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ESP ‘Extrasensory Perception’ the Key to Interstellar Travel

According to a UCLA engineering alumnus, in 1993 a fellow alumnus, who happened to run one of the most advanced and secretive aircraft development organizations in the world, says the key to the technology that will allow us to travel to the stars, without taking a lifetime to get there, lies in ESP.

In a recent interview with Open Minds, Jan Harzan, the new director of the Mutual UFO Network, told Open Minds about a presentation by Ben Rich (Ben Rich was the director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991) he attended in which he feels Rich shared some amazing insight.

Rich ended his presentation with these words: ‘We now have the technology to take ET home. We found an error in the equations and we now know how to travel to the stars, and it won’t take us a lifetime to do it.”

Rich excused himself and began walking towards the door. Harzan called to Rich to ask him one last question. He told Rich, “I have a real interest in the propulsion you are talking about that gets us to …

Mystery Pyramid Built At Area 51 - July 30, 2013

Very odd structure found on Google Earth, which indicates Area 51 has built a Pyramid.

They try to use mysterious ancient technology?

They experiment with sounds,vibrations,laser beams or they use this pyramid as a natural power generator and distributer, like the pyramid of the Moon in Mexico?

The above photo was taken in 2000 and shows the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Mystery pyramid Area 51: Google Earth Coordinates : 37° 5'45.66"N 116° 5'35.77"W

Related article: Secret of Ancient Pyramids

Mary Rodwell: ETs, Souls, The New Humans, and a coming global Shift - July 29, 2013

Extraterrestrials, Human consciousness and dimensions of soul. The intimate connection.

By Mary Rodwell, Director, ACERN


The human connection to extraterrestrial intelligences does it transcend space and time? 

The majority of the public and most researchers believe that Contact or encounters with extraterrestrials are defined through two, very limited windows of Contact experience.

Firstly, the Abduction scenario, when the individual may feel paralyzed, and taken in a trance, a deep sleep-like state on-board craft. Secondly, the contactee, whom has full conscious recall of their Encounter. My research however, suggests a third far broader category, which is far more common and less physically intrusive. It encompasses some of the above, but embodies more subtle patterns of experience. If we broaden the mandate to be inclusive of this third category, we stand to gain a far more fascinating picture of Contact and how or why these intelligences are interacting with us.

The broade…

MUFON's Best UFO Video Case of 2012

At MUFON's 2013 annual symposium they handed the press a press release outlining the top 10 UFO cases of 2012 as determined by their newly formed science review board. MUFON's science review board is headed by their director of research Robert Powell.

It consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. The board's work experience includes working with NASA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and many leading high-tech companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman.

Of the 10 cases, one of them is an intriguing UFO video case that took place in Ball Ground, Georgia, a town about 50 miles north of Atlanta. The witness says "We saw a black, bird like shaped object that made no noise along with blinking lights in the sky.

Interesting Cluster of Orbs over Oregon - July 25, 2013

The object flashes and catches my attention and is moving slow, so decide to start filming. Fortunately it is heading almost overhead to the north, but slightly west of the position on the ground.

The night vision portion shows no structure between both objects. Zooming in the HI-8 portion reveals amazing detail.

One of the objects is a cluster of orbs and the other is the airplane type mimic light, yet both are moving silent above with almost 8 minutes of running time.

Beware of the Archons who walk among us

If Archons exist, who and what are they?

Like Mac Tonnies and Bill Schneider, Jay Weidner is getting close to understanding this mystery, and how to identify the ones that may live among us. Just after announcing that he was close to being able to identify them, Mac died in his sleep at the age of 34. Bill Schneider has also died.

But Jay is still with us, and in this interview he tells us all he knows about the Archons. As the Nag Hammadi text warns, the Archons walk among us. They like violence and destruction. They are hungry for our suffering.

