and rocket) in this commercial also foreshadow the shape of ISON as a triangle. We have seen recent pictures of ISON shaped like a tr…

The Galactic Superwave 13,500 Years Ago

A recent story on ScienceDaily read: Mass Extinction -- Why Did Half of N. America's Large Mammals Disappear 13.8 and 11.4 Thousand Years Ago?

New findings from J. Tyler Faith, GW Ph.D. candidate in the hominid paleobiology doctoral program, and Todd Surovell, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Wyoming, reveal that a mass extinction occurred in a geological instant. During the late Pleistocene, which ended around 11,700 years ago, North America lost over 50 percent of its large mammal species..

Whatever happened to cause the extinction did not span hundreds or thousands of years, it was likely less than a decade. It was quick and struck without warning.

What kind of event could cause a mass extinction?

Let's begin back in the 1960s with the Apollo 11 manned landing on the moon. On one of their EVA's (extra-vehicular activities), the astronauts photographed and took samples from some small craters, about 20cm to 1.5 meters across. When they examined th…

Spectacular Sun Diving Comet and CME - Aug 20, 2013 (Video)

During the late hours of August 20th, an unnamed icy comet from the outer solar system dove into the sun and disintegrated.

A spectacular far-side Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was associated with the death plunge recorded by coronagraphs on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

New Crop Circle at Wiltshire refers to possible near-future stellar event - Aug 19, 2013

Another astronomical Crop Circle appears at Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire on August 19, 2013, showing the image of an “exploding neutron star” or “supernova”, along with complex multi-shape symmetries, and a possible time code for some near-future stellar event.

After studying the crop circle, it bears a striking resemblance to the “transfer of dust or gas in a binary star system” from some large central star to its small companion star, which may have high gravity if it is made from neutrons.

Once sufficient dust or gas has been transferred from the large star to the small one, then the small star may dramatically explode as a “supernova” or “exploding neutron star”.

The internal symmetries of several outer layers from that new crop picture seem quite complex, and may require further discussion elsewhere. Its intermediate part shows six “broad arrows”, which possess three kinds of shape “pointed-pointed”, “pointed-flat” or “flat-flat” (see a previous slide above). Two different set…

Newest Pics Show Comet ISON as 3 Piece Body? - Aug 19, 2013

You know they know this, so why are they trying to hide it in multi layered and changed photo releases?

The newest pictures show that it looks like comet ISON consists of three bodies.

Above image: Original left | Darker right
Here is the link to the original image at:

Screenshot image link
Coincidence? A while ago during a revealing interview on TheLightOfDayRadioShow, remote viewer Ed Dames expressed his concerns about comet ISON and that this comet consists of multiple objects (The Ison group).

Related article: Comet ISON: Remote viewer Ed Dames gets nervous!

Mysterious UFO sightings in Ladakh area, again - Aug 19, 2013

Indian Army troops have sighted mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the Ladakh sector along the Line of Actual Control with China.

On August 4, the UFO was sighted by Army troops in Lagan Khel area in Demchok in Ladakh area in the evening and a report has been sent to the Army headquarters by the local formation, sources said here.

There have been over 100 sightings of UFOs along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the last several months but this sighting has come after some time-gap, they said.

Asked about the UFO sightings by the Army troops in Ladakh sector, Defence Minister A K Antony had told Parliament that there is no conclusive proof of sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the Sino-Indian border.

The UFO sighting on August 4 comes after reports suggested that a top-level science research institute had found that the UFOs were actually planets Jupiter and Venus, which are clearly visible from the high altitude and thin atmosphere terrain of Ladakh.

Baltic Sea Anomaly Looks Like a UFO Crash Site - Aug 18, 2013 (New Evidence-Video)

In our article from May 26, we wrote that the Baltic Sea 'UFO' Anomaly is at least 14,000 years old. In a video released today, the latest high dimensional images shows what can only be described as a crash site on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Complete with gouge in a underwater mountain and the long skid mark on the sea floor.

In this video you will hear the voices of diver Stefan Hodgeborn, Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. With Multibeam sonar, the color range or grey scale shows depth and creates a top-side view of the seafloor.

The color coded image: warm colors (red, orange, yellow) correspond to shallower water depths, while cooler colors (green, blue, purple) indicate deeper depths.

It looks that the mountain was hit from one side and as it was hit the craft exploded causing it to split in half and allowed the craft to continue its glide path to where it finally rests where it is today.

The video below is an excerpt from the new documentary "The Mystery Beneath&q…

Dead by Comets 'The Black Death' 2013

Most people nowadays are not really aware of what happened just 666 years ago.

The Black Death of 1347 (1347-1350) one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention millions all over the planet.

The conventional theory: The Black Death was a great outbreak of bubonic plague but according to Professor Mike Baillie’s book, New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection, it wasn’t a bubonic plague but rather dead by comet(s), cometary impacts or a comet shower.

Baillie has the scientific evidence to support his theory and his evidence actually supports - and is supported by - what the people of the time were saying: earthquakes, comets, rains of death and fire, corrupted atmosphere.

Baillie noticed some strange tree ring patterns that happened to coincide with this historical catastrophe. He compared these tree rings to dated ice-core samples that had been analyzed and discovered a very stran…

Human Giants and Nibiru, Filling in the Blanks, 2013

There were once GIANTS in the earth -- men of awesome dimensions, bulk and height!

