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Structured Red Object materializes near ISS

On April 27, 2018 Streetcap1 spotted a red structured object on the ISS live feed cam.

The red object suddenly appeared and disappeared in a split second.

It’s unclear whether the object is just a lens flare, a signal coming from the ISS, a UFO or some sort of celestial object.

Airplane passenger films strange rotating phenomenon when flying over China’s Xi’an - Take a look!

While on a flight the airplane passenger noticed strange lights for about 20 minutes and at some point the lights seem to be rotating before disappearing into the clouds below.

The event happened on April 12, 2018 – The lights are not connected to each other and it seems they are floating free in the sky.

The airplane passenger who reported the strange phenomenon to Mufon case 91673 states:

Astigmatism lasts about 20 minutes
Constant astigmatism
Astigmatism will rotate
It feels strange
Into the cloud disappears

Three UFOs Passing The Moon

'Don't Stop Motion' recently filming the moon was left baffled when three mystery objects floated past it and rapidly disappear out of frame.

The video begins with the camera focused on the moon and its signature craters. However, at the 1:18 mark, three strange objects can be seen dancing past the moon.

He believes it was most likely helium balloons that someone released, but admits the theory cannot be confirmed.

The footage was taken with a S8 attached to a 6" Newtonian Reflector scope. It was originally in portrait, but he rotated the video 90° clockwise. That's why the moon is oriented the way it is.

Something shoots out of the clouds in Parque Do Carmo, Chile

Lu Casemiro was filming an approaching storm with the intention to record the lightning on February 11, 2018 when he filmed something that he cannot explain.

The footage shows a bright object in the clouds that disappears and appears, until the moment the object moves at high speed leaving a trail of small lights behind.

UFO caught on video falling to the ground during Somerset storm, UK

A mysterious falling object has been filmed during a storm in Bridgewater Somerset County, UK on April 21, 2018.

The storms hit Somerset on Saturday afternoon and Megan Taylor caught some dramatic footage of lightning in the skies above the town, reports somersetcountygazette.

But besides the lightning she also captured an unidentified black object falling from the sky just after a lightning strike.

Speaking to MailOnline, Nigel Watson, author the Haynes UFO Investigation Manual, said: 'The video does make it look like this is something solid falling from the sky, like one of the Martian cylinders in The War of the Worlds.

UFO with impossible speed and agility over Area 51 filmed from plane

A pilot flying a routine daytime flight from Las Vegas to Boise had a close encounter with a UFO over area 51 /Nevada Desert.

They were cruising at altitude when the pilot abruptly descended.

At this point two objects were observed tracking the aircraft and maneuvering with impossible speed and agility.

The footage filmed by a crew member shows and follows one UFO till the moment it flies straight upwards and disappears.

Yellowstone Incident: Bright Sphere Explodes, Strange Dead Body, UFO Descends!

A series of strange events have taken place in Yellowstone on April 21 and 22, 2018 and it looks like the events have been covered up.

Yellowstone's live feed cam shows a bright sphere that is approaching Yellowstone to explode in front of the live cam.

Next rangers bring aboard over to the area where the ground is all stirred up, then the footage shows the rangers shining a flashlight onto something strange on the ground. A person, an animal or a being but it doesn't really look right to be a person.

The next day a faint pillar of light going up in to the sky on the left side of the screen and a white triangle shape which was very defined appears, it started to sort of change shape a little and then what looked like a translucent bubble came from the far left and moved toward where the triangle was.

After a few minutes, the white shape began to move downward until it disappeared behind the mound. It landed on the front side of the tree line. Shortly after that, a helicopter w…

Cylindrical Luminous Objects Leaving Earth Caught On Camera

An expert in photography witnessed two cylindrical luminous objects, actually three objects; that seem to leave the atmosphere directing towards space. He took some 8 high-resolution images of the cylindrical objects in the night of April 14, 2018 on the outskirts of the city of Rykkinn, in Norway.