Who are they? What do they look like? WHY do they hate us so, these ancient and terrible beings who legend says live among us? Jay is far down the dangerous road of understanding the secrets of the Archons, and how to break their power over the deeply hypnotized human species.

Archon (Gr. ἄρχων, pl. ἄρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord," frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the…

Jesse Marcel, Jr. returns to Roswell UFO Crash Site and shows UFO debris - Jul 23, 2013

In 1947, Major Jesse Marcel brought home pieces of the infamous UFO that crashed outside of Roswell.

His son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., still remembers the strange material.

On the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident, Roswell Sightings (Roswell Sightings is a new project created in partnership with the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico) drove into the desert to hear his story, and returned to his childhood home to see the floor where his father showed him the wreckage.

Researcher Frank Kimbler shows debris he's found in the area, currently undergoing testing for proof of extraterrestrial origins.

Incredible Mammatus Clouds and Crazy Sky in Upper Michigan - July 23, 2013

Strange round, orange clouds were spotted over the Michigan town of Iron Mountain, a US city, making the sky appear "on fire" and leading residents to worry that wild weather was coming.

Resident Jason Asselin: "All of a sudden it got very yellow outside, it felt strange and mysterious. Then it slowly looked very orange, it was the craziest thing I have ever witnessed over my head".

"These clouds looked like "Bubble Cups" but in meteorology terms they are called Mammatus clouds. They are extremely rare in this part of the country and many people have never seen anything like it before".

The mammatocumulus that formed over Iron Mountain made everything take on strange coloration. Greens looked more green, blues more blue, and so on.

Spectacular: Massive Cliff of 34,000 tons breaks apart in Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, France - July 22, 2013 (Video)

As a result of erosion, a huge cliff near the beach of Saint-Jouin, Bruneval in France, of nearly 34,000 tons of rocks breaks apart, resulting in a massive landslide.

NASA Photos Show Outburst from Comet ISON - July 24, 2013

A comet that could put on a dazzling show when it zooms through the inner solar system later this year is already blasting out huge amounts of gas and dust, new observations by a NASA spacecraft show.

Images taken on June 13 by NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope reveal that dust and carbon dioxide gas are streaming off Comet ISON, forming a tail about 186,400 miles (300,000 kilometers) long, researchers said.

These images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope of Comet ISON were taken on June 13, 2013, when ISON was 312 million miles (502 million kilometers) from the sun. The lefthand image shows a tail of fine rocky dust issuing from the comet, blown back by the pressure of sunlight. The image at right shows a neutral gas atmosphere surrounding ISON, likely created by carbon dioxide fizzing off the comet at a rate of 2.2 million pounds per day. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/JHUAPL/UCF 

"We estimate ISON is emitting about 2.2 million pounds (1 million kilograms) of what is mo…

UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #02 - July 24, 2013



Ken...I am writing to you because I looked up NJ Mufon and it led me to your page. On this 4th of July 2013, my brother and I saw something in the sky around 11:00. It would be hard to say that on the 4th of July we saw something in the sky at night with out someone saying it was fireworks but I can tell you we did see something that wasn't normal and I actually saw it twice a few minutes later.

As always on the 4th, my family has a big bbq and yes we do shoot fireworks lol. However after shooting our fireworks, I was always taught to clean up and sweep the street when we are done. That night after cleaning up the street and house, my brother and I were in our backyard finishing up before calling it a night.

We were all done with the fireworks as were the few other neighborhood kids that usually break the law in lighting fireworks. We all tend to finish early as to not disturb the n…

UFOs Congregate Around The Sun - July 23, 2013

Strange unknown objects around the Sun.

Remarkable, one UFO is similar to the objects that have been observed in 2011 and 2012.

Furthermore, this UFO does not move for about 12 minutes (From 06.48 to 07.00 Hours).

Witness testimony: UFO cover-up at Vandenberg Air Force Base and famous UFOs fly-over over D.C. (Video) 2013

1.  UFO cover-up at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Professor Jacobs is a respected professor at a major US university. In the 1960's he was in the Air Force.