Archaeology, too, show, from the traditionary fables of the classical poets, as well as from the colossal monuments that are extant, that there were people in remote times of CYCLOPEAN STRENGTH; and whether this . . . was the characteristic percularity of a certain class only, various circumstances contribute to warrant the conclusion, that in the world before the Flood there were Titans distinguished by corporeal stature and energies far above the present scale.

Did giants possess extremely advanced knowledge and use of different types of stones and rocks, used to construct their magnificent archaeological structures that has since been lost to science?

Little is known about.

The American stonemason Jim Vieira collected over the past 20 years, thousands of news stories about giant skeletons from the archives of The New York Times, Scientific American and the Smithsonian Institute. He came to the concl…

NASA Astronaut gets excited as 'Something Weird' flying over his head, 2013 (Video)

Two astronauts of Apollo 17 collect rock and soil samples and suddenly one of them gets really excited as he spots "something weird" flying over his head.

Normally NASA astronauts follow a "script" and they know exactly what and when to say. This astronaut however was too shocked by something he had never seen before. He forgets his "lines" and no longer follows the script. Instead a long and not planned discussion and conversation starts. The astronaut is truly amazed. Unlike his colleague, who seems to be in charge. The astronaut asks what these objects were that flew over his head. Than it becomes hilarious. Flabbergasted, the second astronaut does also not know what to say! This was not planned and not in the script. He is however aware of the fact that they are being watched by NASA officials.

After a short period of silence he says that it was a blast coming from the dial shaped disc of the high gain antenna on the rover (vehicle). More objects star…

Secret Document from Einstein and Oppenheimer on Aliens and UFOs

In June of 1947 Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer together wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled "Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies".

It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military.

It also deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with - i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do in the event of colonization and/or integration of peoples, and why are they here?

Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare.

Einstein and Oppenheimer encourage consideration of our potential future situation and safety due to our present and past actions in space. How can we avoid a perilous fate?

Extract majestic document:

Relationships with extraterrestrial men presents no basically new problem from the standpoint of in…

3 New interesting Crop Circles in Wiltshire and Worchestershire, UK - Aug 12-13, 2013

Three new interesting crop circles, have been found in Willtshire and Worcestershire in United Kingdom on August 12 and 13, 2013. Especially crop circle no.2 is very interesting.

1. Harewell lane, Nr Besford, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 12th August. 
2. West Kennett Longbarrow, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Reported 13th August. 
3. Hackpen Hill, nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 13th August.
There has been much controversy concerning the origins of crop circles. However contactees now testify to the origins of much "crop circles". 
One contactee who has been willing to identify himself as 'Adrian' to crop circle special investigative researcher Sean David Morton
Adrian testifies that alien races from the Andromeda Galaxy are one of the main extraterrestrial races most responsible for crop circles. He further makes representation from his reported alien contact with this Off-world civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy,…

Skeptic blown away by UFO sighting over England - Aug 13, 2013

Openmindstv discuss a UFO sighting in England that left a skeptic searching for an explanation. Alejandro Rojas also discusses his ongoing investigation into the case of Paul Bennewitz.

Stories discussed in the video below:

1.'Stargazing Live' Producer Sees UFO in England
2. Cigar-Shaped UFO in Manchester
3. The Return of Art Bell
4. Weather Balloon UFO Crashes in Virginia

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UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #04 - Aug 12, 2013



On July 27, 2013, Saturday evening at approximately 9:10 pm, my adult daughter and I were walking our dogs on Mineral Spring Ave going west and turning at Power Road going North. We walked two blocks to the corner of Power Road and Atwood Street in Pawtucket. My daughter looked to the East down Atwood Street and noticed an object in the sky and yelled, “Hey, whats that in the sky”!

I walked a couple of feet, past a tree that was blocking my view and I witnessed a lighted object towards the end of Atwood Street, a street that is approximately only 1/10th of a mile long and in a residential neighborhood. From the moment I witnessed the object, it was without a doubt that I was looking at a flying saucer. The object was low to the ground and very viable with red/orange pulsating lights around the circumference of the craft. Because of the lights it was unclear if there was any circular…

Security Camera caught UFO or Light Being over Swimming Pool in Naples, Florida 2013

A video showing strange lights hovering over a pool in Naples Florida for nearly 30 minutes. Residents say they have never seen anything like it and experts aren't sure either.

Officer Debralee Thomas was watching the security camera feed when she noticed strange lights hovering over the pool.

What she saw almost looked like a disk-shaped object. Then the object went down into the pool and expanded like a web.Thomas is very much certain that what the CCTV caught in the pool was not a bug. She explains that bug that fly into the camera lenses can frighten someone. Bugs fly up to their cameras all the time, but this was further away and she realized that it was something that wasn't normal.

The video was sent to UFO organisation MUFON. Officials at MUFON say it is one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while and they think it is real and not a hoax.

Many residents of a Naples condominium building believe that a UFO visited Earth. The UFO sighting remains a myster…

Ghost Or Alien Rises From Japan Tsunami 2013 (Video)

Very strange footage from the recent Japan tsunami, which seems to show a white humanoid looking figure rise from the waves.

Figure is filmed leaping from the torrent, and then it climbs a building before vanishing.

Could this be a ghost or possibly an alien creature of some kind. Whatever it is, its very strange.

Donut Shaped UFO 'Archon' next to ISS - Aug 10, 2013

A donut shaped UFO 'Archon' seen in NASA photo. 

It looks like an Archon ‘Interdimensional Entity'.

Archons are "are hidden negative controllers of humankind, inorganic interdimensional entities that must now be exposed and exorcised from the individual human mind, from our human species, and from the planet as a whole as part of our collective evolution to a new state of consciousness and being."


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