The photographer said: I found the mysterious lights when I checked the sequence of my photos and visible in 21 frames. The camera was outside on my balcony. The shots were made in raw format.

I think that the objects in the frames are very strange, that is, 3 lights almost parallel cross the sky directed towards the space moving the one following the second in front and almost perfectly.

I looked up and I cannot find any satellite that matches the trajectory. I also checked the monitor with the rare satellite crossing but nothing matched these objects. My camera's clock works well. Images are recorded with a Sony 6000 camera in manual mode. Mufon case 91487.

80s Images show Alien Pilot in front of UFO before it took off again

Two images taken on May 01, 1980 at the base of Weston Tower in Manchester, New Hampshire show a glowing UFO that has landed.

According to the photographer who was able to capture a couple quick pictures before it was gone, the UFO suddenly hovered for a second then turned and took off. Mufon case 91527

Two original images taken on May 1980.
The remarkable images not only show the UFO but also the alien pilot in front of the UFO.

Image above: Alien looks to the left - Image below: Alien looks straight into the camera.

Strange rectangular shaped UFO captured above Newton Abbot, UK

A photographer decided to go out and do some sky watching on April 18, 2018 and was hoping to capture something strange and out of the ordinary.

He was scanning the sky looking east when he spotted something moving in his direction.

He couldn't make it out at first but as soon as it got a bit closer he zoomed in with his Nikon P900 camera and he could clearly see that it was in fact a rectangular shaped flying object.

The rectangular shaped object was very high up in the sky and was directly above the town center.

The photographer quickly took several photographs and watched as the UFO then flew off at incredible speed heading north whereby he lost sight of it. Mufon case 91544.

Three Mysterious Light Anomalies In The Sky Appear Out Of Nowhere

Blop02 noticed strange flashes/light anomalies in the sky at approximately 8:40 pm on April 18, 2018 from thuringia, Germany and Blop02 has no idea what this phenomenon exactly is and how it was caused.

The light anomalies are best described as a series of 3 plasma balls which simultaneously light up into a big flash, then dim and disappear.

The strange appearance happened several times in a row and it looks like something is shooting some sort of plasma balls from an unknown location in the sky or space.

Mystery Object on the slope of a hill in Antarctica

Once again a strange object has been spotted on Google Earth. An unknown object is shining a bright light onto the side of a hill in Antarctica.

Conspiracy Depot who discovered the object says that the object looks unnatural and certainly is manufactured, as to who put it there or why is a mystery.

Is the light pointing to something of interest for others to find and discover?

Coordinates: 71°45'42.59"S 168°40'11.33"E

Ghostly lights hovering in the sky over Baltimore

Strange lights have been spotted in the night sky over Baltimore and Holland Hills on April 16, 2018.

A witness of the lights has submitted the sighting to Mufon case 914475 said:

White round lights. Random positions, rapid change of directions, several of them, I personally lived in Baltimore for several years, never seen anything like it (near the harbor).

There are many of them, not just a few (1-3) there are 10+ going random directions, almost like ghosts. (Almost like the "birds" incident live on the news).

But, instead white orb like lights ABOVE the clouds, and I personally know the people in the video, they also stated they thought it was spot lights from the harbor, but then they soon realized there was no source from the ground in plain sight; also the lights are ABOVE the dark clouds.

Note: The lights may be birds, such as seagulls, or is it more mysterious?

Look at that “Water and Roll Cloud” Onlookers "freaked out" as Lake Michigan has rare moment

A very rare event happened when a quick rise in water level known as a seiche or a Great Lake meteotsunami caused the Lake Michigan to rise 13.9 inches in just 42 minutes around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, April 13.

The water was as high as had seen since Nov. 10, 1975, the day the freighter Edmond Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior. Water was also flooding the beach and the end of Ludington Avenue but returning to nearly the same spot less than 10 minutes later.