He was the officer in charge of optical instrumentation and his job was to film ballistic missile tests launched from Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

In 1964, during a test of the first missile they filmed, they caught on film a UFO traveling right next to the missile. The film showed that from the UFO a beam of light was directed at the missile.

The next day he was shown the film by his commanding officer and was told never to speak of this again.

2.  UFOs fly-over over D.C.

Colonel Dedrickson is a retired Colonel from the USAF. He went to Stanford Business School where he studied management.

Back in the 50's, part of his responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons.

Many reports kept coming i…

New Zealand's M6.5 Earthquake related to the ongoing Silent M7 Quake Under Wellington? - July 22, 2013

A SWARM of earthquakes that rocked New Zealand, damaging buildings and shattering nerves in the capital of Wellington may carry on for weeks.

Almost 120 aftershocks have been recorded since the magnitude 6.5 quake which struck in the Cook Strait at 5.09pm (3.09pm AEST) Sunday, including a spate of tremors reaching between 4.5 and 4.9 in magnitude struck the middle of the country about 3.15am (1.15am AEST) Monday, The New Zealand Herald reports.

New Zealand's capital Wellington was rattled by a strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake on Sunday that broke water mains, smashed windows and downed power lines. A camera inside the newsroom of broadcaster TVNZ captured the moment the quake struck, showing workers ducking for cover under their desks as the room sways.

Silent M7 Quake under Wellington!

Many people are not aware, but to the west of Wellington, the equivalent of a magnitude 7 earthquake is happening right now, 40 km below ground. This would be Wellington’s largest earthquake in 150 …

New Released NASA Photo Shows Tower On The Moon - July 22, 2013

Nasa released a photo on 16 July, 2013. On the photo a huge object what looks like a tower.

Maybe it's a rock formation? Anyhow the object looks unnatural and maybe created by ancient civilizations.

Here is the photo link:
Object: Top, middle to left side.

Mystery of the Missing Waves of Saturn's Moon Titan - July 22, 2013

One of the most shocking discoveries of the past 10 years is how much the landscape of Saturn's moon Titan resembles Earth. Like our own blue planet, the surface of Titan is dotted with lakes and seas; it has river channels, islands, mud, rain clouds and maybe even rainbows. The giant moon is undeniably wet.

The "water" on Titan is not, however, H2O. With a surface temperature dipping 290 degrees F below zero, Titan is far too cold for liquid water. Instead, researchers believe the fluid that sculpts Titan is an unknown mixture of methane, ethane, and other hard-to-freeze hydrocarbons.

The idea that Titan is a wet world with its own alien waters is widely accepted by planetary scientists. Nothing else can account for the observations: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has flown by Titan more than 90 times since 2004, pinging the Moon with radar and mapping its lakes and seas. ESA's Huygens probe parachuted to the surface of Titan in 2005, descending through humid clo…

Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology

This paper was written by Dr. Greer in 1995 and is as important now as it was then. There continues to be tremendous confusion about what the ET presence is and therefore what it means. Please read this paper with care. It goes into the categories of intelligent life forms, the biological manifestations, the types of experiences with those lifeforms, and non biological life forms. What is the difference between a ghost, a vision in a dream, an ET life form , a human manipulated experience and more? This is not just an academic discussion but informs our future relationships with sentient beings throughout the Universe.

Some excerpts from the paper:

"Cosmological Confusion. This term best describes what happens when 20th century humans are confronted with the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life forms. For not only are these beings not human, they possess technologies which are inherently mystifying to us. It is unlikely that a people capable of interstellar travel wi…

Boomerang-Shaped UFO Spotted Above Astronaut During NASA Space Walk, 2013

Here is an amazing UFO Photographed during a NASA Space Walk.

This UFO which is a boomerang shape has what appears to be red in its center.

This UFO also has motion blur which indicates it was traveling at a high rate of speed in Space.

Link original image:

Ancient pyramids discovered in Antarctica? - July 20, 2013

Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline. An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural.

The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year. A few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there.

At the current moment little is still known about the pyramids and the team continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural. No details about …

Controversial HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska shuts down - July 19, 2013

The HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) facility in Gakona, Alaska has shut down pending its transfer to a different contractor working for DARPA.

HAARP was shut down in early May 2013, awaiting a change between contractors who operate the facility. According to HAARP program manager James Keeney, "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is expected on site as a client to finish up some research in fall 2013 and winter 2014." The temporary shutdown was described as being due to "a contractor regime change." The Alaska Native corporation Ahtna, Incorporated is reportedly in talks to take over the facility administration contract from Marsh Creek, LLC.

The closure was first reported by the Amateur Radio Relay League on Monday. An article there quoted Dr. James Keeney, who now helps manage the HAARP project at Kirtland Air Force Base, as saying “Currently the site is abandoned. It comes down to money. We don’t have any.”

Supporters of the…

Cylindrical UFO turns 90 Degrees Over Castle Ruins TULUM, Mexico - July 2013

UFO sighting over Castle Ruins TULUM in Mexico.

UFOvni2012 discovered the cylindrical object on Google Earth.

The video shows:

1. UFO arrives
2. UFO turns right 90 degrees
3. UFO is above my head
4. UFO Disappears

UFO spotted in live webcam feed near Volcano Popocatépetl, Mexico - July 16, 2013

There have been quite a few UFOs seen around the Popocatepetl Volcano near Mexico City.

Again a UFO sighting near the volcano...

A new object spotted in a live webcam feed from Volcán Popocatépetl near Mexico on July 16, 2013.

Have Lost Pyramids Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth? 2013

Mysterious, pyramid-like structures spotted in the Egyptian desert by an amateur satellite archaeologist might be long-lost pyramids after all, according to a new investigation into the enigmatic mounds.

Angela Micol, who last year found the structures using Google Earth 5,000 miles away in North Carolina, says puzzling features have been uncovered during a preliminary ground proofing expedition, revealing cavities and shafts.

Located about 90 miles apart, the two possible pyramid complexes appeared as groupings of mounds in curious positions.

 One site in Upper Egypt, just 12 miles from the city of Abu Sidhum along the Nile, featured four mounds with an unusual footprint.

Some 90 miles north near the Fayum oasis, the second possible pyramid complex revealed a four-sided, truncated mound approximately 150 feet wide and three smaller mounds in a diagonal alignment.

Authoritative geologists and geo-archaeologists were largely skeptical and dismissed what Micol called "Google Earth…

UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports

Since World War 2, strange Unidentified Flying Objects have been reported. They can avoid radar and even disable tracking and flight instrumentation. They have been seen by military pilots, airline pilots, NASA space shuttle pilots, and even International Space Station personnel. Is their origin extraterrestrial?

UFO Sightings: Remarkable eyewitness reports through the years..

Case 1: June 1947 - Possible unidentified submerged object in Malta (20 Miles south of Malta)

Fishermen on a boat 20 miles south of Malta were raising their nets with a catch of fish when they saw an object floating on the water's surface that looked like a black submarine.

The fishermen were frightened because they thought it looked more like a monster than a submarine, so they quickly pulled in their nets and started the boat's engine.

At that moment a bright light from the "submarine" lit up the whole area and "little men" began running over the deck of the object. The fishermen cou…

UFO Attacks Earth 5,000 Years Ago (Documented)

With the recent discovery of Dwarka the Legendary City of Bhagavan Sri Krishna as recorded in many ancient Vedic scriptures such as Mahabharata and Bhagavata Purana; archaeologists and historians have been forced to accept that the ancient Sanskrit Vedic Scriptures are factual histories of ancient India.