But something strange happened before the quick rise of the water in Lake Michigan.

A massive roll cloud that touched the water surface of Lake Michigan has been filmed just before the meteotsunami and even though it is a natural phenomenon it would be possible that this rare roll cloud and the quick rise in water level is the effect of weather manipulation?

Phoenix-like Lights appear over Baja, Mexico

On the Livestream of Sarah Adams Facebook page suddenly a series of lights appeared in the night sky over Baja, Mexico on april 12, 2018.

She witnessed the lights which are similar to the Phoenix Lights in front of her condo.

It is always the question whether the lights are UFOs, drones or flares.

Flying Saucers Exist! Look at these Authentic 1950s Photographs

Two old black and white original photographs that came from an old hermit show very detailed flying saucers in the sky over Starks, Maine.

Since the images have been taken in the 1950s, it is always the question whether these flying saucers are real alien craft or man-made UFOs fabricated based on the knowledge obtained from former German scientists who have worked on the Nazi UFOs, like the Haunebu type. Mufon case 91403.

Image of three flying Saucers enlarged.

There's Something Strange Going On with the Sun

Sun Anomalies seen by NASA/ESA satellites orbiting the Sun. Unusual objects have appeared the last years in imagery from ESA/NASA's solar spacecrafts.

Space agencies have tried to give explanations for many of these strange images but many of them still remain unsolved.

Sometimes solar spacecrafts go crazy. Something strange is happening out there or it’s just a coincidence?

Weird Beams and Glitches in the Sky

A highly unusually beam of light that seemly shoots from the sun has been photographed.

More images of the strange phenomenon show that the beam even shoots through the clouds

It seems the beam is not a lens flare or camera defect as one image shows a blue dot below the beam of the light which is the actual lens flare.

Another unexplained phenomenon has been filmed showing a rare glitch in the sky. At the moment the glitch appears the camera registered a very strange distorted picture from the sky which can be seen in the video.

Wildlife Acting Even More Strange!

Last week we reported about the raccoons that displayed unsettling zombie-like behavior in Northeast Ohio.

The raccoons stand on their hind legs, bear their teeth, and then topple over to the ground where they lay motionless for a while before repeating the puzzling maneuver.

Not only raccoons, hawks, owls and otters are displaying very strange behavior but now it appears that more wildlife acting even more strange and it seems they are not intimidated by human like a roadrunner that goes inside and jumps up on a counter.

These animals are obviously experiencing and sensing something wrong.

An update on the strange behavior of wildlife can be seen in the following two videos of Mr MB3333.

Strange Lights Captured From The ISS

Something strange is going on in Earth's upper atmosphere and a new mission aims to learn more about them.

Launched to the International Space Station on April 9, 2018, the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) will observe the strange electrical phenomena that occur above thunderstorms.

Known as Transient Luminous Events (TLEs), these unusual features, called as jets, elves or sprites were first spotted by accident in 1989 and by using the ASIM, scientists hope to determine where in the cloud this phenomenon originate.

In the following amazing video you can see such a bizarre transient luminous event as seen from the International Space Station.

Beams of light coming from the skies in Texas and Phoenix

On April 6, 2018 an unknown beam of light coming from the sky near Rockwall, Texas and it is almost impossible but two days later on April 8 another beam of light coming from the sky in Phoenix.

As with the Texas beam also the Phoenix beam has not the specific characteristics of a sun ray, it is clearly something different and it is hard to explain from where these beams come from.

Weird Rainbow Shaped Object Appears On Top Of A Cloud Over Colorado

Susie Gomez who has filmed a weird phenomenon in the sky over Colorado on April 6, 2018 wonders why the sky is blinking and why the sun is shaped very weird.

The video shows a rare shaped cloud formation with straight lines but even more strange is an astonishing rainbow colored shape that seems to stick out of the cloud.

The weird phenomenon may come from the sun behind the strange cloud, but it does not explain the strange shape circled by a clear visible rainbow-like object.

What Was the Strange Blue Glow Moving Across Oxfordshire Sky

A strange blue glow was spotted moving through the sky over Oxfordshire and Buckingham last night, with sightings from all over the county and beyond.

Credit image left: Thame - Credit image right: Casson
Sightings of the blue lights were seen across the county and were spotted by multiple people.

The lights were also photographed by residents of Bicester in Oxfordshire.

A witness said that it looked like a flood light but it got brighter and moved across the sky, right over us before vanishing out of sight.

Another witness stated that he only saw a large purple/blue light moving slowly across the sky from north to south west and it made no sound as a plane or chopper would make; definitely not a train or reflection from flood waters, ExpressCo and Oxfordshiremail reports.

Zombie Raccoons are terrifying residents in Northeast Ohio

Calls from residents reporting "zombie-like" raccoons have poured in across northeast Ohio, as officials puzzle over the animals' bizarre behavior.

Numerous residents of Youngstown in Ohio have reported encountering nightmarish raccoons that display unsettling zombie-like behavior!

People say, the raccoons stand on their hind legs, bear their teeth, and then topple over to the ground where they lay motionless for a while before repeating the puzzling maneuver.

Photographer Robert Coggeshall said he was playing with his dogs outside his home last week when a raccoon approached them. He quickly took his dogs back inside, but the raccoon followed them to the door.

Then the raccoon would stand up on his legs, which I’ve never seen a raccoon do before, and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go into almost comatose condition, Robert, Foxnews reports.

Not only raccoons show strange behavior, in January Owls have attacked humans and pets in Atlanta …

Large ROGUE object moving under the Sun

Over the years there is much written about a celestial body hidden out of sight that has not been discovered yet, although evidence is building, astronomers say as well as NASA has admitted that that there is a mysterious world called Planet Nine.

The theory is that a mysterious celestial body is lurking on the edge of our solar system with a huge orbit of the sun and although there are many videos showing an unknown huge celestial body often called as a second sun, Nibiru or PlanetX maybe the best example of a possible planetary body near the sun has been caught on the following video.

The video clearly shows an unknown massive object that orbits the sun. MrMB333 who has uploaded the video wonders whether the object is a planetary body, a binary star, or something else what can be explained.

Apocalyptic Trumpet Sounds in the skies of Hawaii

Not the first time to be heard, this time the strange sounds have been recorded in the skies of Hawaii on April 3, 2018.

Scientific research points to natural causes such as tidal waves, methane explosions, underground earthquakes, or shifting sand dunes as explanations for these aural phenomena which of course is nonsense and misleading.

More believable is the explanation of USGS scientist David Hill who says that although it's probable that these “weird apocalyptic” booming sounds seemingly coming from the skies have an earthly origin.

Strange greenish UFO hovers in the sky over Lar Mirada, California

A strange greenish disk-like object has been spotted while hovering in the sky over Mirada, California on March 30, 2018. 

The footage shows a fascinating object that moves slowly from the right to the left. 
Since it clearly flies behind certain objects, like a street light; we may assume that it is not a reflection of the camera but is it a UFO or is it something that can be explained.

UFO Beam appears in strange orange sky over Stockholm, Sweden

Soheila Nickros was looking outside 3 am yesterday, Mach 31, 2018, when she saw a very strange sky that appears to be orange/reddish but even more strange was an object with a beam of light that seemly stands motionless in the sky.

Soheila already surprised by the strange colored sky wonders whether the object is a UFO or not.

Besides the strange colored sky that is currently being observed around the world, especially in the US, is it possible that the UFO Beam is a reflection of a street light or a camera reflection?

But comparing the UFO Beam with the outlines of the street light it is not the same, maybe a lens flare but since the camera moves a slightly, the lens flare must follow the motion of the camera, in this case the UFO beam still stays at the same spot.