However, rather than study these ancient texts they continue to persist in their erroneous speculations. Unfortunately they cannot enter into this vast ocean of knowledge due to their own gross ignorence, and unfortunately they will not listen to those who can.

The Aryans who worship Lord Sri Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead were well acquainted with space travel, as there was constant universal coming and going between all the planets in our solar system and beyond.

The mundane scientists cannot grasp the fact that there is Elemental existence; on this planet, as well as others, that is to say that intelligent lifeforms exists in subtle energy! There are subtle entities…

Strange Creature and Skull found on Mars Curiosity Photograph - July 16, 2013

Looking through the latest photo's from Mars I found on Sol 335 two anomalies what appears to be a skull and a strange object what looks like a living being who turns his head.

The object appears on two different photo's.
1. Navcam: Left B - 2013-07-16 08:43:50 UTC Link photo
2. Navcam: Right B - 2013-07-16 08:43:50 UTC Link photo

Object 1: Living Being? 

Object 2: Skull 

Living being or is just 'Pareidolia' ( The psychological phenomenon “pareidolia” is the tendency to find faces, or facial features in inanimate objects. Humans sometimes see things where they are not) or is it because the different position of the camera's Navcam left B and Navcam right B, what makes that it looks like a living being who turns his head?

New series of Crop Circles discovered in Wiltshire and Worcestershire, UK - July 15, 2013

New series of amazing Crop Circles in Wiltshire and Worcestershire, UK - July 15, 2013.

Do the Crop artists live in another parallel dimension, which they are trying to tell us about?
Read more about Crop Circle research and explanations here

1. Crop Circle Hackpen Hill, nr Broad Hiton in Wiltshire, UK

2. Crop Circle Hoden, nr Evensham in Worcestershire, UK

UFO Morphing Over Kingman Arizona - July 12, 2013

Witness: "Was filming chemtrails, planes and the sun yesterday and I filmed a craft that first appeared to be an airplane but once zoomed in realized very quickly it was not a plane at all".

Chemtrail plane is spraying Biological and Chemicals Agents above Antwerp, Belgium - July 10, 2013

Chemtrail plane is spraying Biological and Chemicals Agents above Antwerp, Belgium - July 10, 2013. 

Witness: "This was filmed right above my house. Look at how low the chemtrail is and how fast it disappears. You can see little orbs flying around the trail".

Chemical Trails or Chemtrails or Aerosols are a very real threat to humanity on a global scale. It is unclear exactly who is behind the planetary operation that is spraying innocent citizens with toxic chemicals containing among other things calcium, magnesium, barium and aluminum oxide and other sub-micron particulates containing live biological matter.

The Trindade Island UFO incident in Brasil (Video)

The Trindade Island incident (January 16, 1958) is one of ufology's most famous photographic cases because of its circumstances and the official interest it received from Brazilian authorities.

In the Open Minds archives, which were passed on by Lt Col. Wendell Stevens, There are several photographs and other items that document this event.

These photos' all have this "APRO" copyright stamp on the back and this envelope looks as if it is what the original images were sent in.

Well-known civilian photographer, Almiro Barauna, took the pictures. He took the photo while onboard the Brazilian Navy training ship Almirante Saldanha, which was conducting research for the International Geophysical Year at the island of Trindade in the South Atlantic Ocean. Many officers, sailors, and civilians on the ship confirmed the sighting of a UFO, and while the navy investigated the case, it was initially kept secret. But when the dossier reached Brazil's President Juscelino Kubi…

UFO over South Africa, The government has removed the UFO photo 360° from Google Earth!

UFO photographed from Google Earth dated September 20, 2010.

South Africa (City of Cape of Good Hope). August 13, 2011, the government has removed the photo 360° from Google Earth.

In case the video would be removed by YouTube, here are some screenshots taken from the video.

The photos are automatic, sent to the United States. For Europe, we can not see faces or other indices. For South Africa no problems.
Link: (Original Image UFO South Africa) Credits: UFOvni2012